Pink is his favourite colour

The other day, while in our favourite book store, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase yet another plasma car, since my boys love riding them so much.

Despite the fact that we already have two, I thought I should buy one more so I could leave it at my parent's house so my boys could have one to ride when they are there.

(The fact that I allow my children to ride their plasma cars in our house, through our dining room, living room, family room, hallway and kitchen is another story - our very expensive hardwood floor is now very much scratched... but... my kids are having a blast so you know what? I don't mind!)

I showed Dimitry the plasma cars, having picked out the newest colour - a really pretty turquoise and green one.

"Dimitry, look how nice this plasma car is! Let me get it down for you so we can buy it."

"No, pink."


"Here you go sweetie, here is the beautiful blue and green plasma car! Go try it out!"

"I want the pink."

"Turquoise is Christos's favourite colour. It reminds me of the ocean. Doesn't it remind you of the ocean? SO pretty. Blue and green. I love blue and green, Dimitry! Here you go!"

"I want the pink plasma car!" he said, in the cutest voice you could ever imagine.

And so I did what any good mom of a two year old boy would do. To avoid conflict and a broken heart, I put away the blue and green plasma car, and handed the bright pink and orange car to Dimitry.

Dimitry, my youngest son, is such an expert on all ride-on cars, including the plasma car, I'm convinced he'll be the next Formula One champion. Dimitry, who at only 2 years old has learned to swim alone in the pool. Dimitry, who is already kicking soccer balls like Beckham - has a new favourite colour. And it's not blue or green.

He happily got on his new plasma car, took of his crocs, and rode around and around the children's section until it was time to leave.

With his very new pink and orange purchase.

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Kristina said...

SO Cute!! :) I feel the same way... it's nice to have gleaming hardwoods, but... eh... it's NICER to have happy children having FUN! :) you = awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

lol so headstrong 2 yr old is the same way

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

In Victorian times pink was considered a boy's color, and blue was for girls. It's all good. Maybe in the future society will ditch the gender/color associations altogether. :)

Anonymous said...

OH i forgot to tell u too ...(btw I sooo love your blog) Im having a giveaway on my other blog ....u may like to check it out because your sister is having a baby girl :)

Elaine A. said...

Hey, the man knows what he likes! ;)

Nenette AM said...

pink is perfect... even for a tough young man. :)

LoopyJ said...

I think it's awesome!
My son is the same. He has an older sister though - she likes to paint her toes pink. So do I! So of course when we set out to paint our toes he wants his painted too! I usually try to get him to pick the black but he insists on pink. What's a Mom to do! Who cares. We have lots of pictures of him in high heels and tutus too. It's all good:)

CalgaryDaddy said...

Its all good! Its actually not pink...its "Salmon". ( Thats what I tell my wife anyways.) Remember Bret Hart? He used to wear pink and black and he was a bad

Very cute!


McMommy said...

Holy crap, I KNOW!!! Those plasma cars have ruined my floors too!!!!! I feel sorry for the next people who own this house...maybe I should say the plasma car is included in the purchase.

Leslie said...


Ryan said to me today as he came out of the shower in a pink towel: "Any guy can wear pink, takes a real man to be comfortable!"

Go Dimitry!

ModernMom said...

LOL Yes, but he is rockin the orange and pink! You are a good Mama:)