A little purse obsessed...

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Okay, so I admit it - I'm totally into designer purses - however, there is a limit to how much I will spend on a bag! (And truth be told - I usually receive them as presents so it's not even really my money that is being spent on them!) Check out the new Louis Vuitton purse:

I wonder who would buy this? It's not even that nice! AND it costs $42,000! That is an insane amount of money for a purse! OMG! $42,000? Wow. It is called the Tribute Patchwork Bag because it is made up of actual pieces of old bags - the different styles LV has done throughout the years. Who cares! If anything, a patchwork purse should be cheaper!(There are only 2 circulating right now). Kimora Lee Simmons has, reportedly, the largest LV collection in the world - do you think she has 1 of them? Anyway... anything over a thousand dollars is something I just won't think about. Although... I do want a Chanel bag and I think those start upwards of 2 thousand dollars. Sniff.

This is me with my purses from an article I had written for CRA's magazine on my 'collection' of purses. (Because I normally don't take random pictures of me with purses!)

Notice the bottle of milk in the front - my purses are mere necessities now, to carry around my son's diapers and bottles and wipes. ;) So I have nothing to be ashamed about!
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Lainey-Paney said...

that patchwork purse is hideous. you're right.

now I want to shop online for purses....i'm sure my husband will thank you for that later!

"Um...honey...I just spent...."