My baby is 4 years old!

August 1st, 2005.

The day my life changed forever.
The happiest day of my life.
The day my first son was born.
The last day I had a Starbucks coffee in peace. Just kidding.

I was a complete mess those first few days. I couldn't properly burp you, I could not fall asleep for more than few minutes at a time, so anxious was I about you, my new baby. The fact that I was responsible for you was scary. But as the days went on, the easier it got. I can say this, though - I was instantly, madly, head-over-heels in love with you, my Christos. You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!

The first day in the hospital, you lifted your head to look around. I was amazed at the strength you had, even as a one day old baby. You were born with a full head of beautiful hair - at first, curly, like mine, but after your first bath, stick-straight, like your dad.

Those first 12 months were the best of my life - every first with you was amazing - your first smile, your first crawl, your first time walking - each day, such a joy. You are filled with sunshine and happiness. You made me realize the power of love, and the deepness of worry.

When you turned 2, I couldn't believe how quickly you had grown. A little boy, leaving the baby-ness behind, talking, playing, exploring. You have always been smart and wise beyond your years - you're an observer, very sensitive, very caring, so curious. I love to play with you - I love being involved. You won't find me sitting on the bench at the park - I'm there, in the sand with you, going down the slide with you, and pushing you higher on the swings.

You turned 3, and again, I wondered where the years had gone - another year of laughter and amazement with you. Everything you do makes me proud. Well, maybe not when you're angry or throwing a temper tantrum, but for the most part - you're such a happy boy who wants to learn something new everyday. You're very attached to your father, and you listen to him more than you listen to me. He has you completely under control! I love seeing the great relationship you have, and at times, I get jealous seeing how much you look up to him. But in the middle of the night... "Mommy!" is who you call out for, and that's all I need to hear.

Now you are 4. 4!

You continue to amaze me daily. You can draw stick people and write letters, and I have kept every single one of them, as I consider them masterpieces. You're a big brother, and a great one at that. You love everything construction - I'm convinced if you don't become an astronaut or a doctor, you will own your own construction company. That would make me proud, too. I do hope you get out of the phase of wanting to be a garbage man, though.

You start school soon. You are ready. I am not, but that's another story altogether. I hope you don't get bored in class, as you like to do 'adult' things, like take apart computers and talk about mother-boards in your spare time, or list the planets in our solar system in order to me. You show me the milky way galaxy in your books.

You make Greek salad better than I do! You're already teaching me things and you're only 4.

I love when we get alone time, when I'm reading to you, when I snuggle with you at night. I love every single thing you say. You have a little Borat-like accent that is so adorable it makes me laugh. I am a very over-protective mom, and I'm trying to step back now, as you're growing up. Trying hard. But it's not easy to let go, you know. You are my darling baby boy, forever and ever. You and brother have blessed me in ways I cannot describe.

Happy Birthday, my 4 year old! You're a big boy now... and growing more everyday... but you'll always be my baby.
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Lady Mama said...

Beautiful post. You perfectly capture all the amazing things about watching a son grow. Happy Birthday to your (still little!) sweet guy Christos.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Happy Birthday Christos!

Looks like the party was a succes and what a sweet post to your sweet boy. And also? He makes Greek salad? Can he teach my boys?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very cute! What a great little man!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

How lovely. Such beautiful sentiments for such a beautiful little boy! Happy birthday to Christos!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Happy Bday lil man!

Jenn said...

Lovely tribute to your adorable boy. Thanks for sharing him with us!

A Busy Mommy said...

Beautiful Post. You captured your son very well. It's so hard to let them go, Mine is 4 also.

Happy Birthday Christos!!

Kelly said...

I love the tribute, the first child completely changes everything but for the better.

Scattered Mom said...

Happy Birthday Christos!

Enjoy, LouLou. Just ENJOY. :)

A Woman On The Edge said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! Your boys are beautiful, and I love the matching Burberry shirts on them both:) Love a boy who looks good!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Christos!

He is going to love being able to read this post one day to see how much his Mom loved him from the moment he was born, and how that that loves just grows and grows with each passing day!

Shana said...

Great post! Happy Birthday Christos!!

Jessica said...

What a sweet letter! It looks like you guys had a blast. I can't wait to do parties! Those cakes are freaking gorgeous! I mean, WOW!

Of course you and your boys are gorgeous, too :)

Thanks for sharing, so sweetly and lovingly, your world through your eyes. Truly, Loulou's Views!

Chantal said...

Happy Birthday Christos!

Chelle said...

Aw, honey, I love this post!

I LOVE all of his dark sweet!!

It's crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?

CaraBee said...

What a beautiful post for your sweet boy! Happy Birthday, Christos!

Stacey M said...

your words are so precious lou :) that is a masterpiece on its own!! thea stacey