Great weekend!

Going back to work on Monday is really no fun, especially after a terrific weekend. Sigh...

Yesterday was just one of those perfectly wonderful days, from first thing in the morning until after we hit the sheets and fell asleep.

In the morning, Chrisots helped me around the house and then we went to the Children's Museum along with my dad - he had such a blast! Each time we go (we are members at all the museum's in Ottawa, since we frequent all of them often, especially the Children's Museum) he has more and more fun... growing up more and more with each visit. I love how everything is so hand's on, and educational. Yestereday he built a brick wall, stacked lots of wooden blocks, coloured, mopped the big boat, was the captain of the boat, shopped in Greece, Mexico, India, and ran around getting stamps for his passport. Oh yeah, and played music and rode the bus.

In the afternoon, we just played so wonderfully at home, ate dinner, and went to Greekfest where my entire family was. (Hubby was working until after 8.) Christos had so much fun! After several days of going to the festival, he got really used to it.

Anyway... sadly the weekend had to come to an end and the start of the work week is before us... which, for me, means French training every single morning, one on one, for 3 hours. No wonder I leave with such a headache... and I haven't even started WORK yet!

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine... and here's to the week going by fast!
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Catwoman said...

We took Little Man to the Children's Museum last year when we were in town for New Year's, and even though he was only 15 months old at the time, he had so much fun!

Have you ever taken Christos to Parc Omega about an hour out of Ottawa in Quebec? We go every year, Little Man LOVES it! He loves feeding carrots to the Wapiti. and seing all the little baby wild boars running up to the car.

Loukia said...

You know what, that is a great idea! Maybe we'll do it this weekend! He loves animals! Thanks for the suggestion!

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

On a bright note, by the time you receive this comment it'll be Friday and the weekend again. And a long one at that. WOOHOO!!