Last night...

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I couldn't go to WW to get weighed... sigh... which means I couldn't have my cheat night... double sigh... I had no one to watch Christos and I wasn't going to take him out in the sub-human freezing temperatures just so I could see how many pounds I lost this week. Hopefully I'll go tonight... and if not, Friday for sure.

When I got home yesterday I was so happily surprised to see a dozen red roses in a beautiful vase waiting for me, along with a beautiful card from my hubby, and a card from my son... and a card for my son from my hubby... it was all very sweet and made my night that much more special. Baby and I played, cuddled, read, and by 10 p.m., when he fell asleep, I was ready to call it a night too... but I had to stay up to watch AI since I couldn't really watch it when baby was awake. I guess they did a good job picking the 24 finalists... will be fun to watch next week!
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