Best movies ever!

The Oscars are on Sunday. And I've seen two out of the 10 movies nominated.

This never used to be the case - I am the biggest movie buff ever. I would go to the movies once a week before I had children. And now, well... it's just sad.

Up for Best Picture: Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, Precious, A Serious man, Up, and Up in the Air.

I've seen Up in the Air - which I loved - and Inglorious Basterds, which I loved even more. My vote for Best Picture? Inglorious Basterds. Because Tarantino can do no wrong!

Speaking of movies, I thought I'd share with you all a condensed list of some of my favourite movies, regardless of whether they won an Oscar or not.

Stand By Me

I saw the movie before I read Stephen's King book. This is my favourite movie ever. And of course, I loved the book once I read it. I saw Stand By Me a couple of days ago, and I was reminded how incredible this movie was. Every time I watch it, I fall in love all over again.

The story... the amazing cast... the end of innocence for four young boys on an adventure. This movie gives me chills. It's just perfection, from the acting, to the feelings that are evoked when you listen to the conversations between Gordie (Wil Wheaton) and Chris (River Phoenix, RIP, my first crush). Now Stephen King is a master at everything he writes, but I think this was his best piece of writing ever.

This movie also recently opened my eyes because now, as a mom of two young boys, I see things differently. How boys at that age are just as sensitive, just as emotional, as girls. And also? The trouble they can get into! I'm scared for what's to come!

P.S. The pie eating contest is still gross no matter how many times you see it.

P.P.S. And the leeches, too. Ack.

The Godfather I, II, III

Of the three, my favourite is Godfather II. DeNero, Pacino, Pacino, DeNiro... after seeing GodFather Part III, I really wanted to be in the mafia. It goes without saying that these movies are among the greatest movies to ever come out of Hollywood.


Scorsese's masterpiece! This movie is worth seeing for the quotes alone. And Ray Liotta. And Joe Pesci. And Robert DeNiro. Again, another gangster movie that I love. I have seen this movie so many times! And you know it's a good movie when every time you see it, you want to see it again. It's all drama, but at the same time, very funny too.

Best quote:

"Funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to fucken' amuse you? How da fuck am I funny? What da fuck is so funny about me? Tell me. Tell me what's funny."


Here I am, on my nice little mommy blog, talking about my love for Scarface and Tony Montana. But come on... this was the movie that made Pacino into the star he is! This movie is graphic. And depressing. And funny, at times. And tragic, even. But if you haven't seen it yet, you should. Because it's a classic. And it's written by Oliver Stone, and I only JUST found that out.

Best quotes:

"I always tell the truth. Even when I lie."
"Say hello to my little friend!"

Dazed and Confused

Best. Movie. EVER! Okay, not best ever, but best 'last day of school' movie ever. I have seen Dazed and Confused 10 billion times, and I never get bored of watching it. It also makes me really, really depressed and it makes me want to be in high school again. The music is awesome - so is everyone in the movie. Dazed and Confused was voted third in Entertainment Weekly magazine's list of the 50 Best High School movies ever!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A classic. Everyone loves this movie. Need I say more? I'm moving on. I just had to include this, because, you know. It's awesome! Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller? Which brings me to...

Anything and everything by John Hughes, including:

The Breakfast Club (my love for this movie is immense, IMMENSE!) Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink (sigh) Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and my 4 year old's current favourite movie: Home Alone.

Kill Bill

I know a lot of people hated this movie - but I loved it. I can handle any type of movie, and this? Was one of Tarantino's greatest. Uma was brilliant. And Kill Bill II was really cool, too.

Dirty Dancing

There is not one single girl on earth who does not love this movie to death. This is probably one of my most favourite romantic movies of all time. Above all else, I loved dancing because of this movie. RIP, Patrick Swayze!

Best quotes:

"I carried a watermelon."
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Honourable mentions - I loved ALL these movies so very much, too, for different reasons. All of these movies are amazing, and worth seeing if you haven't yet.

Ocean's 11. Top Gun. Mean Girls. Chicago. Schindler's List. My Best Friend's Wedding. Say Anything. Gladiator. Love Actually. Elf. Pulp Fiction. E.T. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Dead Poet's Society, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally. Zoolander. Legends of the Fall. Pretty in Pink. American Beauty.

Now I'm totally in the mood to watch some of my favourite movies again!

What's on your must-see list?

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Chris said...

You picked Goodfellas AND Dazed and Confused. I knew you were cool, but this puts you in a whole new level. ;)

Karl said...

Good choices. Not a fan of Dirty Dancing, but I get that it's a chick flick thing. And Godfather III was OK, but I & II were the bomb. Never seen Scarface or Goodfellas...I know.

As I mentioned on Twitter, Princess Bride is a must-see. So is Swingers, Sneakers, The Sting, and Back to the Future trilogy. It's a Wonderful Life is an annual watch-again for me. Plus, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

alison kramer said...

i love all those movies! Awesome that there is another human who likes mob movies and dirty dancing!!! i seriously know every line of dazed and confused...

Kate Coveny Hood said...

L - I hate to break it to you, but I may be the one woman who really doesn't like Dirty Dancing. The dancing was good - but the dialogue! "You're wild!" is my personal favorite.

But I agree 100% on the rest. Up until Dirty Dancing - I was going to say that you have some serious guy taste in movies. I wonder what Tarantino thinks about Dirty Dancing...

Scott said...

Good stuff!


Ferris, Tombstone, Step Bros, Holy Grail, Heat, Casino, Die Hard, Shawshank, The Rock, Hangover

EatPlayLove said...

Have you seen A Bronx Tale? If you haven't put it on your list for the weekend, you'll love it.

