7 things about me!


The fabulous Melissa from Spoiled Mommy passed this bling to me and the meme is to divulge 7 unknown, yet awesome facts about myself, and then pass the bling on to a few others!

So... hmm... 7 yet unknown, yet awesome facts about myself?

1. I have a little heart tattoo. And I'm thinking of getting another one, with my son's initials.

2. I turned down an intership at CNN in D.C. and went to CBS instead. I based that decision on the shorter subway ride from my place in Bethesda. I totally regret this decision now, but I was in my early 20's, and well, I wasn't as smart, I guess!

3. I met Princess Diana years ago, when my mom was presenting her with one of her paintings at a hospital event. She was beautiful, and had the nicest, longest legs ever.

4. I hate what carbs do to me but I love carbs too much to give them up. I could eat pizza everyday! I love you carbs! I hate you, carbs.

5. I love the ocean... love the smell, the sound, and swimming in it! I wish I lived in a house overlooking the sea. All vacations must involve the beach. My boys love being in the water, too.

6. I am a Canadian Citizen but also have a European passport.

7. I shot a gun in a shooting range in Maryland once, because I was doing a 10 minute documentary on gun control. I had the greatest footage of me shooting and hitting my target and then turning around in excitement to see if my 'teacher' saw it - he got very angry and told me to NEVER again turn to face him while I was holding a loaded gun in my hand. For the record - I am anti-guns. I just needed some footage. I also went to a 'gun show' and that was the scariest thing I have ever seen. I also interviewed a guy from Handgun Control, which was pretty cool. Then I had to lug all my television equipment on the subway and go edit it at some random studio and mail my tape back to my college professor in Canada. After all this, I only got a B.

Now I'm passing the bling on to... Rebecca, Jessica, Elisa and Joss!
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♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Wow-what a great 7!!
I have a heart tattoo too, I want another one w/3 hearts intertwined. rep. my 3 babies. Hearts have always been my "thing".

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Love reading your interesting facts. We sound a lot alike! I wanted to be a journalist but somehow didn't think I would be able to have a family until later in life after I met my goals. So, here I am--funny thing I didn't have babies until 35. Darn--could have so done it!!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Oh, I put you on my blog list too!!

aandjblog said...

ooo princess diana. I can't even imagine what she would look like close up

Loukia said...

aandjblog - let's just say I felt very short being only 5'5 next to her. She was so elegant. So classy!

Melissa, I'm a 'heart' girl too! ;)

Vikki... it is still not too late, you know! But I chose family over that career because the hours were horrible and the pay was not as good! But still, it was a dream job... loved working in TV and Radio... maybe again, one day?

the Preppy Princess said...

No wonder we hit it off when first "meeting" (in a cyber sort of way), almost all of my 17 years in broadcasting were at CBS stations!

Love your seven things Miss Loulou! Have a great weekend!

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

I'm on it! And I'm totally with you on the beach thing. I've been so starved for ocean the past 15 years being land locked in Austin. I'm working on changing that, though!!

MamaJoss said...

Princess Diana - WOW! That was a great list...I too am a beach-lover (sun-hater though) and obsessed with carbs...off to eat a bagel!!!

Ok just gave you some twitter love...let's see if I can do this list now...

Thanks for the love xo

PS - I'm jealous that you have a tattoo...I could never get one because, well, you'll see I always re-designing (my blog, my house, etc.) - ugh...I'd never be happy with one design!!!

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I am so with you about needing the ocean. I am such a beach bum!