I miss, I love, I look forward to...

Sometimes I think back to certain parts of my life, and I miss them. The other day I was pumping gas near my high school. I remember my high school days vividly - the walks to the bus stop after school, my friends, my first car, all the experiences.

Later that night, as I lay asleep beside my children, I was so happy to be in that moment, to be at this point in my life, an adult, a home-owner, a wife, a mother of two. I love right now.

This morning, I thought of the future, of seeing my boys graduating from University, wondering what they'll become, each of them with their different personalities. There is so much to look forward to! (My prediction? Oldest son: scientiest/doctor/paleontologist; youngets son: the next Michael Schumacher!)

Even though I miss the days gone by - University, high school, and being a child reading Sweet Valley Twins and long summer vacations with my family in Greece - I love the present. And as much as I love the present, I look forward to what the future holds.

Things I miss...

High School. The simple days. Discussions with friends. School dances and crushes. Experiencing everything for the first time. Organizing school fashion shows and assemblies. 'Studying' in the library. House parties. Taking the bus to my boyfriend's school (who is now my husband.) Dance recitals.

University. Independence. Big groups of friends and 90210 nights and the Greek crew. Tunnels only discovered during my 2nd year. Joining a sorority, late night study sessions, and the 4th floor of the library.

College. Moving away from home. Studying what I was passionate about, broadcast journalism. Moving to Washingon, D.C. to complete an internship at CBS, and seeing a huge newsroom in action. Recording a 10 minute documentary on gun control in a new city, shooting a gun for the first - and last - time, the subway, nights with friends, Georgetown, and the shopping! Going to L.A. for another internship at Entertainment Tonight and leaving early to take a radio job back home. (Regret!)

Things I currently love...

Swimming with my boys - Christos is swimming like a pro this summer, head underwater, jumping into the pool - it's amazing to watch how much he's progressed since last year! And this year, my 2 year old is swimming with only floaties on - he's also jumping in the pool, swimming to the deep end with no fear at all, and loving every second.

My children's laughter and the way they play together. Watching them learn, reading to them, and just being in the moment with them.

Feeling the sun on my skin.

Driving with with A/C blasting and my music playing loudly.

My sister's new baby girl... such sweetness! Nothing like holding and loving a new baby again.

Breaking a sweat at the gym - I'm completely dedicated for the first time in years and it feels great. My energy levels are through the roof.

Iced coffee and dinner with friends on nice patios.

Backyard BBQ with family.

New shoes.

Things I look forward to...

Our family vacation to Mont Tremblant. A time to fully re-connect and just have fun and enjoy the gorgeous view.

BlogHer! New York City! Meeting some incredible people, and just having a terrific time. Learning, socializing, laughing. (And of course, Saks Fifth Avenue!)

Winter vacation in south Florida - a nice break from the cold and snow! (Yes, I'm already thinking about ways to get out once it gets cold!)

Going back to Greece next summer with my boys for the first time and introducing them to our wonderful Greek culture and way of life - the food, the history, the beautiful sea, and extended family.

What about you? What do you miss? What do you currently love? And what are you looking forward to?
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Mom2Miles said...

You know, I was *just* thinking along these lines after going home to visit my parents. I was mostly thinking how much I love my life right now. I really do, and it's such a great feeling. I wish I could've told high-school me that!

Shell said...

Beautiful post!

I miss the days when I had no real responsibilities. College days of laziness and fun.

I love playing with my boys- at the park, at the pool, watching them try new things.

I look forward to a vacation with just my husband!

Sandy said...

Wonderful! I really like what you said about missing high school. I saw a picture recently from high school of several friends and I sitting around on the grass at lunch. I miss that simplicity, and the daily interaction, and the fact that friends were so important back then.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I miss the excitement of a new crush. The speeding heartbeat from our hands brushing against each other. So cute :-)

Loving: finally feeling like I have my own voice and I can be my own person. Irreplaceable.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hmm..i sometimes miss those days of laziness and responsibility too, and then I love the life I have...it is a good life!

Nikosmommy said...

I so agree with you..while I have great memories of high school and university, I'm SO happy with where I am in my life right now...

And don't have any regrets about leave the ET internship...though you might have become the next Maria Menounos or Debbie Metenopoulos,,I have a feeling that you're EXACTLY where you're supposed to be!

Angie said...

I feel your post today... I have such fond memories of my young and single (I too dated my husband since highschool) days. And I understand the regret part a lot, I interned at Weddingbells US and was offered a PR gig in NYC and then my mom got sick, I didn't take it. Watched a Carolina Herera interview a few months ago... she didn't start her business until her children were older, now her daughters work with her. Irony!

Muthering Heights said...

I know just what you mean...I miss periods of my life, but I LOVE life now! :)

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

I agree! I miss certain things about the past, but my life right now is just where I should be. And right now, it's the little things I love. Like chocolate banana smoothies (better than a milkshake!) and floating in swimming pools. I'm looking forward to meeting our new baby girl!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

This is a beautiful post! I miss the days of being responsible only for myself but then I can;t imagine not having hugs from chubby little arms every day! I admit though - I look forward to a vacation without the kids sometime in 2011! Woohoo Freedom!

Pres. Kathy said...

There are some things I miss, mostly sleep! But to be honest I love where I am right now. I love my husband and my little guy is my world!! I look forward to vacationing in Greece next year. I am already buying things!!!