Things that make you go hmmm...

So my poor baby Dimitry now has thrush! I noticed a couple of white spots on his mouth last week, but the Doctor said it was part of his cold. (He ended up having an ear infection, too.)

Giving a 1 year old medicine is one of the hardest things to do, ever - wouldn't you agree?

I'd put it right up there with trying to change the diaper of a 1 year old!

I noticed the white in his mouth was getting worse so I took him back to the Doctors today. Turns out, he now has thrush. Which could be a result of his antibiotics, but regardless - it must be painful for him, because he is not drinking as much as he usually does. Or eating as much, but thankfully, he is still *eating* enough! His nights are pretty rough,though. I guess it hurts to suck on his bibila (soother) so that keeps waking him up. How sad! The one thing that normally comforts him back to sleep is keeping him up now.

Anyway, the pharmacist told my husband to tell our baby 'not to swallow' the medicine we have to give him orally.

He reminded her that he was only 14 months old, and actually telling him to not swallow the medicine probably was not going to work.

She kept insisting we try to make him understand that he was suppose to just keep it in his mouth. Yeah, right! After 7 days of me having to force, 3 times a day, his OTHER antibiotics into him for his ear infection, I now have to somehow convince my 1 year old to NOT swallow the stuff I'm putting in his mouth the other 4 times a day? Very confusing, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that my 3 and a half year old thought it would be funny to throw his brother's medicine across the room, breaking the top of the bottle, and spilling the medicine all over the floor? No? Well, he did that tonight. And we can't get a new bottle from the pharmacy until tomorrow, when the Doctor calls in a new prescription. Sigh.

I'm also very perplexed by this weather. I mean, come on! Snowing in April! With Easter right around the corner! How are the kids suppose to do their Easter egg hunt with this cold, rainy, snowy weather? Come on! So basically, we really only have 5 'good' months I figure. Because once October hits, it gets cold. And seeing as April is still cold, that leaves 5 months. I suck at math but I think I made that calculation right, right?

Are you bummed about this weather, or what?

What is making you go hmmm today?
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amanda said...

oh no!! poor baby :( and poor mama - hoping you both find a good nights sleep soon!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh no--thrush is not fun!
Hope it gets better soon!

(Also--I'd love to tell you about half-homeschool; it's a private school near us. They go to the school two days a week, electives one day a week and homeschool the other two days. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!)

It's cold in Texas too--we might go down to freezing!

Rebecca said...

This weather actually made me feel anger this morning. I was made and called it stupid at one point. It needs to end!

I hope the little guy feels better soon!

twinmomplusone said...

oh no, sending your little one many healthy vibes

A Crafty Mom said...

Oh gosh, poor little guy . . . what a pain!!! I hope he's better soon - no fun for him OR for mommy!!

Amy said...

Have you looked into natural remedies at all?

Thrush is caused by candida (yeast), so if there's an overgrowth in his mouth, it's likely there's an overgrowth other areas, particularly the intestines where candida normally lives. Just treating his mouth (sounds like it's a topical treatment if he's supposed to keep it in his mouth), isn't going to treat the other areas.

I'd suggest adding a good children's probiotic to his diet (at least for a couple weeks). This should help with the thrush in his mouth (a bit) and also replace all the good bacterial flora in his gut that the antibiotics killed.

Yes, the snow sucks. But I've had snow in June in Calgary! And an Easter egg hunt outside? Growing up in Regina I NEVER had an outdoor hunt. Not once!

Catwoman said...

It's cold here every Easter (I know, I know... Not OTTAWA cold, but cold for Texas!), so we have yet to be able to have an Easter egg hunt outside. And considering we had a freeze again last night (IN TEXAS!!! IN APRIL!!!!) and snow last Saturday! Can you believe it!

And poor baby! :( hope he feels better soon. And for the record? That pharmacist is INSANE! I'd ask the dr for another medicine if he can't swallow it!

Stacie's Madness said...

Thanks for "finding" my blog.

this weather is RIDICULOUS!

Sorry your dealing with thrush, I've heard that it is NO FUN!

Loukia said...

Thanks everyone! Already his tongue and mouth are looking better today. :)

Amy, I agree, I'm stocking up on some good yogurt for my baby!

Catwoman - I KNOW! This pharmacists clearly has no children!

Mom2Miles said...

I'm in a different part of the world than you, but we've been having crazy weather, too. Hot one day, cold the next. I'm convinced that's why everyone's constantly sick! Sick kids, meds, etc. are NO FUN. Try getting a 2 y.o. to use a nebulizer for his asthma!