The story of the alleged missing craft

My anxiety and fear over my son starting school has changed to a fierce feeling of pride and happiness.

My baby boy finished his very first week of kindergarten. I can hardly believe it myself, and I am content and happy that he did so well. No tears, no fighting, no yelling - insead, each day this week, he happily went to school, with smiles, with confidence, and without even a look back over his shoulder at me.

I love that I now have a school-aged child. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! But I am still in disbelief that I have a school-aged child.

Of course, the most exciting part of his day for me is when I pick him up, so I can ask him how his day went. Because truly - this is the first time in his life that I don't know the details of his every moment. And being the type of mom that I am, I need details!

Sadly, he is not fulfilling my need here - he's not too vocal about the details of his day at school. I get the usual answer that I know I'll get for many more years to come...

"So sweetie-pie, how was school today?"

And... that's where the conversation ends.

I continue asking questions, of course. I don't like the loss of control, really. But at the same time, I'm welcoming this new independence in his life. I've even noticed a change of behaviour at home, even though it has only been one week. Believe it or not, he is more agreeable and doesn't argue as much over the little things.

But... I would like to know some of the details, you know?

An example of one of our conversations:

"What did you play with today?"
"The teacher brought out a new toy."
"Oh, that's good!"
"Then she took it away."

Then, I asked him if he had done a craft at school.

"No. Actually, yes. I did. A school bus."
"Oh, that's great Christos!"
"But then someone took it."
"Another kid took it? What do you mean?"

Silence. My son ran off to play with brother, happily.

So, I sat down, took out my personalized stationary, and wrote a little note to his teacher. Oh, yes, I did.

"... today Christos said someone took one of his crafts. I'm just curious to see if you know anything about this?" I wrote.

I put the letter in my son's folder to be taken back to school the next day, in his backpack.

Later that evening, I was talking to my husband, parents, and sister. I told them about the conversation I had with Christos, and about the letter I wrote to his teacher.

They all looked at me like I was crazy. They insisted I take out the letter, so as not to be seen as 'that mom'.

Sigh. I took out the letter.

And now I have to live the rest of my life never knowing what really happened with my son's missing craft.

Don't sweat the small stuff, right? I'm in trouble, friends... and this is only the beginning!
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Scattered Mom said...

Well, you could just be sneaky. Strike up conversation with the teacher and say, "Oh, he mentioned something about doing a school bus! Cute! I'm a little confused though, he thought someone took it."

Sometimes they only tell us bits and pieces, and the story could be something entirely different from what you think it is.

But Lou, if your gut is EVER telling you that you need to talk to the teacher, DO it. Don't worry about being "that mom". It's those Moms who get what their kids need.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...


(shaking my head side to side)

Call the teacher, blog about it, plaster it on facebook and THEN TWEET about this.

We have got to get to the bottom of this. I mean, HELLO! You can never have too many drawings of skinny legged elephants eating cupcakes on your fridge!

Just sayin....


Maria @BOREDmommy said...

You are hilarious. But honestly, you should always feel fine about talking to the teacher about anything. I was always talking to her, asking her how my little man was doing, and certainly would always bring up anything that he would mention that I would find "strange" or confusing.

Oh, and get used to the non-answers of how their day was, its like pulling teeth and its permanent. Asking my son what he did is always answered by, "we had recess!" or "I don't remember!" and then he's done.

Mom2Michael said...

Ask the teacher in person at pick-up or drop-off, if it's still bothering you. Maybe the teacher took it and put it in the craft spot to send home later? My little guy is in daycare and all crafts are gathered up and sent home intermittently, in bunches, after they've been shown off in the room for a while. Who knows.

When M was in the infant room at daycare, we got a detailed written list of his daily activities. In the toddler room we got one highlight he particularly enjoyed. And in pre-school - nada. We get his nap length and if he ate "well" or "so-so." Unless we ask a teacher. Drives me crazy to not know what he did all day! As his vocab grew I thought I might get some info from him, but it's hopeless! How was your day? Good. What did you do? Played.

All righty then. lol

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

I hate to say it Loukia but get used to it... My kids "lose " stuff all the time.. or someone takes it... thats why things like electronics are NOT allowed to go to school w/ MY kids!!

anya said...

Maybe it's a boy thing? My nine year old son is the same. I have learned to ask very specific questions like "Did anyone get in trouble today?" or "What did you do in math today?". Sometimes I get stories, most of the time it's just a one word answer.

Amy said...

Trying to get Liam to talk about school was like pulling teeth. I don't know why it's so impossible to get a brief summary at least! Every night the same conversation took place and every night it ended with me having little idea what went on at school.

(The only exceptions being if his little friend, Lea, A GIRL came over for lunch... and talked NOT STOP about what they did at school that morning.)

skichik79 said...

I would casually ask the teacher face to face ... Livia is constantly telling me things that happen at daycare and when im afraid she is being hit on by the kids or getting in trouble I casually ask the babysitter did something happen with the other kids coz i dont quite understand what Livia is trying to say ... and she tells me .. it's your right to know ... who cares if your "that mom"

Lady Mama said...

Oh Loukia! That is funny. But I would probably be the same. I'm very suspicious. Plus you want that picture for your fridge dammit!

Rosana V. said...

shoot...if you're in trouble then i'm in BIG trouble. ;-)

Chantal said...

LOL. I am one of those moms too. It isn't a bad thing :)