Why do weekends go by so quickly?

Hope you all had a great weekend, despite the rain on Sunday - wasn't Saturday just a gorgeous day, though?

We spent most if it outside - enjoying the beautiful spring day! And Dimitry got his first haircut, too - I took him to Melonhead, the children's salon, in Place D'Orleans. He was a bit nerveous, but did not cry at all! The bubbles as a distraction and the fact that he eventually just sat in my lap helped keep him relaxed! I think his hair is a bit too short, though - but I know it'll grow soon! ;)

The boys just continue to amaze me everyday - each one is at such a precious age, and I cannot get enough of them... as tiring as it on some days, it's just such a blessing, you know?

We also got together with all our friends on Saturday night to celebrate hubby's birthday - we had a great night with great food - isn't Baton Rouge just the yummiest?

I know I've mentioned Stellan to you before - today I wanted to talk about his name gallery - click here to see it!

Basically, this name gallery started when McKMama was pregnant with Stellan and when he was first diagnosed with SVT - Doctors didn't think he would survive, (but he was born totally heart healthy) so, long story short, people started taking pictures of his name in very unique and beautiful ways, from around the world.

The picture of a group of woman in the Ivory Coast holding up a sign with his name was amazing - and most recently, someone sent a picture in with Stellan's name in the sand in Senegal, West Africa... pretty neat, huh? Just yesterday, McKMama said it would be neat to see his name at the Eiffel Tower - and what do you know, a few hours later a picture with Stellan's name is in Paris!

The pictures are quite amazing, so you should check it out and if you're a photographer, or just love taking pictures, you should also join in and send a picture to his name gallery. Just something nice to do for this family, who are going through such a hard time right now with their baby. Although I don't know this family personally, McKMama and I have emailed a few times, and through her blog, I really do feel like I know her - and as a mother - especially as a mother who has had her child in the hospital for an extended amount of time - I know all too well the worry that comes with it. I hope Stellan gets better, and I hope the Doctors find some way to stop his heart from beating so fast.

Did you all have a nice weekend? How was the weather where you live? I'm hoping the rain here in Ottawa goes away soon - I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again soon!
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A Crafty Mom said...

Those pictures are amazing . . . what a story. My heart just breaks for that little guy (and his family).

We got our boys' haircuts a few weeks ago, at a similar salon, here in the West End (Chiquicuts). It went really, really well and was not too expensive at all.

Yes - I loved the weather, we were outside ALL day Saturday playing and riding bikes. Sunday was less exciting . . .

Loukia said...

I know, my heart is breaking for them as well. I am seriously just wishing and hoping and praying to hear better news from her, soon. Such sadness in the world, I can't take it sometimes!

Neat that there is a similar salon in the West End! I paid 20 dollars for Dimitry's haircut, (and a 4 dollar tip) and I found it a bit pricey - my older son gets his hair cut at a 'regular' salon and only pays like 10 dollars! But it was Dimitry's first, so I wanted to take him somewhere really nice!

Domestically Sassy! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

We spent the weekend trapped in our house due to SNOW!! haha

BeachMama said...

I have been thinking of Stellan and praying he will recover. I will head over and check out some of the photos.

Rebecca said...

a) my son hates getting his hair cut, he has real personal space issues lol so I think I need to buy myself some clippers and do it myself!

b) Baton Rouge ribs = the best!

Wishing the best for Stellan

Amy said...

Saturday was sooooo nice! I spent several hours of it grocery shopping (but BY MYSELF so it was great) then outside with the kids. Peter and the older two shoveled all the leftover snow out into the middle of the yard so it'll melt, I hung clothes on the line (sigh, I love spring) and the baby napped in his car seat while getting a big dose of vitamin D!

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Hey Girl...love, love, love the whole name thing...how beautiful!! We were in Australia last October...if I would have known about it then I could have had his name in front of the Sydney Opera House!!!!

The weather was cool here...and very windy! I'm ready for spring!