Sarah said...

I love a lot of those movies!

My favourite movies are actually the ones that don't get a lot of attention, but become cult classics... like "Grosse Pointe Blank" or "So I married an Axe Murderer." They are pure gold.

Did you see the "Best Movie Ever" post Maria (Bored Mommy) did the other day about "So I Married and Axe Murderer?" I guess I'm not alone in my love for that one. It made me want to watch it again.

I have only seen one Oscar nominated movie. Oh well... definitely not gonna get a chance to watch them before Sunday. :(

Loukia said...

Karl - I will see Princess Bride ASAP!

Kate... I know! I'm such a guy when it comes to movies!

Scott: I love Shawshank, too! And Casino. And Die Hard is awesome funny. My 4 year old has seen it, too. Is that terrible?

Maranda said...

Great choices!

It's funny how our movie choices tell us a lot about who we really are. You have a wide range of fantastic movie choices here, and I don't know if I've ever seen Dazed and Confused on the same list with Goodfellas LOL.

I also don't much care for Dirty Dancing unless they are, in fact, dancing.

Zafy said...

Agree with your choices! Dazed and Confused one of my top as well Godfather I II can watch over and over but do not agree with Godfather III didn't enjoy it at all would not watch it again even though I do have the full set. I would add Ferris Bueller to the list and Back to the future as well as most 80's movies, always a fun watch never boring.

One more on my list because I am a huge fan HARRY POTTER!!!

As for the Oscars, I have seen a few of the nominees including Avatar which I think will end up winning but that's just because of the popularity.

Tiaras said...

funny list! You are one well rounded girlie!! My fav - all time: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner! who can pass up Spencer Tracey AND Katharine Hepburn?? I'm right with you on John Hughes movies!!!

CalgaryDaddy said...

Good Picks! Im with you 100% on the 1st three! My other faves... Donnie Brasco and The Sixth Sense! And of Course... National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

amotherworld said...

Great picks! Most are my favourites too but I'll add in A Bronx Tale, American Beauty, Shakespeare in Love, Life is Beautiful, Pulp Fiction and The Professional.

ModernMom said...

Oh how I love Dirty Dancing..anything from that era really. The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Can't Buy Me love!

Great Post! Need to go to Blockbuster now!

Chandra said...

You have so many on there that I LOVE!!! Dazed and Confused is classic and has one of the best lines in a movie ever..."that's what I love about HS chicks, I keep gettin older and they stay the same age" Matthew McConahey!

I'm a HUGE fan of the Oscars and believe me I will be watching all the hoopla before hand too! I often pop some popcorn get some wine or beer and sit and chill for 3 hours and make my hubby take care of the kiddos!

I enjoyed Inglorious Bastards, and District 9(that was surprisingly good) and UP in th Air. I'm rooting for The Hurt Locker to take it home...tired of the BIG production movies always winning.

Happy Oscars!

Lindsay said...

Say Anything!!! Grosse Point Blank!!! Did I mention I love John Cusack! All time, though? Monty Python and The Holy Grail (It's just a flesh wound).

And I hope The Blind Side wins because I loved, loved, loved that movie.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

well, how bad is it that i've only seen THREE of them?! I need to watch more movies!!

Lady Mama said...

I love Stand By Me, and Godfather (all three as well). Some of my favourites include Amelie and Shawshank Redemption (can't think of any others off the top of my head).

And, I'm sorry to say, the only film I've seen from those nominated for best picture is District 9 and I swear it is THE WORST movie I have ever seen. Seriously, don't watch it. I nearly threw up.

Mom2Miles said...

Tell me about it! We see movies so rarely since kids, it's ridiculous. I saw "Up in the Air," too. I liked it but it was sadder than I expected. I have a thing for mobster movies, too!

CaraBee said...

We see movies quite a bit now. My in-laws are really great about watching our daughter, so we do dinner and a movie. Probably twice a month. It's nice. I still haven't seen all of the Best Picture movies. I've seen: Avatar, District 9, Inglorious Basterds, and Up. They were all awesome. It's really tough for me to pick, but I'm betting that Avatar will win.

Old School/New School Mom said...

I love "Dirty Dancing." I just watched for the millionth time, "Office Space." "The Princess Bride" is one of my faves. said...

I have only seen two best picture nominees as well. But I have seen a lot of Dora episodes. :)

Great movies. My all time favorites are Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Top Gun, So I Married An Axe Murderer (like other posts! I am so excited about this!) These are favorites because I can watch them over and over and I typically don't like to watch movies over and over.

Others: Fight Club (hated it the first time I saw it, now love it!), Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, Godfather I and II, The Royan Tenenbaums, Beauty and the Beast (Disney) and I am sure there are a couple others I am forgetting. Fun topic!

And I do like Dirty Dancing. It has been on TV a lot lately. I realize that I know every word to every song from that movie because at one point in my life I was obsessed with the soundtrack.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I don't know, the last several years the movies that were up for Oscars were just not that appealing to me. So this year, by the time the Oscars rolled around, I had seen... none of them. But then, I also moved 76 months ago and was basically living in a bubble for about 4 months.

Fave movies, off the top of my head:
- the Notebook
- Less than Zero
- the dance movies: Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance
- The Shining (a classic!)
- the musicals: Mary Poppins, Grease, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera (I would have included The Wizard of Oz but reading Wicked totally ruined it for me)

I also really loved a bunch of old movies with Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the like - but with the exception of My fair Lady I haven't seen them in years, so I don't remember them well enough to add them to the list.

Avitable said...

I've never seen Dazed and Confused either. I agree with most of your selections, except Godfather III is really shitty.