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I don't have anything specific to talk about... I mean, I would if I could think straight for two minutes but I've been busy! With work and taking care of my toddler, there is never enough time! Lord knows how I will manage with a newborn and a toddler, but I'll manage, everyone does. Plus we have lots of help so we'll be fine. The lack of sleep is kinda scaring me, but hey... again, I'll get through it!

So we are off for our trip to Toronto tomorrow, for my mom's art show, to hang out with our awesome friends Suzanne, Eamon and their baby girl, Katherine - she is 3 months older then Christos and last time they saw eachother (a year ago!) they had fun together. I can't wait for them to see eachother again. Also, I'll be doing some serious damage at Pottery Barn and especially Pottery Barn Kids. I have a ton of stuff on hold there already. The last time I was at that Pottery Barn location, it helped me conceive... as two days later I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with Christos! I really, really love that store... the next day, we'll all head to the zoo! That will be a blast, I'm sure! Can't wait for my boy to see elephants, giraffe's, gorilla's, and other awesome animals in person!

I am so nervous for our long car ride up to Toronto... we rented a (gross me out) mini-van for the drive up, because it's going to be: me, hubby, Christos, my mom, my dad, my sister and her fianace. OMG! Talk about National Lampoon's crazy vacation! I should hide a video camera in the caravan (blah!) and post the footage on You Tube for everyone's enjoyment. I hope, I soooo hope Christos does okay on the ride there and back.

He doesn't love the car seat... which kid does, right? When we're driving, he's always like: "Go, go, go!" I'm like, "Dude, I'm going as fast I am allowed!" The fact that he did so well on the airplane ride to Florida a few months ago is comforting, though... a plane is much more restrained and we couldn't just stop to stretch our legs and walk around, you know? So hopefully the ride will be okay!
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