My boys are growing up so fast!

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I cannot believe my baby boy is turning 1 years old on Sunday... this year went by in the blink of an eye! I have to say, I have been a much more relaxed and easy going mom the second time around... because I've already been through all these first stages... and I have just enjoyed every single second of baby Dimitry's cuteness! He is the happiest baby there ever was... constantly smiling, laughing, learning... it amazes me the things he knows. I can't believe he is already walking like a pro. and he's not even one years old yet! He practically runs across the room to keep up with his big brother. He greets me with the biggest smile when I come home from work... and seeing that smile makes my day! He giggles all the time... it's the cutest sound ever. He loves food - and can practically open the fridge all by himself! He is the light of my life!

I think the reason I am much more relaxed this time around is because we didn't have the worry of health issues like we did with Christos - with his hydronephrosis. I am thankful and so happy to say that Christos has outgrow the hydronephrosis... and all that is behind us. But it was rough... with him being in the hospital at 3 and 6 months... not something I thought I'd ever have to see... and it is certainly something that has changed me forever, and made me a much more worried person overall, because I have seen things that other mother's have not seen firsthand - their child sick, and on IV... and also seeing other children, much sicker - it's an experience that will stay with me forever. Recenlty when Christos had pneumonia and was in CHEO for two weeks, it was all too familiar, the halls, the smells, the beeping of the machines, and my son hooked up to the IV. When he had to go for surgery... it was by far the most horrific experience of my life and I can't believe I lived through it. My baby boy, so sick... I am so lucky and so thankful and will be for the rest of my life that he is 100% better, 100% back to himself.

My two boys are my entire life... my everything... my universe. They are so different, too... Christos is more reserved and shy, Dimitry is the more outgoing child. Christos is very nurturing to his baby brother (most of the time!) and tries to teach him things, and always makes sure his baby brother is not putting anything 'bad' in his mouth. He's my big boy, almost 4! That's another thing I can't believe... that I have an almost 4 year old who is going to kindergarden next year! I can't believe how fast the first few years go by... that's why I am already itching for a third...

Christos is a very cerebral child, very smart, way past his age... he is not interested in the usual 3 year old things - instead, he has interests for the real things in life - right now he is very interested in the solar system and the univserse, our planet. He speaks is such clear sentences, and that amazes me too. His favourite book is Smart-o-pedia, which is basically an encyclopedia about everything! He wants to know how things work, and believe it or not, he loves to take apart computers with his dad and learn about the motherboard, the fan, the hard drive... seriously - he's going to be very bored in kindergarden! Of course he knows his opposites, alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes... there is nothing his little mind doesn't know! He's got a sense of humour too... for sure from his dad's side... he is just so gorgeous, smart, funny... he is my big boy that I can't get enough of!

I just feel so blessed to have my two wonderful boys... and I guess right now as I'm sitting here writing this, I wish I were at home smothering them in kisses instead of on my lunch hour at work! Oh well... the day is almost over...

Next up... a family vacation to beautiful Bahamas... we are staying at the Atlantis... there is sooo much to do there, it is actually stressing me out just thinking about it! With over 20 restaurants, something like 20 pools, 5 children pools, activities, marine life... we are going to be busy, but all I want is to sit on the beach and play with my boys! And get away from all this COLD!
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