The dreaded months ahead

Today I woke up and I was cold. And it hit me like a ton of bricks that summer was over. I guess because we are now officially in October. Not counting today, of course. I never count the day we're in, for some reason. It makes the week go by faster, I swear. Like, really, there is only one day left before the weekend if you do Loukia math. Try it! It really works! Sorry... where was I?

Oh, yes. Summer is over, fall is here, and winter is literally around the corner. I despise winter. I do. I'm Canadian by birth, but by blood? I'm Greek. I am not meant to live in such a cold climate! Every year, I complain about our brutal winter. And let me tell you - it it BRUTAL. It's harsh. It's mean, it's cruel. The sun goes down around 4:30 p.m. and we're left to drive home in the dark, eat dinner in the dark, play in the dark. No more nice after dinner walks to the park, no more running outside freely with only a tshirt on, no more swimming, no more making sand castles, no more pushing the kids on the swings, no more lovely bike rides, no more BBQing almost daily, no more nice tanned skin, and no more flip flops.

Nope. None of that.

Instead, we have to dress our children in layers of clothing, and find the perfect pair of boots for them to wear. And I'm not talking about style here - I'm talking about comfort, warmth, and the ability to be able to get them on and off little feet several times a day without a huge effort. Boots are not easy! So the search for the perfect pair each year is a daunting task. Once you have the boots, you can have more fun looking for a snowsuit. This year I bought Christos a beautiful one from Columbia, but normally, I like the ones from GAP. Dimitry has a red snowsuit this winter. Christso also has a super warm Burberry coat that I just love to pieces. Then? We move on to hats, gloves, mitts, scarves, and neck warmers.

Getting two children dressed in winter gear is quite an adventure. Especially first thing in the morning, when the sun has not even made an appearance yet.

"Christos, come back! Your snowpants are only halfway up!"
"Oh, you have to pee? Sigh. Take off the snowpants, then."
"Dimitry, shall we try to get your boots on again?"
"Oh, no, sweetheart, don't take your hat off!"
"I know you're hot now but as soon as we step outside, you'll be thanking me for dressing you up like the abominable snowman!"
"Christos, don't throw your brothers boots down the stairs!"
"Dimitry, where is your hat? Where did it go?"
"Christos, you might think it's funny to take off your coat, but mommy doesn't see the humour in this!

This, my friends, is what it is like for 5 long months. I have yet to meet a mother who enjoys the process of getting their child dressed for the winter elements.

Okay, fine, they do look super cute in when they're all dressed up, but still.

And yes, I do begrudgingly do the 'Canadian winter' things with my children, like visits to the neighbourhood skating rink, where we last about 10 minutes, and visits to Winterlude, where again, we last for 10 minutes (and always leave with a few beavertails) and we do play outside, building snowman's and making snow angels and shovelling. And even though we're having fun while we're out there, all I'm thinking about is the nice cup of hot chocolate that I'll be drinking later, and our upcoming winter vacation to a sunny and warm destination, like Florida. That's what keeps me sane. Knowing that winter will not last forever. Although really, it drags on. And on. And on.

I am not meant to live in this part of the world. Seriously. You'd think I'd be used winter by now! But every year, there is that one day when I wake up and realize: "I'm cold! Oh, no... summer is over!" And today, my friends? Today was that day.

But? I'll leave you with a few things that make me happy about the winter season to come, just so you don't think I'm completely ungrateful:

1. Christmas! Okay, I love everything about this holiday. Even more since having children, because really? It is all about them! Putting up the Christmas tree together, decorating our house, hanging the lights around our columns and tree outside, and of course, of course, the shopping. OH, the shopping! I love Christmas shopping and I love wrapping presents and I love Christmas songs! Ho-ho-ho! Seriously. I can't wait.

2. RED CUPS AT STARBUCKS! I love red cups at Starbucks, and that is actually one of the biggest things I look forward to every year with the changing of the seasons. Yay! Doesn't that make you so excited?

3. A possibly winter vacation somewhere warm and hot and sandy. This truly helps allieviate my Seasonal Adaptation Disorder!
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Anonymous said...

You have an open invite to come to Georgia for the Winter whenever you wish!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

I hate winter. I hate it more now that i have kids because it means they will be sick all the time, and I hate leaving my house because it takes an hour to get them dressed. I HATE IT. But, I agree about Christmas. I love it. And I LOVE the red Starbucks cups - you know its Christmas time when those cups arrive.
P.S. Remind me when you start your Xmas shopping, so I can get my list to you - I need a nice Burberry coat too.

Mommy Lisa said...

UGH! I am still looking for the perfect boots for BooBooLaLa. Minneapolis is about as harsh as Canada! I am thinking Keen - we did Columbia last year, but this year with pre-school the Keen may win for stylish and comfort.

anya said...

