The weekend is here!

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I've had a lovely Friday so far - took the morning off, and went shopping with baby boy for a birthday cake for hubby - it's his birthday today!

I asked the lady to write:

'Happy Birthday, Daddy' on the cake, but when she was done, I saw that she had written:

'Happy Birthday, Dady' instead... yeah... anyway, they fixed it!

Then came home and played with Christos during Dimitry's nap and then took them for a walk and now I am going to work.

Tomorrow night - celebrating with all our wonderful friends at one of our favourite restaurants in Ottawa.

Also, please continue to keep Stellan in your thoughts and prayers. Things are just not looking that good for him right now... he's in my prayers.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend - today has just been a fabulous spring day!

UPDATE******** MckMama's latest blog update sounded much more positive about Stellan; I'm still praying for them and I'm hoping things get better for little Stellan soon.
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Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Hope you had a great birthday celebration for your husband. Funny about the cake--who can't spell 'daddy'?!
Heart breaking about Stellan :(