Heaven... through the eyes of a 3 and a half year old!

No words needed. Well, okay, some words needed. All you have to know is this is the first thing my little boy saw outside of his house this morning. And did you happen to know that one of his favourite trucks of all just happens to be a street sweeper? Oh yes, heaven.

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the Preppy Princess said...

Oh, he probably thought it came just for him, his own personal truck!

Loukia said...

Yeah, he probably did think that! Apparently, it was circling my street over and over and over again... he was one very happy little boy! My hubby emailed me the picture, since I'm at work. :)

twinmomplusone said...

Love teh picure and how sweet of your hubby to e-mail it to you at work :)

Loukia said...

I know, he always emails me pictures of the kids but it usually just makes me miss them that much more! :(

Christy said...

I took my son to the FedEX facility last night to pick up a package and we spent 30 minutes there just walking around the trucks.

Boys and their cars/trucks/street cleaners/anything with wheeels.

i love it! I just foudn your blog through a friend and I think I'm committed to it, I have one little boy (2) and am pregnant with another little boy (due in July). I love reading about moms of two boys!

Loukia said...

Christy, thanks for stopping by! :) I'm going to go check out your blog now! :)

I truly do love being a mom to two boys! It is challenging, to say the least, but also sooo amazing in so many ways. They are just so adorable, little boys. :)

Rudy Swanson said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if your child loves street sweeper trucks because they were my son’s favorite too! I like the way your son stands there while staring at the truck. It may look ordinary to others; but for our kids, seeing these huge trucks is an amazing experience. It’s one thing that makes them happy, so we should let them cherish the moment.