A wonderful weekend... and a surprise baby shower!


Yesterday, I arrived at my sister's house for a quick visit only to discover a surprise baby shower was being thrown in my honour! My awesome sister arranged it all at her house (that she is not even moved into yet!) with a lot of help from one of my best friends and cousin-in-laws (who made the most amazing cookies!) and help from my cousin as well.

I was so surprised and happy to see all my dear friends there and to see how nice everything looked! Baby-boy-to-be will certainly be over the moon with happiness, too, at all the amazing presents he received! Thank you everyone for such an enjoyable, memorable afternoon... it was absolutely perfect! It was nice and intimate with my closest friends (a few couldn't make it, sadly) and we ate, and ate, and ate and had a great time.

My first baby shower was big and held at a banquet hall, sit down lunch, etc. It's nice to have experienced both types of baby showers... I am so very thankful! THANK YOU again and again for the lovely surprise! :)

The rest of the weekend was great... lots of family time and organizing around the house and outdoors for the long winter months ahead of us... brr...

P.S. Amazing Race started last night! So far, so good... but I have to get familiar with the teams to figure out who I am going for and who to hate! And Desperate Housewives was great! I managed to finally watch last week's episode of The Office and I still have to watch last week's Grey's... it's so hard to find the time to watch my shows, but now with the time change, I think it might be a little easier!
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Catwoman said...

Yeah, I'm so happy about the Amazing Race! Although I can tell that some teams are already going to piss me off... Glad the team that got eliminated did.

I like the brother and sister who came into first place and a few others.

And how fun to have a surprise shower! It sounded like a lot of fun!

twinmomplusone said...

how nice for your sister to organize a surprise shower, how fun!

I missed the first episode of AR :( but will make a point of at least recording if not watching the rest :)