The letter D comes from the letter Moon!

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So I'm proud that my 3 year old is one smart cookie. He's known his alphabet for some time now, and can put together easy words in books, and recognizes entire sentences in some of his favourite books... he knows all the colours, shapes, numbers (up to 20), and even all the planets, yes - in order - (space is his new obsession). Saturn is his favourite planet. He was convinced we'd see Saturn from the plane ride to Bahamas, but I told him it was way, way higher then we were.

So I found it really funny when last night he said to me that the letter D comes from the letter Moon. I was like, "What are you talking about, sweetie?" We went downstairs to watch Transformers (his favourite movie right now) and you know how at the beginning, the Dreamworks logo appears? Well the crescent moon changes into a capital letter D... so that's where he got it from! I tried telling him the Moon was not a letter... sigh... but he just giggled at me like I was crazy!

And the sweetest part of my day so far? My adorable one year old saying 'byebye' to me as I was at the front door leaving for work, and shyly waving at me. I smothered him in kisses right then and there! Sigh... he melts me!
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