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Here are my random thoughts today!

A recent study by Toronto researchers has found that pregnant woman who experience severe morning sickness will have children with higher IQ's. I did not have any morning sickness with either pregnancy - the only time I felt sick was one night when my husband was making pepper steak, and I could not stand the smell of the grilled vegetables. Other than that, I was fine and ate everything in sight! Like, everything in sight. And you know what? Both my boys are really smart. I know, I know, I'm their mother, but seriously! My oldest knows his alphabet, colours, numbers, shapes and can write certain letters, and he knows his opposites really well. 'Opposite of black? White. Opposite of down? Up. Opposite of happy? Sad. Opposite of Mommy? Daddy. Opposite of Summer? Winter.' And so on. He knows how to take apart a computer, with his father's help, and can name the different parts. He knows the planets in our solor system, and can name them in order. His favourite show is How It Is Made on Discovery Channel. And Mighty Machines. He carries on adult-like conversations, and takes care of his baby brother. He is the most curious boy! (But aren't they all, at this age?) He asks so many questions - how pipes work, where the water goes after we drain the bath, and so on. And I had no morning sickness!
The study tested the IQ's of the children born to 2 sets of mothers - those who had morning sickness, and those who did not. The children were between 3 to 7 years old and were assessed with age-appropriate psychological tests. All scored within the normal range of IQ, but the children whose mothers had morning sickness scored in higher performance IQ, verbal fluency and 'phonological processing'.
Interesting study, no doubt. But overall? I don't think the results really mean anything, do you? (Of course, if I did have morning sickness, I'd be saying: "Aha! So that's why he is so smart!") ;)

This story was brought to my attention by a Tweet by Her Bad Mother - Target is selling these prints of Disney princesses that look like they are magazine covers, meant to be hung in a little girl's room. I have no problem with Disney princesses per say; I loved Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. It's just, when you read things like "Swimsuits That Fit Every Shape," and "Great Legs Are A Dream That Can Come True" on these 'magazine covers' it makes you wonder - what message is being given here? I would not buy these 'prints' if I had daughters. I think they are tacky. And are they trying to be funny? I don't really see the humour and I don't think a 5 year old little girl is going to find this 'funny' either. What do you think?

And here is some Twitter news: A student developed a way to post messags on Twitter using electrical impulses generated by thought. So, basically, you can 'think' your Tweets and have them updated without having to type. Um, wow?

There was a time when I was really addicted to Facebook. Then Twitter can along... and now facebook is just not as exciting anymore! CNN talks about facebook addiction in this recent article - do you classify yourself as an addict or past addict? One of the clues is spending more then an hour a day on facebook. I can say that has probably happened to me before!

Do you have any big plans weekend? I'm glad it's suppose to be hot and sunny tomorrow! Our project this weekend is cleaning out the garage - and the shed in the backyard. Christos is really excited, because he loves doing 'projects' around the house. And maybe we'll head over to the expiremental farm as well, since we're expecting such nice weather.

Edited to add: Just read this story on - A 'baby shaker' application that was available for download for the iphone has been pulled. I can't even believe this was available for download to begin with! The application displayed a picture of a baby and plays crying sounds. To make it stop, you have to shake your iphone really hard, and then the crying will stop. And 2 X's will be placed over the baby's eyes. This is so ridiculously disgusting! They are now offering an apology. Too little, too late, if you ask me. Just horrible.
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Nap Warden said...

Man...the Princess thing. Yes it's tacky, but I do think folks are over thinking it.

The Princess thing takes on a whole new perspective when you have a daughter obsessed with them. Mine is.

Would I buy Would I let her put it in her room if someone else did...yes. She. Loves. this age, it's about fantasy. Where's the harm in that? She's not expecting a man to take care of her. She's not obsessed with her looks. I teach her to take care of herself, and stand up for herself...She just loves Princesses...Is that wrong?

Sorry to write so much. I'm in the trenches on this one;)

Loukia said...

Thanks for your thoughts Nap Warden! Not having a daughter, I guess I can't speak fully on this topic, but it just kind of bothered me to see what was written on the prints. Couldn't they have said things that were more suited to children? Like: "Orange is the new pink", "Sleeping Beauty's favourite books", blah, blah, blah.
I loved Princesses too, and there is nothing wrong with that - I think it is adorable that your little girl is enjoying this precious princess stage!

Christy said...

Looks like we read the exact same news!

Tomorrow is going to be beautiful, I'm so excited. I'm thinking about heading to Mooney's Bay but I didn't notice if they've filled the water back up again. Last time it was fun being able to walk out so far and see all kinds of interesting stuff normally covered by the water. Did you buy a pass for the experimental farm? I went for my first time last weekend and it was $6 for adults, I can only assume if I go more than a few times it would be worth it to be a yearly pass which I believe is good for a few museusm, definitely something to look into.

have a wonderful weekend! Part of me thinks the article re: morning sickness and IQ is to make mothers feel better, that there is a reason for their sickness ;)

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

Eesh, that princess stuff is f'ed up. I don't have girls, either, but I do have friends who are in Nap Warden's situation. They, too, are waiting to see what happens and are indulging their little girl's obsession with princesses.

I really think that that kind of screwy marketing will have a far less negative impact if the real adults in a little girl's life are not only modeling good habits (mom is self sufficient, has good body image, has a great relationship with someone) but also has ongoing conversations with their daughters.

Little girls are pretty much self-insulating from harmful media messages until about adolescence, but it could start sooner. Maybe that's how those things even made it to market. ?? I dunno...

Amy said...

If morning sickness is an indicator for intelligence, my almost 6 year old should be through college already. Seriously.

Although if my boys do become big brains some day, I. WILL. TAKE. ALL. THE. CREDIT.

I deserve it.

Chantal said...

I didn't have any morning sickness either. I hate all these studies. They always contradict each other.

I have only boys, but a niece who is addicted to princess. I think there are lots of other choices out there for princess stuff. Its about making the right choice for your child. Or teaching the child to make the right choice for themselves.

Can't wait for the warm tomorrow, although I will spend most of the weekend running errands, and cleaning to get ready to leave. I hope I get time to enjoy it.

BeachMama said...

I hope to never have Princess posters adorning my walls. I try to stay away from character stuff for either child. I figure they can decide when they are older if they want to be a walking advertisement for Disney or Dora or whomever is their fave.

As for the morning sickness, well I had none for J and lots for Apple, the results are not in yet, but check in in a few years.

I also have never been big on FB, but do I spend an hour reading blogs, for sure ;).