This Girls Got a Crush on Girls Gone Child

One of the first blogs I started reading in 2007 when I started my blog, was Girls Gone Child. Girls Gone Child is still one of favourite blogs, ever. Rebecca is a super talented writer, published author, and mother of two adorable children. Her posts resonate with me, and they either always make me wipe away a tear, or laugh out loud. She's brilliant, she's interviewed Drew Barrymore, and she's one blogger I am dying to meet. Like, more than any celebrity, truly. That's how awesome she is!

Also awesome? This interview with her... now, go fall in love with her, too!

When you started your blog, Girls Gone Child, all those years ago - did you ever think you'd still be doing it now, years later? What do you love the most about blogging?

Before GGC I'd been blogging for several years elsewhere. I always thought of blogging as a great exercise - getting myself to write every day - it was more of an inspiring hobby, a way to converse with family and friends without picking up the phone. I've written all my life - for work and for fun so blogging was just another outlet from which to spew nonsense. Ha!

I love being part of the greater blogging community. So many incredibly talented writers and photographers and thinkers. It's an honor to be able to play along with such stars.

Do you have a favourite post - a post that you're especially proud of?

I think maybe the Motherhood of Boys post. It's not my greatest post by any means, but writing it was very cathartic for me, and ended up inspiring a larger project that's currently in the works.

(Awesome post - you should read it!)

You seemed to be much more confident in your parenting skills when Fable was born - if you could go back and talk to your 'I'm a first-time mom' self, what would you say to her? Are there things you have done differently with Fable that you wished you had done with your son, Archer?

Hmm.... I think I would congratulate myself for rising to the occasion. I may have been less confident as a parent when Archer was born but I was a pretty good mom for being twenty-three and scared out of my mind - and I made it work. I figured it out. So no, there's nothing I wished I would have done differently with Archer. I don't really look at life like that.

What has been your morst embarrassing moment as a mom? And the moment you have been the most emotional, love overflowing?

Thankfully, I'm not easily embarrassed. Blogging does that to a person. Embarrassing moments are good blog fodder. Humiliation makes for great storytelling. As for my emotions? I'm an emotional wreck all the live long day, especially when it comes to watching my kids love on each other. A mere hand hold sends me into a tailspin. Their love and kindness with one another moves me more than anything in the history of life.

Tell me about your book - Rockabye. Any plans for a sequel?

My book came out two years ago. (April 2008) An extension of Girl's Gone Child, it begins when I found out I was expectantly pregnant with Archer and ends two years later. Hal and I were going through a really tough time when I was writing the book and I thought the end of the book would be us divorcing. Instead, I ended the book with a very optimistic "everything is going to be more than alright" scene - depicting our worth as a couple - our love for each other and hope...

It's funny because when I think about Rockabye (I haven't dared read it through since it was published) I don't think of it as a memoir about becoming a mother so much as a memoir about struggling as a wife.

No sequels for now. But a lot of other exciting projects in the works! Woo!

What is the greatest joy of motherhood - and what do you consider the hardest part?

The greatest joy? All of it. The hardest part? All of it. Except the unconditional love part. That's pretty easy.

Do you feel like a grown-up yet?


Do you have any words of advice for moms just starting on their motherhood journey - or to those who are just starting to dabble in the blog world?

For new moms:

Trust your instincts. Books and experts and everyone else be damned.

For new bloggers:

Find your voice. Sing.

Thank you for this interview, Rebecca! xo

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Hailey said...

GGC is my favorite blog in the whole world. I too may have a girl crush on GGC. Haha!
Rebecca is an awesome writer and mother. She rocks.

Mama Kat said...

Awww, great interview! Can you believe I JUST started reading her?? I've seen her name tossed around now and again, but never really spent time on her site until recently. She's fabulous...and you know what I love about her? She seems humble. She's achieved great things and yet she doesn't carry that "too cool for school" air about her. I like that.

Ange said...

Wow - what a great interview! Thanks for referring such a great blog! I love this..."trust your instints. Books & everyone else be damned"
So true!

John cave Osborne said...

I've heard of her. Can't wait to check her out. (do you gotta be a chick?)


You're so welcome!! So much fun! Much love to you and thank you for always being so kind and supportive. You inspire. xo

Anonymous said...

She is one of my absolute favorites! I devoured her book!

Krystyn said...

Great interview! And, nice to meet you (nope, never read to now)!

Sarah said...

this is a great interview. I love reading Rebecca's blog.

Marinka said...

What a fantastic interview. I hope you're nervous about meeting Rebecca!

My Bottle's Up! said...

LOVE HER and LOVE THIS!!!! GGC is one of the first blogs i ever read as well and i can remember the day i found it and saw the blurb on her left-hand sidebar "from blog to book," and it showed Rock-a-bye. i instantly went to amazon and haven't looked back. she's a gift, that rebecca... thanks for this.

Chris said...

Great interview and very well written post. Nicely done. It would be an honor to be interviewed by you one day. :)

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Love the interview!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Lovely interview Lou!

I became a mom at 23 too. I don't thin it's especially early - though of course for the current times, it's certainly earlier than average ;-)

But I'm glad to be a young mom - I hope it will help when Sarah is older, less age difference and all :-)

Muthering Heights said...

Thank you for introducing her...she sounds fabulous!

Elaine A. said...

What a great interview. I have a little "crush" too. She's just SO COOL! :)

CaraBee said...

GGC was one of the first blogs I read when I started blogging and I rapturously read her book. I was so disappointed that she wasn't at Blogher last year.

Great interview!