Time is very strange.

Sometimes, it passes too quickly, like the blink of an eye, and you can barely recall how the moments went by.

Other times, it passes too slowly, moving at a dreadfully tedious pace—where every second feels like an eternity, and the clock staring back at you from across the room seems to have stopped working, but you can still hear the constant ticking.

Of course, time passes quickly when you're having a great time, when things are just right, and when you don't want to the night to end.

Other times, like when your child is sick and you're up worrying all night, time slows down and all you want is for it to hurry up, so you can see the sun rise again.

Yesterday, my son brought home a book from school, filled with all the work he has done so far this year. I sat down, reading with him, in awe of all he's learned. Seeing his little letters and words, written as best as a little five year old can write, brought tears to my eyes. As he sat there explaining to me the work he's done I couldn't believe how fast time had gone by.

Where is my little baby boy—the baby I only yesterday brought home from the hospital, too scared to close my eyes for one second, in fear that I would miss something? Where did the days go, when he was a baby who could be rocked to sleep in my arms?

Later, I watched him playing with his little brother, who is now almost three years old. Again, I was blown away by how big he had gotten, and just listening to them talking to eachother, playing, fighting, giggling—made me emotional. I want to freeze time, so I can take it all in and not miss a thing. I want to remember these days and never forget.

I have to remind myself to slow down and take in all that is happening now. Be in the present. "Enjoy every second—they grow up too quickly!" was written on almost every card I received at my baby shower. And it's so true. Time passes too quickly, sometimes.

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Avitable said...

You're right, you know. It feels like yesterday that little Adam, Jr. was barely walking, and now he's a nuclear physicist.

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

You are so right it passes way to quickly most times with our children. Sometimes its hard to treasure the moments through how difficult children can be but it is so important because we can never get those moments back. WHat a precious thing he brought home to let you relive those moments and spend some wonderful quality time with him. Beautiful thoughts Loukia.

Mom2Miles said...

I always thought people who said that were full of crap as I struggled to make it through the newborn months. Then I started to notice the same thing w/ my now-4yo. Seems the older they get, the more time speeds up. Also, when you know you're not having any more babies, that changes your perspective, too. Great photo!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

So true. Oliver lost his first tooth yesterday and I didn't know if I should cheer or cry.

Shannon said...

Did you take that photo?? Very cool! You're so right, it's such a cliche but time goes WAY too fast. I used to wish away certain periods or behaviours but I've stopped.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Having kids has totally made me pay attention to the passing of time. It's sad and kind of cool to see them growing up.

ModernMom said...

Louika! You are so right. I swear it was only yesterday I was chasing a toddler and changing diapers...now I'm shopping for bras? Eeek. Beautiful post.