The good side of starting Kindergarten

I blogged recently about all the worry and anxiety I am feeling about my oldest son starting kindergarten in the fall, remember?

Well, the more I think about it, the more worried I get. I know it will be an emotional day for me, and I will cry in the car. Of course. I probably will not even leave the parking lot. Okay, maybe I'll make a Starbucks run, but then I swear, I'll be back in that parking lot waiting for my son to come running back into my arms!

Since I know there will be one hell of an emotional post about his first day of school (or first week, or first month...) I decided to write this post about all the GOOD things about my child starting school.

I have always wanted children - that was something I knew would be a part of my life, me being a mom. I love being a mom to these great boys of mine.

When I was pregnant with my boys, I would often think about the future. Of them in school. Of me picking them up, and of them, in all their youthful excitement, telling me about their day. Of us as a family talking about what they learned.

I have visions of my husband helping my boys with their homework, doing science projects with them, figuring out that hard math equation that mommy most certainly would not be able to help with.

I'm actually looking forward to doing some of their homework with them, because I know it will be a (re)learning experience for me, as well! I am sure I suck at grade 5 math. I just know it. So, yay that I can learn it all over again!

I can't wait to sit in the auditorium and watch my children take part in school plays and Christmas concerts. How much fun is that going to be? I can't wait to se them on stage. Because seriously? How cute are little kids in plays and concerts? Ah, sweetness overload!

Another thing I look forward to is my son coming home with something he made at school - I love crafts and I can't wait to keep adding his creations to the walls of his playroom.

I also look forward to seeing his writing. His little sentences, his messy letters and laughing at all the words he spells wrong.

And it feels great to know that when Dimitry is ready for kindergarten, his older brother will be looking after him, so to speak, and conforting him on that first day when he might be scared. It's great that they are so close in age for this reason.

It will be great for my children to be in school, to make new friends, learn to obey the rules (since, um, they don't really have many at home!) and feel like they belong and are part of something really special. I'm starting to really look forward to this! (But I am still worried...)

Oh, and of course the Scholastic book orders. I loved ordering books from Scholastic and can't wait to order some again for my boys!

What do you love about your children being in school? What else do I have to look forward to?
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Quirkymom said...

Hi Loukia,

I never had the same worries or hesitation about sending my daughter to school. She was ready to go and we were excited to get her started! School is wonderful and I'm not just saying that because I am a teacher. As a parent, we mold these little kids into who and what we want them to be as much as we can, but when they go to school they have this opportunity to develop so much more. Sure, academically they learn things, but socially they learn to meet friends and deal with problems and conflicts, especially in the younger years. Jasmine comes home with stories of her day and it surprises me what she says in some situations. Of course sometimes I shake my head and other days I am so proud of her.

My daughter and I get along much better when we have a little space between us. When we were home all the time, we tended to butt heads, but now we really appreciate and miss each other and I think we both need that!

My son is starting JK this year and I am more hesitant, because he isn't as ready as she was. Nursery school has done wonders for him and I know JK will do even more, so as nervous as I am, I know he will benefit tremendously.

I don't let the sad feelings take over because I want it to be joyous! And I don't worry at all, because I know they are in good hands and I know they will be fine, more than fine - they will be good! I'd like to say great, but hey, they have their moments!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

ALONE TIME ~ MORE QUIET - seriously - you will be sad at first - (I was terribly sad and lost) BUT you will find joy in those few hours of peace

Anonymous said...

Come Fall I'll be going through the same things with you. I look forward to sharing stories with you!

anya said...

I remember taking my oldest son to daycare for the first time and sobbing uncontrollably in the car outside. I was proud on his first day of kindergarten, and couldn't believe he was starting down that path ALREADY. Where did the time go? I have one more full year with the youngest before kindergarten - it makes me sad on a whole different level because it means the baby/toddler stage of my life are over.

Chelle said...

Sweetie, I know exactly what you mean. Although they will be learning and developing and making means that they're growing up!

At this point? I am enjoying Isabella at home...and not looking forward to when she is 5 and in kindergarten. Who knows, maybe when that time comes I'll feel different!

