You know you're a mom when...

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- the most exciting email you get in a day is the one from your mom telling you that your baby pooed! Yay!
- even when your baby is no longer in the room, the TV is still on Treehouse.
- you sing really loud and act really silly in public i.e. Loblaws, Chapters, Starbucks because it makes your baby laugh.
- you no longer go to the movies every week.
- you don't really care that you don't go to the movies anymore.
- your old jeans still don't fit you... 18 months later.
- you only talk about your child.
- every 'non-parent' issue seems boring and like, soooo not an issue anymore!
- you wonder why you're working and not at home with you child (until you remember how expensive diapers and formula are).
- your magazine subsriptions are no longer to US Weekly and Glamour, but to Parents and Today's Parent.
- you don't mind sticking a bibila (Greek for soother/binky) in your mouth after it falls on the floor before giving it back to your child.
- you understand why parents talk in weeks and months.
- you have counted ounces more then anything you've ever counted before.
- your heart wants to explode with love
- you understand why co-sleeping rocks
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twinmomplusone said...

nodding in agreement to all of those :)