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My goal today is to write a post that doesn't involve (much) mention of my children. Before having kids, I was very opinionated about many things and on top of all the news stories of the day. I loved discussions about politics and I could always get my friends going in a heated debate about one topic or another. Once I became a mom, my world shifted - and nothing was as important anymore. The only news I cared about was news that was related to babies and children - from Thomas the Train recalls, the safest way to put a baby to sleep, and of course, BPA in baby bottles. I'm going to take 'baby steps' here, and write a bulleted post with some pieces of information about what I want to talk about today. I'm sure if I keep at it long enough, my regular 'pre-mom' brain will emerge and more interesting posts will be written! (Don't get me wrong, though - my favourite topic to write about is still my children and everything children related!)

Here we go...

- I find this story fascinating: Quite possibly the biggest names in sports gear, Adidas and Puma, were brothers! Adold 'Adi' and Rudolf 'Rudi" Dassler were born in a small town in Germany in the1900. The two brothers worked together for their company, Dassler Brothers, making shoes. However, they got in a huge fight during the second world war, and Rudolf, 'Rudi' left to make his own shoes - which became the Puma brand. You think your kids have sibling rivarlry? These 2 brothers were at war with eachother! They have made a huge impact on the entire sports world. Their fight was so huge that the whole town became divided - residents declared their support and loyalty to either Adidas or Puma, according to the shoe they wore. The entire town, divided! No doubt, this rivalry made the brothers even more competitive with one another and made them even more successful. Too bad they couldn't just get along! (To find out more about this very interesting story, read: Sneaker Wars: The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidads and Puma and the Family Feud that Forever Changed the Business of Sport, by Dutch journalist Barbara Smit).

- I know many of us were shocked to find out that Natasha Richardson died in what was considered 'not a bad' fall during her ski trip to Mont Tremblant. My initial reaction was, 'Great, something else to be worried about!' because as a mom (oops, there I go...) my children fall down a lot and bump their heads. So, when should we worry, and when should we just brush it off? I think no matter what - helmets on children should be mandatory on ski hills. My boys will certainly have their little heads protected when they start skiing. This week, officials on the city's protective services committee ordered the city to develop a bylaw requiring children to wear helmets at arenas, skakeboard and roller blade parks, and tobaggan hills. This came after a presentation by Dr. Michael Vassilyadi, a neorsurgeon at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. (He's also a personal family friend). He said that a majority of injuries could be avoided if people wore helmets. Accidental brain injury is the leading cause of death amont children aged 1 to 14 years old. 60% of these head injuries could have been avoided in helmets were worn. I would love for this bylaw to be passed, and soon. What is your take on the helmet debate?

- In other news, Ashton has beat CNN in the great Twitter Race of 2009! He was the first one to reach 1 million followers. I find this story a little bit annoying. I don't follow Ashton, because I don't see the point. I did however, follow his wife, but I 'unfollowed' her recently because, well, she just tweeted too much useless information. I think that CNN should still donate to wherever they said they were going to donate to, though. And move on to talk about the real news again!

- And I just found out that Bath and Body Works now ships to Canada! This is excellent news, because now when I go to the USA I can leave room in my suitcase for more clothes/purses/shoes since I can order my yummy soap online!

So there you have it, friends... my Friday post about news not having to do with my children! This has gotten the blood flowing in my brain again, so stay tuned for more posts that are not always baby related.

Edited to add: This is such a random post...
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Anonymous said...

We like random posts Miss Loulou! That Adidas/Puma 'spat' has always fascinated us, talk about nasty!

Great news about Bath & Body Works shipping to you now!

Have a splendid weekend,

Chantal said...

i agree on the helmet thing, for sure.

Canadian Lawyerista said...

Hell yeah on the Bath and Body works shipping to Canada. I did not know that.

Amy W said...

That was a pretty random post! I saw that Ashton got 1,000,000, very interesting!

Rebecca @bitofmomsense said...

Lots of great info here!

I think the need for helmets is very important - more info about that can be found here

And, hooray about Bath and Body Works!

twinmomplusone said...

LOVE the random thought too!

As for the helmet thing, I say its about time ! Btw, DrV is a life long friend of mine, known him since we were both 17 yo and hes my firstborn godfather :)

BeachMama said...

I love the Adidas/Puma story, they may have been rivals but look at what they did!

I know it is hard to talk about something other than your kids, but you did great!

Lola said...

Lou Lou
Bath and Body Works is IN Canada. Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. I was just there.:)
As for helmets, it's a no brainer-no pun intended. I have been waiting forever for this law. Makes my job easier. No helmet, don't play in my driveway or in front of my house-go home-if you are on wheels. Seriously, that is what i say. Now if they would just ban the home trampoline i would be so happy as pediatricians are against that too!!!:)

Loukia said...

Lo - I totally agree about the trampolines! And I agree with your home rules too, about helmets. I knew Bath and Body Works was in TO, but I only get there *maybe* once a year! Lucky you, shopping in Yorkdale!

twinmom, I did not know that! They're a wonderful family. :)

Rebecca, thanks for the link!

SC said...

Love the randomness for sure!!

B&B shipping to Canada... is the best news of the day! I am off to Florida next week and was hoping to hit one up... but I will now have more room for clothes and accessories in my luggage, as you mentioned!!

And I love the tidbit on Puma/Adidas - who knew? Loulou did... that's for sure!

Great post!

Lindsey said...

I am glad you found me, thanks for the comment. Your boys are absolutely adorable. And I also used to talk about topics other than my baby girl, but our kids become so much a part of who we are that it is hard to think of anything else.

amanda said...

love the random non children related thoughts...wish my brain could make one of those happen!!

and yay for bed bath and beyond delivery!!

skichik79 said...

their is a crappy mall in Maseena, NY just accross the bridge it's about 1 hour drive ... i sometimes go there to do groceries and find cheap shoes ( really crappy mall ) nothing to write home about but their is a walmart to ..but anyway all this to say their is a bath and body works ! and it's not to far to drive to .. so consider it ! you'll save shipping costs

Amanda said...

it is hard to talk about things that aren't related to our children, isn't it?

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

SimplyFrugal said...

Random is good! Gosh, I don't even have kids yet and that's pretty much all I think about! :)

Nap Warden said...

Would you believe I knew about the brothers Adidas and Puma? I did:)

So true about helmets...I already have them for Miss Peach and The Little Man. They look so cute in them.