Enjoy this summer with him and don't worry--we'll all be here for you when the day comes that he is at school. (((hugs)))

Chantal said...

I enjoy hearing about my son making new friends. His learning new things. i don't like math homework cause math is so different now than it was when we were kids. I think the best thing about school is the wonderful sense of community it gives my son.

Jessica said...

I'm so far away from kindergarten I don't even want to think about it!! ACK!

I really can't wait to hear all about it :)

twinmomplusone said...

Oh Loukia, you have SSSOOOOO much to look forward to!! I still get a thrill when my kids come home from school to share what they made, what they saw, what they said, what they heard, what they learned. Yes, the first day will be hard. It's always harder for the moms, that's for sure. BUT a big part of loving one's child is to let them go. Let them fly on their own. Let them become independent and filled with self-confidence, let them abide by the rules . Qualities they will need for a lifetime. You have to put your trust in the teachers, they know what they are doing, that's their job.

Now on that first day, YOU HAVE to hold your head high, put a huge smile on your face, kiss them goodbye and tell them you'll see them later. Then turn around and go somewhere he can't see you and have your meltdown!!! Kids can feel your anxiety SO your job, mom, is to conceal that as best you can.

Good luck

Loukia said...

twinmom... you have me in tears! Thanks everyone for your warm words and encouragement. I greatly appreciate these comments.

Lady Mama said...

I can imagine your dread, but it's great that you're looking for the positive...

I'm sure it'll be hard when you leave him there the first time (although probably harder for you!), but imagine how thrilled he will be to see you, and you him, when you pick him up after his first day, and you talk about what he did at school.

Scary Mommy said...

You'll LOVE it! Mine were in preschool, so kindergarten won't be such a new thing. But I remember starting Lily in school--- it was a whole new world!!

Rebecca said...

I'm freaking out about a few hours, a few days a week for pre-school in Sept! ack!

But I know that time away from us, in a structured setting will be good for him.

And, i am looking forward to more alone time with the baby.

but man, it'll be an adjustment for all of us!

Julie said...

I'm glad to see you are starting to see the good and trying not to worry your summer away!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

What sweet thoughts! I am not going to like anything-I will be sad all the time.....just kidding, sorta!
The nice thing is you will be beaming when all his teachers praise him--you will know you have done a fab job!!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

All those things and more! I never cried when my oldest started school, neither preschool or kindergarten. I am a little sad about my youngest starting kindergarten this fall but I probably won't cry just because I love each new phase and I feel more excitement than sadness usually....but we'll see, I might be eating those words.


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love the idea of you making a Starbucks run that morning while you fight through your tears!

I think I share all of your fears, and all of your hopes as well. Too bad we live so far apart, because you and I sound like two peas in a pod!

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

We are in the same boat! My oldest start kindergarten in the Fall. Even though, right now, I am looking forward to it, I know when the moment arrives and I see her, hair in a ponytail, dressed in her uniform, huge backpack weighing her teeny-tiny frame down, it will be a struggle to watch her walk away.

She has been in preschool - so I have loved living through her school moments vicariously. She has loved school - I adore hearing about her friends, feel my heart break a little when she tells me someone hurt her feelings, swell with pride when she beams b/c she was 'line leader' and....the moment when she first read a word on her own - well, that is just heaven.

So much to look forward to....

AnchorMommy said...

Awww....good for you. Looking for the positive in such a bittersweet experience.

The unavoidable reality that my boy will soon be going to preschool and kindergarten himself is the exact reason why I have decided to stay home with him now and enjoy his early years without the angst of being an overworked working mom. It's just the choice I feel is best for me.

But I digress -- it is obvious you are a dedicated and loving mom and your boys are so lucky to have you! I think it's wonderful that you're putting yourself in such a positive frame of mind now, before his first day at school arrives all too soon!

twinmomplusone said...

oh and Loukia, seriously, I'm so ready to meet you at Starbucks after you've dropped him off. My treat :)

Scattered Mom said...

Oh I LOVED the field trips, the Christmas concerts, the little celebrations, and the friends.

I worked in Kindergarten for years, Loukia, and it's one of the best grades ever. He'll LOVE it.