That's so funny because I was just thinking yesterday about dressing kids in snowsuits again. I love when all they need is a pair of sandals and a hat. Soon, it will add another 15 minutes to our morning routine just to them dressed. Then add warming up the minivan, brushing off the snow, and driving in the snow!! Ugh. I'll have to get up at 5am to get my kids to school for 9!

ModernMom said...

LOL I'm with you! I spent the last 2 days searching for a vacation home to rent in Florida! Already dreaming about escaping the cold and it hasn't even snowed yet!

daddybookins said...

You know I wish I could relate, but since we just dropped under a 100 degrees here, I could only dream of what 'cold' weather is all about. I miss the days of being a kid walking to school in the snow with my ears and nose bitterly cold all bundled up. I need four seasons again, that's what I really need. Sorry to hear it got too cold to quickly. You and the family should visit the Valley one summer! Though the mrs. and I are ready to beat cheeks out of here!
Peas Out!
~daddy b

Krystyn said...

Bring on the winter vacation south! A Canadian winter sounds brutal!

Jessica said...

You're hilarious. I'm born American - Californian, really - and that weather was ok for me, although I lusted (LUSTED!) after our colder months, but here in Texas I feel all sorts of wrong. My people are Northern European!! Tundra! and rain! and snow! I'm built for COLD!!

Maybe there's really something to all this genetic stuff! I HATE the heat, you hate the cold! My peeps were born to bear the cold weather, your peeps were born to bear the hot stuff!

We should do a house-swap or something haha.

Chantal said...

Yup I hate winter too! The.end.

Tyne said...

One of the countless reasons we moved back to Texas from Colorado. It was my absolute pet peave to put on coats, go to the car, take off coat, get in carseat, get to location, put on coat, and then do it allllll over again. Killer.

Chelle said...

I feel for you, honey! There is nothing worse than being so bitterly cold and no matter what you do, you just can't warm up!

You are more than welcome to come down here to the coast in Mississippi--where you can get by with a jacket and still enjoy those red cups at Starbucks :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I love my cute fall boots, but I hate to be freezing cold too! Plus, I never have a tan in winter : )

Love your blog!

Jen said...

Love winter at Starbucks, esp the mint brownies, mmmmmmm! Don't love the losing of the mitts/gloves/hat that happens about four times every winter season at the boy's school!!

BeachMama said...

I felt it to my bones this morning. J and I wore mitts (Apple was bundled in a blanket in the stroller) and I made an extra pot of coffee. Oh yes, and my fireplace was on most of the afternoon and part of this evening.

I was seriously searching new employment in the Southern US this morning for Hubby.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Ya know what? Today was that day for me too... it was real cold when I got up in the dark at 5 to Shred. Too cold to be awake that early and too cold to work out.. so I crawled back in and snuggled w/ the hubby. BBrrr.... its freezing out now too!

Rebecca said...

I am NOT wearing a winter jacket yet. I refuse. I am freezing, but I refuse!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I am not a fan of winter or all the layers and layers and layers!! course, ya'll get a lot colder than we do in TN!!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

No wonder you dread winter! When I think of it in kid dressing terms, I totally get it. Our winters are cold, but not harsh like Canada! Snowpants and boots are not a daily necessity where I live. We need them a lot, but not daily. Only if we get a big snowstorm, or a big coldsnap, or if we head up to my favorite ski town. (I'm a total Columbia fan, by the way! You're going to love that snowsuit!)

I have to admit though, I hear you on the cold shock. Had to turn on my heat for the first time today. Boo.

Lady Mama said...

Too funny. I like the red Starbucks cups too! And yes, Christmas keeps me going through the winter. I'm dreading all the ridiculous layers of clothes I'll have to get on and off the boys constantly. Argh.

Shana said...

wow! that sounds awful! although the thought of snow does sound nice! we don't get that very often in Texas!

Nap Warden said...

I am SO bummed about winter gear:( It's just no fun...Bring back summer!

CaraBee said...

I'm the exact opposite. I would rather be cold any day of the year over hot. I come from cold country people, I guess. Although I do enjoy the convenience and comfort of flip flops. But the heat. Oh I hates the heat. Plus, all of my favorite holidays are during the cold season: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh, and I LOVE putting on big soft fluffy sweaters! I know, I'm weird.

rheanne said...

Ohhhh, I miss Starbucks. I won't miss winter, but I will miss those red cups. Good luck slugging out the winter.

A Crafty Mom said...

I agree, it is getting cold and it's downright scary. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it. Good call on the Columbia snowsuit - I bought one for my oldest son last year and it was huge so thankfully it is like brand new and still fits him this year!! I'm so happy, it is great quality.

I love the Starbucks red cups too - almost as much as I enjoyed the pumpkin spice latte I had this morning :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You run around the neighborhood wearing nothing but a t-shirt? You must be very popular with the guys mowing their lawns.

Seriously though - I know what you mean. We have a much more mild time of it here in the almost South, but the shorter days and last couple of months of sleet and ice are so depressing.

Mercy said...

Ha. I remember dressing kids for winter. What a headache.