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Sara tagged me for this, so I'll play!

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I was accepted to be an intern for CNN, CBS and NBC in Washington, D.C. I have family in D.C. so consider it my home away from home and I was excited to do an internship in that powerful city in television. I had the hardest time deciding where to accept, and ended up saying yes to CBS (WUSA TV 9) because it was the shortest subway ride from my uncle's house! It was a great experience, and I was able to write for the nightly newscast and work on some consumer stories and see how a newsroom works in a big city - there are some major differences from the newsrooms back home! One of my best friends also did an internship at the same time as me in D.C. so all we did when we weren't working was.. shop! And... eat! I think we both went up a pant size while living there. ;) But it was so very worth it.

I lived in Greece after the age of one year old and then moved back to Ottawa. Greek was my first language and I learned English in kindergarden. I don't remember living in Greece but remember my first trip back when I was 6 years old and every trip since then. I love Greece - it is truy a magical country, rich in history and culture and I do feel at home there. However, when I am there, I tend to do a lot of bitching about the hot weather, the rude store clerks, the crazy taxi drivers and other stuff. Then when I come back to Ottawa, I complain about Canadian things. I'm just never satisfied!

I worry all the time... I'm a huge hypocondriac... and now all I do is worry about my child. It's not that bad, though. I'm getting better at my worrying about every little thing the more time passes.

I can't imagine skipping a meal. I need food. I am always hungry! (And not just now that I am pregnant.) I love food too much for my own good.

Every time I read a great book, I start to panic that I won't ever find another great book to read again. I was so content a while ago, as I had 4 books to read just sitting on my night table - Angela's Ashes, 'Tis, Teacher Man, and A Thousand Splendid Suns - and now I am done... and I can't find another great book to read! I'm in Chapters everyday, not knowing what to buy. (I'd like to read Midwives and The Birth House but will wait until after I am finsihed being pregnant.) I want to read Middlesex but just can't do it. I want a light, summer read, but nothing too chick-litty. I want a paperback so it will not take up to much space in my carry-on. I'm at a loss!

I have very strong opinions about everything. Not too sure this is a good quality. I get bothered if people's opinions are vastly different then my own. Especially when it comes to politics, although I've eased up on that one since having a baby.

I hate walking barefoot on carpet - it really bothers me! I can't stand it. I have to always wear socks on carpet, unless it's berber carpet then I'm okay. I also hate the feeling of towels unless I am wet. I also hate when people touch their forks with their teeth.

I love stationary - I love invitations, cards, etc. When I was planning my wedding I was in heaven with all the decisions I had to make about card stock, fonts, etc. La-la land! To this day I think my wedding invitations were amazing. I love cards! I wish I owned a stationary store!

Now, I have to tag 8 people, but since I do not know 8 people who have not already done this, can I just tag 2?

1. www.twinmomplusone.blogspot.com

2. www.canadianthoughtsintexas.blogspot.com
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Catwoman said...

I'm so with you with the fork and tooth thing... Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

And I know you said you aren't into chick lit, but have you read Sophie Kinsella? Particularly Confessions of a Shopaholic? I actually laughed out loud! She is hysterical and anyone who's ever spent money can relate!

Her other books are also very good (The Undomestic Goddess is good), but Confessions of a Shopaholic is the best one.

Vicky said...

Talk about a small world. I used to read your posts on The Knot years ago, and you recommended your photographer- Photolux to me. And now I stumble on your blog! I hope you'll visit me at Some kind of Wondermom

Fawn said...

Hey Loukia!
I just read your comment about car seats on Dani's blog. It's true that there's lots to learn about installing car seats, but it's really not that difficult if someone shows you how. I had a certified car seat safety technician show me the ropes and it was great -- I now feel extremely competent in installing Jade's car seat in our car and in other cars. (For example, I now know that because of the lump in the middle of our back seat, I cannot safely install a car seat there, so we go for the next best spot, the passenger side. Also that to install the seat rear-facing requires at least 2 people.)

You can find a car seat technician to show you the ropes by calling your public health unit. Here's the info for Ottawa:

Ottawa Public Health
100 Constellation Cres.
Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8

Tel : 613-580-6744
Toll : 1-866-426-8885
TTY : 613-580-9656
Fax : 613-580-9601
Web : www.ottawa.ca/residents/health/index_en.html

I would rather KNOW how to do it properly on my own than trust some car rental person - you care a lot more about Christos than tha person ever can! Having said that, I've heard that one of the biggest reasons car seats have decreased infant mortality rates in car accidents is that it ensures more babies are in the back of the car, rather than in the front seat. So as long as baby is in the back, that's a step forward.

Good luck, and have fun in Florida! (Sorry so long...)

Loukia said...

Haha... I LOVED Confessions of a Shopaholic. I bought that book the day it came out and read it in like, one night! I thought it was about me. LOL! She is a great writer, but yeah... I've read all her books. Didn't so much love Shopaholic and Baby though...