Black-out 2007!

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Remember a few years ago, when there was that huge blackout and left us all without power for a day, or more, in some cases? It went as far as the northern United States, and affected millions... I remember that day, it was August, and I was working at CRA at 750 Heron Road, and I had just gotten married that June. I remember all of a sudden, there was no power - so we all left work. On the drive home, all the cars had their windows open, and we were talking to each other, strangers, but talking, united in that moment because we were all wondering the same thing - what the heck is going on? I was initially scared when I heard how many cities the power failure had affected, but then, got excited as it got darker and darker out... lit some candles, and had a romantic evening with my husband. Earlier on, we had gone to my parents house and pretty much the entire neighbourhood was outside, talking, wondering... it was so eerie, driving around in the pitch black. So bizarre, and scary, too, but really – not that scary… more fun, an adventure.

Well, add a child to the equation and it’s a whole other story. Christos, my mom and I were all playing in his room tonight, listening to music and dancing after his bath just after 8 p.m. All of a sudden – the power goes out. And it was scary. Christos was scared right away, wondering what was going on. We tried to keep him calm and explained to him what happened, I ran around and lit candles, and found our flashlights. Thankfully my mom was there to help out, otherwise, it would have been far more difficult to find what I needed and keep Christos calm. We did the only thing we could think of – packed up and went to my parent’s house! It’s currently after 11 and he’s still not asleep… and power is still not back on in the east end. I’m thinking I might have to take him for a drive to help him fall asleep. Poor thing is confused! And me, well, I’m sleeping at my parents tonight so when hubby goes home, we won’t be there. Tres weird! Here’s hoping the power gets restored soon so we don’t have throw away all the food in our fridge and we can get back to normal. So many thing to think about when you have a child, like how would I have warmed up his milk? A million thoughts entered my mind and I only wanted to keep him safe and relaxed.
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twinmomplusone said...

my kids were a little freaked too by the power failure and typical 5 year olds, had a gazillion questions. Being on a well system, with the power failure comes the fact that we have no more running water nor the luxury of flushing toilets ;~/ And that was a real drag when we had that long power failure with a house full of out of town guests and two babies.

they did end up having fun last night with their flashlights and we all went to bed early...and woke up at 2 am when the power came back on