My baby is growing up!

Yesterday Christos's new bedroom furniture arrived and my hubby spent all day putting it together. It's so gorgeous, his room looks amazing, and I will post pictures soon!

We got him a new bookcase, a queen sized bed, a new dresser and night table. He never loved his crib, and he never liked his PBK toddler bed, which is a shame, but hopefully his brother will use it! I wanted to get him a big bed so he can have for many years and also, so I can sleep with him comfortably whenever the need arises. He is also very used to big beds, taking his naps at my parents and inlaws house on their big beds. Thank goodness I don't have to spend another night putting him to bed on the floor mattress he was using - it was killing my pregnant body, getting up and down from the floor, and making my heartburn even worse!

So, my little boy was SO EXCITED with her new furniture in his lovely room, he was running around saying "NO CHANGE TABLE!" last night... it was way too cute! I slept with him last night for his first night in his new bed. :)

I have desperately been looking for a sheet set/comforter for him that has construction vehicles on it - diggers, dump trucks, cranes, etc. - in nice bold colours - and couldn't find any anywhere! (There was a set at PBK but only online and that would have been too expensive!) Then I saw a dream set at Sleepy Hollow but it only came in a twin size! As luck would have it - my mom went looking quickly yesterday and to my surprise, she found the most perfect set ever! Christos was through the roof excited! It's the perfect set for him and goes so nicely in his room! :) SO yay for that!

Yay also for the fact that Dimitry's nursery is ready - we just have to put his crib back together and get the dresser, change table, night table and bookcase in there now. It's a gorgeous room, if I do say so myself! My hubby amazes me, the things he has done in our house - especially these 2 nurseries - from the hardwood floors, to the painting, to the crown mouldings, chair rail and baseboards. Wow! :)

Tonight is my dinner party with my girls... looking forward to a good time! And tomorrow is my last day of work before I take maternity leave! Yikes! This pregnancy went by so very fast! :)
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Catwoman said...

So, have you had the baby yet, huh, huh????

And where are the pictures??? :)

Loukia said...

LOL! No baby yet, I'm 37 weeks so you never know, could come at any time now! I'm hoping right after Christmas! When do you arrive?