Wow... my first post!

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Well after reading many of my old co-workers blogs, (hopefully I will be working with these fine ladies again soon!) I decided to create my very own blog, too! I think most of my dearert friends will be more then excited about this news since this means I won't be emailing them a hundred times a day with updates on what purse Jessica Simpson is carrying today, what colour Britneys' hair is, and how cute my baby is... not to mention all the political emails that cause more then a few heated debates!
I usually have so many things to say but now can't think of anything... well, okay, here's something: I miss my baby so much when I am at work! Luckily, it is Friday so that means two wonderful days with my little guy who, by the way, just turned 18 months old yesterday. He is the most amazing little guy ever. He amazes us every single day, with the new words he learns to speak, and his funny little ways. I love his little laugh attacks, and when he says my name... 'mama'... how many times does he melt my heart in a day? Too many to count! We will be venturing outside tomorrow to take our Christos to Winterlude. As my duty as a parent, I will brave the bitter cold, bundle up, and let my son enjoy the great outdoors and take part in the festivities of Winterlude. You know, I used to hate Ottawa but since becoming a mom, I have learned to love it and really appreciate what a wonderful city it is... especially for raising children!
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Anastasia said...

Wow Lou so cool! I love reading your emails and have missed them so!!

I'll be logging on everyday!

Love you!