The big reveal

A few days ago, I asked you to ask me anything you wanted - and I promised I'd be totally honest in my responses to you. I'm just really into interviews lately, for some reason, so I thought this would be a fun post!

Here are the answers to your questions!

Jen asked: When you were an intern at Entertainment Tonight did you ever catch a glimpse of anyone famous? Cheesy question, but I'm curious.

I loved ET when I was in my 20's - and when I applied to be an intern, I never dreamed I'd be accepted! I had just returned from my internship in Washingon, D.C. so I had to beg my parents to let me go to L.A., since they were paying for everything. I went with a couple of friends who were only staying a short while. I loved being in L.A. - it was gorgeous. We actually stayed at a hostel, called Banana Bungalo, and it was horrible. We checked into the Hilton on Sunset Blvd. a few days later. I had fun at ET; was toured around, I sat in the chair Mary Hart sat in, I loved seeing the different sets and all the people, and all the action! It was awesome. I only met Bob Goen and Mary Hart. I left the internship early to come back home because I got offered a real job with pay in radio. Had I stayed in L.A., the last week of my internship, I would have gone out on location with a couple of the reporters. I totally regret leaving early!

Linda asked: What's inside your closet? Can we get a little peekie poo?? AND YOU CAN'T CLEAN IT BEFORE THE PIC. I told ya that I was nosey!

My closet is a disaster! I never have time to hang anything up, and there are piles of clothes all over the floor! It's very disorganized. Every few months, I try to do a re-organization. I try to be neat, hanging shirts/pants/dresses in order, folding sweaters, making neat t-shirt piles, and tank top piles, and making a lulu lemon section, but after a few days, it's all messy again. Here is a picture of one side of it. My closet is very uninspiring - especially for someone who loves to shop as much as I do!

ModernMom asked: What was your scariest parenting moment? We've all had one.

My scariest parenting moment was when my son, Christos, was in surgery for his phenumonia. Waiting for him to be out of surgery was the worst hour of my life. As were the 14 days he spent in the hospital. Horrific. Aside from that horrible experience, the first time he had a fever at 12 weeks old, when he was hospitalized for a UTI for two weeks. Seeing my baby with an IV was traumatizing. Other 'scary' moments? Having Dimitry fall off of my bed when he was 6 months old. Thinking I lost Dimitry in the Superstore - he hid himself in a rack of children's shirts and for 10 seconds I could not find him. That was beyond scary. Last summer, Christos was in a friend's pool, sitting on the stairs, without floaties on. He looked safe, so I turned my back to duck my head under water , and I turned around, and he had slipped into the pool.

Amy asked: A lot of the pictures of your boys are taken at fairs or festivals or parties at friends houses or vacations or holidays, etc, etc, etc. So I am asking this with a grain of understanding, knowing that these places aren't normal eating circumstances... but please tell me your boys eat something other than hot dogs, giant suckers, cotton candy and beaver tails?? *grins*

Of course my boys eat healthy! When we go out to these sorts of places, we try to do it after meal times - because I don't consider a lollipop or cotton candy a meal - merely a snack distraction so they can stay in their stroller! Seriously, luckily for me, during the week, my mom/mom-in-law/grandmother cook for them the healthiest of food. Hearty soups with lots of veggies, fish, chicken, salads, lots of fruit, pasta, eggs, etc. They're VERY well fed! But yes, they do also induldge in hot dogs and macaroni and cheese sometimes! And chocolate is practically one of their food groups.

Amy also asked: Seeing as you've mentioned it yourself many times on this blog, how do you think you'll manage the teenage years if you (admittedly) can't say 'no' to your boys? I don't think they're suddenly going to NOT be cute, so if you're waiting for that day to arrive, forget about it!

I don't know. I think this will be a huge problem as they get older. I actually practice more discipline with Dimitry - I am more firm with saying no to him and you know what? He still loves me! With Christos, I'm trying. It's not easy, but I am trying. I think when he goes to school, it will help him understand rules and sharing, etc. He's very eager to please, and I know he'll adapt and be happy in a school environment.

