Tuesday Ramblings

To those who celebrate, I hope you had a fabulous Easter! My mind is still on vacation mode, so this post will be short and sweet.

I am back to work after a 4 day long weekend - it was just wonderful to be able to be home with my children for 4 amazing days. There were moments when I was looking forward to coming back to work, and frustrated that most stores and museums were closed due to it being Easter and all, but still, we had a great time together as a family. And then on Monday, I was dreading coming back to work on Tuesday. It was hard leaving Dimitry this morning. The child is pure sunshine! We spent a lot of time was spent outside, enjoying the nicer weather, and we made it out to the sugar bush this weekend, too. We had a great time in the sunshine and enjoyed some really yummy maple syrup. We don't celebrate Easter until this weekend - Greek Orthodox Easter - and I'm looking forward to the festivities! Now I have go buy all my Easter stuff for the kids - the chocolate, the baskets, etc. I hope the stores have lots of chocolate leftover, and on sale too! ;) Score for me! Easter is a huge celebration for us Greeks - bigger even then Christmas. I will of course be posting pictures of all the festivities next week!

I have noticed how much Christos has grown lately - he is just such a big boy now. His vocabulary is practically better then mine, and he is more patient and understanding with things, and he is just loving his little brother to pieces. He plays independently, colouring on his own, cleaning his room, reading, and always, always asking questions. If I can't give him the proper answer, he answers with: "A scientist would know, mommy." Yes, you are right, dear - but I am NO scientist!

I am just head over heels in love with my little guys! Dimitry looks up to Christos and wants to do everything his big brother is doing, and Christos is very nurturing lately, and talks so nicely to his little brother. The other night, Dimitry was lying down beside Christos and then he wanted to get up. That really upset Christos. So he started to cry . (He was very tired!) And then this upset Dimitry, so he started to cry, too. Me? I was laughing, because watching them both cry over something so insignificant was actually really funny. And very adorable!

There has been a lot of sadness lately on some mommy blogs and on twitter. I can't deal with news like this, but it is everywhere. There really are no words I can find to talk about this in more depth, but if you're a mommy blogger you more then likely know what I am talking about. It is amazing, though, the outpouring of love and support that this online community provides to those who are suffering. It's really nice to see.

And... have you heard about the Mother of all Bloggers contest? There are quite a few mommy blogs I read daily that I truly love. Quite a few I want to nominate for this, as well! And seriously? It would be so cool to actually be nominated, don't you think?
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Chantal said...

I really enjoyed me weekend off too (even with the whole Monday superstore incident). I wish I had more long weekends. Thankfully we are entering long weekend season! WOO HOO.

Chelle said...

I love your ramblings!

Your boys sound sooo sweet! I always love to read about siblings who get along and love each other, it melts my heart!

I can't wait to see your Easter pics, too!

PS--you can totally steal any idea I have written about for an idea on what to write on your blog :) I say go for it, sweetie!

Loukia said...

Chantal - I am glad you enjoyed the long weekend, despite the whole Superstore incident!

Chelle... thank you so much, my dear! :)