Loulou's Top 5

Top 5 things on my mind today:

1. I'm not a big fan of Kindle. I love books. I love buying new books, I love adding books to my collection, I love books stacked up on my night table and on my bookcases. I love reading to my boys, I love the smell of a new book, the feel of a well-read book, and the comfort of holding a book in my hands. The thought that maybe one day books will become a thing of the past scares me, to be honest. We're at a digital age now where my 4 year old can use my iphone. What will the future be like for him? Will he not get the same joy as I do when I walk into a bookstore? At the same time, I think it's great that Kindle users have the ability to download books from the library for free. All you need is a library card. So technically, if you buy a Kindle, you'll never have to pay money for a book again, if you choose not to.

2. The whole Dooce washer and dryer story is kind of ridiculous, no? So she complains about her Maytag washer and dryer and people think she shouldn't complain on Twitter, and then she gets offered a free washer and dryer from Bosch, who I totally love, by the way, and we just got a new dishwasher from them, and it's great, but I digress... Who cares what she says? Does her voice really affect your opinion on things like what products to buy? If her Maytag sucks, that doesn't mean yours will suck, too! I don't get why people get so worked up about the things she says or does? Am I missing something here?

3. Twitter is pretty awesome. I've discovered many awesome blogs through Twitter, and I've had amazing people give me advice, help answer my questions and re-tweet my blog posts. I love the conversations. I love the random, uselessness that is Twitter. It's as addictive as Facebook was when it first came out.

4. My birthday is two days away! Another year, and I'm older and wiser. Well, older for sure. Wiser? Not so much.

5. I can't believe it's September. Where did summmer go? Seriously. Summer was way too short this year. But I love fall, too. I am only fearful for what's to come - dreaded winter.

Top 5 reasons I am stressed out today:

1. My son and I meet his kindergarten teacher tomorrow. He first real teacher. The one that will probably stay in his mind forever. She sounded lovely on the phone and I hope he likes her! I hope she likes us, too.

2. I'm flying out of the country alone with my two children tomorrow. Am not quite sure how that's going to work out. Like, what if I have to go to the bathroom? Oh, good times! (One of my good friends suggested I go on Ativan. She told me it would relax me and calm me down and it sounds lovely to me but no, I'm not taking drugs a day before I go on vacation!)

3. We only have one portable DVD player for our trip.

4. I'm not finished packing yet. This could mean major problems.

5. I need to find new jeans today to wear for tomorrow. Jean shopping under pressure. Never fun.

Top 5 reasons I'm excited today:

1. I'm meeting my son's teacher tomorrow morning! I can't wait for him to walk into his new school, meet his teacher, see his classroom and begin school next week. I love school! (At the same time, I'm still very emotional about this.)

2. I'm going to one of my most favourite cities ever! I have not been to D.C. in 5 years. I consider it my second home since I lived there temporarily. I can't wait to show my children the beautiful sights and muesums, and to see our family, too.

3. The shopping. I am determined to get some shopping done at some point on this trip. I love the shopping in D.C.!

4. Getting my highlights done today! Nothing like fresh highlights to make you feel ready to take on a solo flight with kids in which you're guaranteed to have apple juice, cream cheese, chocolate and Goldfish crackers rubbed on, in, and all over your hair and clothes.

5. I might be meeting the fabulous Jill from Scary Mommy! Isn't that just awesome?
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Gina said...

#2- well the same reason ppl listen and pbsess over what celebrities like/dislike. So in your blogger world, i suppose she is the britney spears. Not that hard to understand really...

oh, and i dont remember my kindergarden teacher at all, so i think its more emotional for you than christos :))))

Loukia said...

Oh... Gina... I hope people don't bite your head off for comparing Dooce to Britney Spears! ;)

Christy said...

I'm taking my daughter on the train to DC by myself tomorrow - I'll be sending you good vibes for your solo trip too!

I have no idea what washer drier thing you're talking about - I don't read Dooce because I think her blog is really boring. I don't get the hype.

Good luck shopping!

Chantal said...

Man you have a lot on your mind.

About the Dooce thing... I am on the fence on this one. She has a lot of people who adore her and who follow her every move. What she says can make or break it for a company (or person). She has to think about that before going public with a complaint.

Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

Gina said...

britney is better than dooce. :)

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Yay D.C.!! We had such a good time - you're going to LOVE IT!! We did tons of shopping - the kids scored! and mommy did too this time!

P.S. If Kindle in any way contacts you, let them know that we are besties, and you absolutely think I really truly deserve one.

Elaine A. said...

I remember my first grade teacher better than my Kindergarten one, for some reason.

Have a great trip! How fun to visit family, get to shop, etc. Safe travels...

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Have fun on your trip!! I know it will be all OK...

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Oh, Happy Birthday a little early! Have fun on your trip, have fun shopping and have fun getting those highlights--I am sooo in need!!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Little something over at my place for you... :)

ModernMom said...

When your shopping for those jeans head out to your nearest Electonic Boutique or Future Shop and get a little splitter device to slip into the side of your DVD player.(and an extra set of earphones) Enables you to put two pairs of earphones into the jack instead of just one. Lifesaver!

Scary Mommy said...

Eeeekkkkk!! So, I'll be seeing you ON your birthday?!! Shall I wrap myself up in a big bow? :)

Anonymous said...

Kindle doesn't appeal to me AT ALL. Paper is much better!

Love Twitter too. I'm a big fan now.

Good luck with the jeans search. I love jeans shopping. Gap jeans are always guaranteed to fit me.

And... sounds like you're going to have tons of fun in DC!

A Woman On The Edge said...

Happy almost birthday:) I don't get the Dooce thing either, but mostly I don't get why she is so popular.

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

The dooce/Maytag thing is pretty ridiculous. Kind of a turn off to me how she won't let it go, either.

And Happy (almost) Birthday to you! Mine is 7 days away.

Blogging Virgos!

That Girl39 said...

So with you on the kindle thing.. love getting a new book and actually turning pages! Whilst I love the ipod concept, it doesnt work in the same way for me with books! Good luck on your flight.. brave lady! And seeing as we love Twitter.. keep us informed of how your trip is going! Have fun x

Jessica said...

Wow! So much going on for you! I heard that meeting his teacher didn't go that wel... I"m so sorry :( I'm sure he will warm up to her. I remember my kindergarten teacher as being my best friend at that time... it takes a unique person to do that job.

I totally, 100% agree with you re Dooce. I found it entirely annoying, and after reading her latest post I nearly unfollowed her. She seems kinda bitchy, and that really isn't what I want to spend my time doing.

You will do SO great taking the kids traveling alone! It is so empowering, you will surprise yourself. You are a great, strong mother and it will amaze you how easy it is. I mean, it's really difficult but not as diffucult as it seems right now :)

Best of luck- cannot wait to hear all about it!

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Happy Birthday!!

I have been on Dooce's site once - and never went back. I don't get it....

Theta Mom said...

This is why I love your blog because you speak what's on your mind! LOL
That whole Dooce-Maytag thing, who cares? A celebrity will get whatever they want is the reality, I guess.

Lots of luck for the big trip tomorrow and take lots of pictures!!! :)

Nap Warden said...

OK...first Happy Birthday!

Second...the Dooce thing, the way I see it, good on her for keeping big business on their toes. Seems they've had the upper hand for too long now. (although I'm thinking if I tweeted, no one would give me free stuff;P)

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I remember my kindergarten teacher - Mrs. Haight. She was Great! I don;t mind Dooce's rants - I would twitter the same thing if Maytag was not fixing or replacing my brand new dishwasher. I would just get cyber hugs from my friends instead of offers for a new sassy washer and dryer. Kindle would be great for carpool and doctors offices. But I want a netbook too and I think I cannot read and blog at the same time while waiting. Also that is a little silly to have that many electronics!

Good luck with your trip. We just got back from DC and had so much fun! Definitely take your little ones to the Building Museum and the Museum of American history. They both have great new children's exhibits and are right near metro stops!

BTW I am following!

Jennifer said...

I, agree with your points about the Kindle. Reading a book uses almost all the senses , not just sight--the smell of the book, the sound of the pages turning, the feel of a good, worn cover--why would I ever want a Kindle?

Have a good trip!

Kelly said...

I love twitter too. Unfortunately it's distracted me from blogging. But I still feel like I'm caught up with people