MamaNeena asked: I want to know how on earth you stay so gorgeous!

Oh, wow, THANK YOU! And AS IF! I don't want to answer this because well, I wish I was one of those moms who looked perfect all day, with no food stains all over her shirt! (From her children, obviously!) But. I'm always getting dirty when I'm with the kids! And you are too wonderful to say such a nice thing. You're absolutely beautiful yourself!

Lady Mama asked: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Europe. I love going to Greece. I would not do this trip until my children are a bit older, though. I can't imagine flying for that long with them while they're so young. They'd go absolutely crazy, as would I. Also, I want them to really remember their first trip to Greece. If I could pick up my bags and go somewhere right now, today - I'd have to say Florida. As many times as we've been there, it's a 3 hour flight, I know the area where we stay in really well, and the kids love the beach. And? I feel safe there, knowing there is a good children's hospital! I'm always thinking like a mom!

Managed Chaos asked: I like the idea of getting a photo of your closet, especially since the clothes fairy comes all the times and you NEVER have anything to wear ;o)
Favorite pair of shoes?

Currently, my favourite pairs of shoes are these, from Nine West. I adore these shoes!

Elaine A. asked: I always like to know how people met their spouses. So tell us, how did you meet your man?

We met years ago when we were really young - probably in Greek school, actually. Also, he's cousins with one of my best friends, and I remember hanging out with him in her pool when we were like, 12. I always had a mad crush on him. We re-connected in high school again, and the rest is history!

Maria asked: Dearest Loukia (yes I'm buttering you up). I would like to know the following: 1. Can I have all your clothes, shoes, and handbag hand-me-downs.

I'd love to give you the stuff I don't use anymore. Lots of my clothes still have tags on them! Next time you're in town, let me know!

2. Do you and your husband fight in Greek, English or Gringlish?

At home, we fight in English. When we're out in public, and not near any Greeks, we fight in Greek. Yamoto!

3. What's your Ottawa neighborhood like?

I LOVE my neighbourhood! We have awesome neighbours, lots of children, and an awesome park right near us, with a school. I love going to the park with the kids after dinner and socializing with other moms and kids, and listening to the soccer games going on in the background, and just walking around the neighbourhood.

4. What's the best food/dessert your YiaYia makes, and would she be interested in a bake-off with my mom?

Ha! I love my yiayia's fresh bread, and fakes, and baklava. She also makes great yemista and kokinsto kreas with pasta. And tiropites.

Kate asked: I'm new here - so I don't know what you've already covered in the past... But I'm always interested in style-related topics. It's been mentioned that you are always very put together (I've noticed that in the pictures too). What do you actually do to get ready every morning? Do you wake up early to have a little get ready time or are you lucky if you get to wash your face before noon? I'm going to be a SAHM mom in a couple of weeks, and while I'm pretty low maintenance, I'm afraid of completely letting myself go...

My morning routine is rather short, because I have to get ready with my 17 month old attached to my leg! No matter how many distraction I offer to keep him busy while I get ready - toys, TV, food - he only wants to be in the bathroom with me. So I let him play with the tampons and the brush and some make-up. It's the only way I can get ready! After showering and washing up, I apply my make-up, which is mostly all MAC and Stila. I try to pick out what I'm going to wear the night before, but that doesn't always work out, hence the 'messy' closet! What I should do is get up before the baby does, so I can get ready alone, and not feel rushed! Also, I get my hair done once a week. Because I can't do it as well myself!

Paging Doctor Mommy asked: I need to know your beauty secrets. All of them! Share girlfriend, because you are gorgeous!

