101 things about me

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Okay, so I found out this is something most people with blogs do - a list of 101 things about themselves. (Thanks Dani! Your list is great!) So... here is my attempt:

  1. I'm 30
  2. I still can't believe I am 30
  3. I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy
  4. Being a mom is my greatest achievement
  5. There is no joy like the joy of being a mom
  6. I'm Greek and Canadian - have duel citizenship
  7. I lived in Greece for a year when I was 2
  8. I have visisted Greece 8 times
  9. I think it's breathtaking there
  10. Wouldn't want to live there, though
  11. I appreciate our health care system
  12. But wish there were such things at private rooms in CHEO
  13. I drive a VW Passat
  14. I love VW and all German made cars
  15. My dad owns a European used-car dealership
  16. My husband works for Dell
  17. My mom is a successful artist
  18. My sister works for Foreign Affairs
  19. My baby and I won the Place D'Orleans photo contest
  20. I completed an internship with CBS in Washington D.C.
  21. Left my Entertainment Tonight (Hollywood, CA) internship early to come back to Ottawa to work for CFRA.
  22. Loved working in radio and TV
  23. Worked in TV and radio for several years, both on-air and behind the scenes.
  24. Funnest jobs ever!
  25. Pay sucked.
  26. Not loving my current job at all.
  27. But a good position and good experience.
  28. I love to shop.
  29. A lot.
  30. I love sleeping with my baby.
  31. I love the smell of coconuts and suntan oil.
  32. I cry easily. More so since becoming a mom.
  33. Breastfeeding was easy for me.
  34. So was labour.
  35. I am on a diet.
  36. Story of my life.
  37. I am terrible with money.
  38. I spend, spend, spend, I have no control at all.
  39. My sister and I met Pharrell in Bal Harbour.
  40. I love Bal Harbour.
  41. I don't want to visit Asia for some reason.
  42. I want to visit all of Europe.
  43. Besides Greece, I've been Spain, England, Holland.
  44. I've also been to Venezuela, Caymen Islands, Mexico (3 times), Aruba.
  45. And in the US - Florida (a lot) ,NYC (3 times) ,Washington D.C. (Too many to count), Maine (2 times) , California.
  46. In Canada - Montreal (100's of times), Toronto (dozens of times), Calgary (3 times), Quebec City (2 times).
  47. I hate insects.
  48. I'm not a bit animal lover, but my son is, so I take him for visits to the pet stores frequently and pray to God he won't ever ask Santa for a dog. I can handle a bunny or a fish.
  49. I'm a Virgo.
  50. I love designer purses.
  51. I wish all the children in the world were loved and healthy.
  52. I would love to adopt an orphan from Romania.
  53. I am thankful I live in Ottawa.
  54. My husband and I are high school sweethearts.
  55. I worry all the time. All the time, about everything.
  56. I love to eat.
  57. Which makes it hard to diet.
  58. I use to play the violin and the guitar.
  59. I took dance classes for many years.
  60. I wanted to be an actress.
  61. I hate math!
  62. I've gotten in a few car accidents.
  63. I love my son more then anything in the world and words can't describe the joy he brings me.
  64. I'm so thankful I have a great family and I'm thankful for all the help and support we get from our families.
  65. I love tzatziki and pita bread. There are like only 2 Greek restaurants in Ottawa.
  66. I hate winter.
  67. I love summer.
  68. I love to swim in the ocean and in swimming pools.
  69. Luckily my in-law have a pool.
  70. I know almost all the names of the Thomas the train characters.
  71. I fast-tracked the broadcast journalism program at Loyalist in Belleville. I hated Belleville.
  72. Luckily my friend Marcie was there to go through it with me. (And to make my breakfast and lunch and get me out of bed in time!)
  73. I am glad Mary was with me in D.C. for my internship. We shopped and enjoyed the good food a lot. Her roommate thought I was a bit weird.
  74. We almost got kidnapped when we got in a car with a strange woman one night when we got lost in D.C. Thankfully, she did not kill us.
  75. I almost got kidnapped one day when I was waiting for the bus in D.C. by a man in an orange pick-up truck. He kept telling me to get in the car, and when I refused he drove away and he came back and asked again. I was scared I couldn't even move.
  76. Some strange man played with my hair on the Subway in NYC at 4 a.m. on the way to our friends house. Once again, too scared to move.
  77. As a child, a dog attacked me and I have always been a bit scared of them since then. I even remember the sweater I was wearing that day, it was a birthday gift from Zafy and had 3 bears on it, sitting on blocks.
  78. I was a great big sister to my little sister. Still am. And she is a great aunt to my baby, visits everyday.
  79. I love entertainment.
  80. I love news.
  81. I am scared of flying. No matter how many times I fly, I still can't believe we are not going to fall out of the sky. I also cannot understand how turbulance is 'nothing to worry about'.
  82. I eat all the food they give me on an airplane in case we crash and I have to tread water for days. I'll need those extra calories to keep me going.
  83. I like to write.
  84. I would love to write a book one day. On parenting and pregnancy.
  85. I want another baby. Not yet, though!
  86. I am sad more friends have not left me comments on my blog.
  87. I see my mom everyday.
  88. I like watching Amazing Race, The Office, American Idol, American's Next Top Model, CSI Miami, CNN.
  89. I admire my sister and her close group of friends. Those girls rock!
  90. I also admire my mom and grandmother for all the work they do and the love they give. There are no women like them.
  91. My dad is a funny guy who makes me laugh. I love seeing him with my baby.
  92. I have a little heart tattoo and a belly button ring.
  93. I love red wine. With Italian food.
  94. I love pizza.
  95. I love debates and am really passionate about my views on things.
  96. It bugs me when others aren't really passionate about anything.
  97. Or when people don't keep up with current events.
  98. My son is named after my father-in-law. If we have another boy, he'll be named after my dad, if we have a girl, after my mom.
  99. I have such wonderful childhood memories.
  100. I hope to provide the same for my children.
  101. I am so glad one of my best friend's (Suz) was pregnant at the same time I was. Thank GOD I had someone to talk to about what I was going through! She was my biggest support, and I loved seeing our kids together!
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