Just the 2 of us for 2 months...

My husband has to work until 11 p.m. for the next two months...and let me just say... it's tough without the extra help around the house! I am more then excited to be spending so much quality time with my little guy, but at around 5:30 when I was trying to get dinner ready last night and Christos was clinging to my legs, asking to be picked up, I realized... 'wow, it's way harder doing this alone!' First off.... I'm a lost cause in the kitchen. I was only trying to peel and cut up a sweet potatoe to make my son his dinner (along with veggies, of course, and some homemade soup my mother-in-law made earlier in the day) and it was nearly impossible! Is it just me, or are sweet potatoes just really, really hard to cut? And I was using a really expensive Henkels knife, too. Anyway. So I was cooking the sweet potatoe fries with my little guy in my arms. Not very safe, but I had no choice. After dinner and bath time, my mom and sister came over. Thank goodness - they are such a big help! That left me with some time to clean up the kitchen, pick up the family room, make the beds, change, and continue playing with my baby until his bedtime of 10 p.m. when I had to (yet again) clean up the kitchen, pick up the family room, tidy the basement, get showered and ready for bed... phew! Exhausted! But worth it.
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Gina said...

Two of us-- ya right!!!! more like the 4 of us, since i am there every day and so is mom!!! nice try!

Loukia said...

Excuse me, missy, but you were not there for the hard part - me trying to cook dinner with a toddler in my hands! So there. You come after all the hard work is done.