Aww, thank you - coming from gorgeous you, I don't know what to say! Well, I have a personal trainer, a chef, and a live-in haidresser. Okay, none of that is true, because if it was, I'd look more like Kate Hudson! And I don't! My favourite make-up is MAC and Stila. I get my hair done once a week. And my favourite place to shop is Banana Republic. Around the house, I'm usually in my lulu's. I don't get more than 5 hours of sleep, which is really bad, but I'm a night owl. I love coconut body lotion from Sephora or Body Shop. I love smelling like summer... like I'm at the beach!

Jessica asked: How do you do all that you do?? Not only do you work full time, but you also are very active in the blogging community (lots of tweets & posts & bloggy friends), spend quality time with your boys & family, & maintain a marriage! What the hell, girl! Tell me how you're Super Woman!

Jessica, I am the furthest thing from Super Woman! First of all, I could never be a superhero, because I am afraid of everything and I constantly worry. It just would not work. Also? I have a family who is always helping me, from cleaning to cooking to looking after the kids. This makes it all much easier for me. It's the moms who are single or who are doing it on their own without much help that are the real Super Women. For me, it really does take a village... Also? I hardly sleep! Therefore - more hours to get more done!

There you have it, friends... hope you enjoyed!
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Christy said...

Loukia - I didn't get a chance to send you my questions! Will you do a round two?!

And - you get your hair done once a week? You mean like get it cut? Or blown out? And my daughter just outgrew her bouncy seat - which I used to strap her into while I took a shower. She'd sit right outside it and I'd be able to see her through the clear shower curtain. Now, she can't do that so I've been taking showers before matt leaves for work or when he gets home. I suppose I could try to shower when she's asleep? Logisitics are hard.

And finally - that is so funny that you checked out of a hostel and into a Hilton! Hysterical! Made me laugh because that is so something I would do.

ps - I'm not commenting on each question, but loved all the answers, and my heart goes out to you for the ones re: your sons surgery and iv's - that must have been incredibly hard!

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to do a Q and A on my blog! I've never done one either!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I should do one of these! Except I am scared too...!! Very cool and it was fun learning more about you!

Sandy said...

I love this post! Learned some fun facts about you. I used to love ET as well. I hope more bloggers do Q & A.

Rebecca said...

Love this, sorry I didn't get my question in the other night!

Your answers are awesome.

If you do round 2 let me know, I'll ask a question.

If you do another round, I may join you, although if ppl ask to see my closet I will flat out refuse because it is a disaster...

thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea Loukia for a new post. I enjoyed reading it.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Thanks for answering Loukia!! Let's plan the bake-off soon!! Oh, and when should I pick up that box you have waiting for me?? :)

lz @ My Messy Paradise said...

Hair done once a week? I'm so jealous. What do you do, get a blow out? I love these 'get to know me' posts. Awesome!

Unknown said...

Nice blog. It was fun to read!

Lady Mama said...

Loved reading your answers Loukia! I like the sound of Florida as a vacation spot. I've never been but have heard it's a great place to visit with kids. I understand not wanting to travel far with the kids though. We're delaying going back to England for as long as possible...

Also, my closet is exactly the same. My theory is, neat closets are boring... or something like that!

Oh and I also love reading about the Greek foods your family cooks - I'm always hungry after reading about them.

CaraBee said...

I have serious closet envy. Mine is so tiny. Darn these old houses.

How sweet is that you and the hubs were childhood sweethearts!

Shana said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Chantal said...

Hey Loukia, this is a great post. You are awesome for being honest with all your answers, and of course i love food and now I want to hang out with your YiaYia.

I didn't know Christos had been so sick when he was young. No kidding you worry. I totally understand!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Aha! That explains it. Getting your hair done once a week will add some glamour to your look.

Either way - you're adorable. Thanks for the interview.

Jessica said...

Ok, what I posted before wasn't all that inspiring. Just basically a big fat, HELL YEAH!

I'll never do anything like this. You're brave! hahaha

BeachMama said...

Great interview Loukia! Loved your answers.

Lara said...

Great post.!! I really like your honest answers. Those Nine West shoes are my favorite too.