A great weekend, overall

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Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We had a great one - the weather was perfect, and the boys spent the majority of the weekend outside. Christos was a huge help, cutting the grass with our new lawn mower, and spreading new top soil and grass seeds on the lawn. The other big project this weekend was cleaning out our garage - no easy task - with 2 double strollers, 2 single strollers, a wagon, a toy car, a push car, 2 adult sized bicycles and um, about a million other things - it was a lot of work! But, Christos was a huge help. In fact, he worked so hard he even took a nap which is unusual for him. But clearly my hard worker bee neeeded a break!

The baby and I were just in the way, so we left the house while the 'big boys' were working and did some shopping. What mommy does best! Saturday night, hubby and I took the boys for ice cream downtown - and as soon as we had our cones in hand, it started to rain. Really, really pour. So we watched for a bit, then made a mad dash back to the car to go home. My perfect blowdry was now a mass of frizziness on my head. Overall, though, a great weekend. Yesterday was pretty much a repeat of the day before, except this time, at my parents house, for a BBQ!

The best part of the night was when Christos was helping my dad de-root an old tree. He was working at it for some time, and he said to me: "Mommy, this is called the never-ending-root project!"

The boys fell asleep on the way home at 8 p.m. last night. Did I mention that they both have colds? Yup. Runny noses and sneezing. Of course, I was happy that they were both asleep by 8 p.m., because that meant after a long day, I could finally relax, and watch Desperate Housewives.

Right? Wrong!

Of course, as fate would have it, it was anything but a quiet night! As I got ready to watch DH, I heard the baby coughing. So I rush upstairs, bring him to my room, and try to get him back to sleep. Poor baby - instead, he threw up. I picked him up, and he threw up some more. Like, projectile vomited all over my bed. And did that ever make him cry! I brought him downstairs to calm him down and hubby changed the sheets and the mess. He is the vomit clean-up crew. I'm a disaster trying to clean up vomit. Thankfully, baby relaxed and I got him to bed again. But of course, Christos woke up coughing too. And crying. I consoled him, and counted my blessings that he did not throw up too.

Finally, at 11 p.m, I watched DH practically standing up because I just knew that one of them would wake up again. Which they did - from midnight until 1 a.m., I was in and out of their rooms too many times to count. I'd lie down, get up, lie down get up, lie down, get up. This continued, I'm not kidding - for 1 hour straight. Finally, with baby in my bed, and hubby in Christos's bed - we all slept. Pretty much the whole night. Untiil 6 a.m. when I had to get up for work. The boys are feeling better today, but are still mildly sick with their runny noses and coughs.

And as you know, I'm a class-A hypocondriac, so the fact that my boys are sick and there are now 6 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Canada is making me more worried then I should be. Canadian health officials expect more cases of swine flu to be confirmed today. Fantastic! Besides keeping my boys in isolation at home, I don't know what to do. Of course, that's not happening, as they are both out and about already on this very gorgeous summer-like day in the nation's capital!
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BeachMama said...

Sorry that your great weekend ended with the pukies. That really sucks.

Hope the boys are feeling better today.