Happy 19 month birthday, babycakes!

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Today my little Christos is 19 months old. Wow, 19 months old... where has the time gone? I can't believe my little 8 pound baby is growing up so fast. He's already 30 pounds! I remember bringing him home from the hospital, never taking my eyes off of him. And ever since that day, I have always sat in the back with him when I am not in the drivers seat. He was so aware from the second he was born, eyes wide open, looking at me, looking at his daddy, looking at his grandparents, and aunt, and checking out the hospital room. The next morning, he lifted up his neck and scanned the room. We were in shock at how strong he was, to be able to, at 1 day old, lift his neck and head like that. I was clueless about burping. Breastfeeding, for the most part, I got - but burping, wow, whole other story... I had to buzz the nurse every few hours. I couldn't believe, once we got home, we were alone with a baby. I was a jungle woman those first few days, not knowing what to wear (I actually raided my husband's side of the closet, thinking I had to wear shirts with buttons down the front so I could feed my son easier. I was a mess!) Well, from those first few days of wonderment, to now, being the mother of a 19 month old, it's been quite the ride. The most amazing, exhilerating, wonderful, powerful, emotional, happy ride of my life. He has taught me so much. Patience, understanding, love, joy. And worry... wow, the worry. I've aged beyond my years in many ways because of him.

The things he does amaze me daily... he loves to clean- Not just with his child's size vacuum, no sir-ee, he actually takes my hand and guides me to the real central vacuum cleaner, and proceeds to plug it into the wall (with my supervision) and he vacuums! Really well! Yes, he's just 19 months old and he can vacuum. If there is anything out of place, he'll fix it. Books have to go back where they came from. Garbage has to go to the garbage can. Shoes in order. Clothes put away. He likes me to sing Bob the Builder when he is working with his little screwdrivers and hammer. When did he learn all this? He observes all day and maintains so much. His memory is astonishing. There is no tricking this child! The way he says 'mwah' to send me kisses over the phone... his laugh... oh, his laugh - I could seriously die and I'd be happy just hearing his beautiful laugh. His favourite word right now is (surprise, surprise) 'no'. And I can't get enough of hearing it! "No", he says, when I ask him something, with a smile. I can't help but laugh every time I hear little words come out of his mouth. I love to stare at him concentrate when he is playing, seeing him discover and figure things out for himself. My little baby, all grown up, already! The way he runs, his smile, his sneaky ways, his pouty lips... and his dance moves! Man, my boy can move! He just loves dancing to his music in his room after his bath. It's one of my favourites times of the day. I love you Christaki, happy 19 month birthday! I am so honoured to be your mommy.
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