Our visit at CHEO

Our vist to CHEO yesterday went better then I thought it would. Christos's ultrasound lasted only about 10 minutes, because he was very cooperative and brave and strong. He cried the entire time, but listened and was aware of what was going on. I'm so glad that is over and done with! We meet with his urologist in two weeks, but I'm confident the results will be good based on his previous test results. Thank GOD!

What troubles me is when we arrived at CHEO, we saw police tape all around the front entrance. We ducked under the tape, and proceeded to walk in (as everyone else was doing the same thing, and there were cops there) We noticed a lot of broken glass and smashed in newspaper boxes. We didn't know what to think... perhaps it was an accident?

When I got back to work yesterday, I found out it was a man high on drugs carrying a loaded gun (I believe he had a few guns on him) and he crashed into the front doors at CHEO, and tried to get in. THANK HEAVENS the doors were locked - so he walked over to the Rotel next door (the motel that parents stay at when their kids are in CHEO) shot the lock off the door and got locked inside a closet. Everyone was evacuated (nice, at 3 a.m.) Cops finally got him, and now he's being sent for psychological evaluation... I think they should just take him and throw him in jail and throw away the key! I keep thinking of what could have happened... what if he fired the gun at CHEO? This is such a scary incident. I cannot tolerate this type of behaviour. CLEARLY he's got problems, so why bother wasting money on the psychological treatment? A man high on drugs with a loaded gun at CHEO? He should go straight to jal with no getting out pass!
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skichik79 said...

omg i would have freaked out if Livia was still there .. its still horrible but it would have been the end of me had it happened while she was still there

btw what happened to your facebook ?

Loukia said...

Hi Max, I quit facebook! It was starting to scare me and I figured, why bother... everyone will be off sooner or later, someone had to the first one to get off! LOL! Yes, I'm glad your little girl was not in CHEO at the time! I hope you two are doing great. :)