A picture post, for a snowy spring Monday!

Can you believe the weather today? It's April 6th, and it is snowing in Ottawa. Somehow, that does not really shock me. But I must say - I do not like this weather at all!

Did you all have a fun weekend? What did you do?

We went to my moms art show...

My moms art is on the cover of these two books - the one on the left was written by her brother, who is an economist at the World Bank. It is mostly for educators, but it can still be purchased on Amazon! Cool... and the book on the right will be coming out this spring, I believe. I would eventually love to write a children's book, and use my moms art for the illustrations.

And went back in time to celebrate a friend's surprise birthday party, 80's style! I think I should have teased my bangs, though, to get more of an 80's look, but it was still fun to wear those gummi bracelets again, and blue eye shadow! And of course... the music! Was, like sooo totally awesome! ;) We have been friends since birth, practically, and we actually used to dress like this. Hard to believe now!

Sunday we attending one of our best friends' baby's baptism. The Godmother is in the middle, surrounded by her two Godchildren - my Dimitry, and newly baptised baby Mateo!

Here is some brotherly love going on...

So overall, it was a fun weekend.

Dimitry's ear infection is gone, but now he has thrush! I took him to the Doctors again today. It seems never ending... an ear infection last week, and now thrush! My poor little baby. However, he is still in good spirits, so I'm happy about that.

What are you doing this week to keep busy, if you're not working like I am? Looking forward to Easter? Praying for better weather? Spring cleaning?
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Chelle said...

I can't believe this winter weather! It's crazy!

And your weekend looked like so much fun! I love me some 80's parties :)

A Crafty Mom said...

Great pictures - the art show photos look beautiful! And your 80s get-up totally rocks . . . must have been so much fun!! Your boys are adorable as always :-)

Loukia said...

It was a fun weekend! It was great dressing up 80's-ish again.

Shannon, thank you so much!

twinmomplusone said...

waht a fun-filled week-end you had!

I had every intention of going to your mom's art show and then kids' stuff popped up and mommy time became non-existant :( Oh well, at least I get to enjoy every single day my very own origianl Mertikas creation, yeah!