My little genius...

Last night, my 3 and a half year old was helping his daddy organize the basement.

As he was sweeping, he said to me that he now wants to be a 'Destruction worker' instead of a 'construction worker' because he loves to destroy things. Well, I just thought that was totally genius of him! He made up a word! And then I realized that 'destruction' is already a word that exists.

Man, I must be losing brain cells with this lack of sleep! (And yes, my children HAVE been going to bed by 9 lately, but I still stay up way past midnight - I'll just never learn, will I?)

Last night, the boys did some finger painting. It was Dimitry's first time, and he was loving it! They were both so cute, I had to take some pictures, which I'll post here soon.

Oh, also? I found my bracelet! Well, actually, my son found my bracelet behind some frames in our kitchen. So hoorah! Now I can save my money for something more practical. Like a new charm for my bracelet, perhaps? ;)

Also, please continue to pray for Stellan.

Thanks everyone.
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The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

LOOOOVE the "Destruction Worker" comment....classic!

Rebecca said...


finger painting is very popular around here. We use the pics to send to the grandfolks out of town, as thank you cards etc. Plus, some end up on the wall!

congrats on finding the bracelet!

BeachMama said...

How cute, Destruction worker, he can be the next Ty Pennington.

And awesome about the bracelet, but may I suggest you get a reinforced clasp ;).