My year in status updates!

If you want a quick look at the year you had, check out your status updates on Facebook - it's amazing how much these little updates actually capture. What I learned about myself this year is... well... I had a great year, and I often repeat myself. I mentioned Grey's Anatomy many times, and I think "Loukia is having a great weekend!" was my most common update. I also talk in CAPS A LOT. And use way too many exclamation points!!! In fact, some of my updates are downright irritating. And boring. However, looking at all my updates together is really funny!

So, here you go: My year, in status updates:


finally got Gina her own facebook, everybody! Yay!

is so proud of baby Dimitry for walking across the room all by himself!

is going to Atlantis in the Bahamas!

is celebrating her baby Dimitry's 1ST BIRTHDAY today! Happy Birthday, my love! (And can the fever please go away already?!)

is going to miss Bush... he was just the funniest man ever!

wants to go home and smother her boys in kisses and hugs!

is watching Grey's and OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I think my blood pressure is really high right now...

thinks Ottawa needs fashion police! I see sooo many wrong things in a day!

registered Christos for kindergarten today. Lordy, I'm emotional!

loves that Dimitry said bye-bye this morning and blew kisses and waves at me. Sigh!

is REALLY EXCITED! CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC COMES OUT THIS FRIDAY! Yes, it is the the story of my life, in case you were wondering...

is glad to be home and safe (with some soreness) after a bad car accident on the drive home. NOT my fault, though, thank God.

is celebrating Easter this weekend with her family! LAMB.... can't wait! Happy Easter to all you Greeks out there!

OMG WHAT THE F*** I am freaking out! JUST finished watching Grey's OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm seriously numb. OMG. I'll never ever ever ever be able to fall asleep now. OMG. Like, OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY F***** GOD!

is back from strawberry picking with the boys! And getting ready for afternoon of swimming.

is excited for this weekend - 4th of July party at the US Ambassador's house! And birthday party/pool party for the kids - please rain, GO AWAY! Oh yeah, and Canada Day, too!

had a wonderful time with her best friends on our mini getaway vacation. Location = perfection, due to the company. LOVE YOU GILRS!!

is sad Frank McCourt died... One of my most favourite authors... If you have not read Angela's Ashes yet... What are you waiting for?

is wondering what that big ball of fire in the sky is?

"YIAYIA! IT'S AWAKE!" Yup, I love it when my son refers to his baby brother as an 'it'. So funny!

is getting ready for Christos's 4th birthday party! Yahoo! Happy Birthday my baby love!! xoxoxo

had her car stolen at the Superstore today, as she watched it drive away - glad my boys were safe with me... but still... shitty. And then, I find out John Hughes died. This day is just not a good one!

had a blast in TO with her awesome friends... miss you guys already!

can't believe her baby boy is starting KINDERGARTEN in a few days! Hello? I have a school-aged child? What is that about? Oh yeah. I'm also turning 33 years old in a few days. Sob. Sob. Sob.

thinks everyone has to go to see Inglourious Basterds - best movie of the year, for sure! Quentin Tarantino is just amazing, as always. Go see this movie!

is in beautiful Washington, D.C. I love being in Bethesda... if I could live anywhere in the world besides where I live now, Bethesda would be it!

Glee is the best damn new show on TV!! Are you watching? Awesome!

had a great Saturday - Upper Canada Village with the family (and I totally want to be a pioneer... kind of... and had a lovely dinner at Zafy and Chris's house.

is half an hour early to pick up her KINDERGARTEN student from school! He did fantastic today - went happily, no tears. But me? Oh, I cried! And baby Dimitry was sad too, and wanted to go in the school with his big brother!

OH MY GOD. Patrick Swayze died.

is happy to report that Christos's first WEEK of KINDERGARTEN is over... and it was a brilliant success! YAY!

is counting down the days... until the Grey's Anatomy season premiere! Okay, fine, no more talking about that. I know, I know, I bore you all to death. No more Grey's talk. Until Thursday. And you know I'll be blogging about it. And then I'll stop. For real. Promise. Maybe one more mention tomorrow. Then that's it. Done. No kidding. Okay? Good. But surely I'm not the only one looking forward to Thursday night, right?

Breaking news - (this is for you, Gina) a Sweet Valley High movie is in the works!

still adores David Letterman, absolutely.

is neutral about the results of the Greek elections... my grandfather is VERY HAPPY and my dad is NOT HAPPY about the results - therefore, I'm staying quiet!

thinks it's cute that her son has his very first 'picture day' at school today! I can't believe I'm a mommy to a child who is old enough for 'picture day'! Yay for picture day! Next thing I'm excited for? Scholastic day! I can't wait to order books again! Those were the happiest day of school for me, Scholastic days. When the box would arrive with the new books? LOVED it.

had a fantastic day... and even stocked up on Apple Jacks!

still has no voice... surprisingly, the fact that I can't raise my voice at all today has made for a rather peaceful day with my children! Must remember this when I get my voice back...

will be handing out little bottle of Purell instead of Halloween candy this Saturday night.

will never get tired of hearing her 4 year old sing the Greek national anthem which turns into the Canadian natioanal anthem in English and French. So cute!

finally watched Twilight, and finally understands the obsession. I loved it! Now, I must read the books. And watch New Moon when it comes out!

is so excited! Red cups are back at Starbucks, baby! The funny thing is, everyone was SO EXCITED in line today... "OMG! Red cups are back!" Yay. My drink tastes... so much better!

is looking forward to Montreal!



had the best ever Saturday with her family... one of those perfect days!

is finished her Christmas shopping for her boys, house is decorated, tree is up, and the Christmas cards have been sent out!

decided that this weekend, two weeks before Christmas, was the perfect weekend to paint our downstairs. Yeah, crazy. Now all our furniture is in the living room/dining room, along with ALL the toys. Looks like we just moved in! But I'm excited!

is so happy that Christos and Dimitry loved their first day of swimming lessons!!! Hooray!!!

lost one diamond earring from Tiffany & Co. I know I lost it in the house, but I can't find it ANYWHERE and I have looked EVERYWHERE. The only place I haven't looked? My baby's poop diaper, that is double bagged and in the garage now. Dare I look in the poo for my diamond earring, or order a new earring?

is so proud of her little kindergartener! I had tears throughtout his entire Christmas Concert... my little boy was the cutest little sheep ever! It was sooo emotional and just so beautiful!

THANKS to everybody for voting for me for the Canadian Blog Awards - I really appreciate it! I've made it to the TOP THREE for Best Family Blog!

Ottawa peeps - anyone else heard a HUGE explosion at 5 a.m. today?

There ya go - my 2009 in status updates! Here's hoping I use less exclamation points next year!

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody! May 2010 be amazing for you all!

Sugar and spice and all that is... not-so-nice!

I don't often do a lot of complaining on my blog. (Or maybe I do, and I just don't realize it?) I usually save that for 'real life', where I complain ad nauseam to those closest to me. They love me for it, really, they do! And I do have a lot to be thankful for, and I am, truly, thankful for so much. But hey, with only a few days left in 2009, I figured a little complaining on my blog would be acceptable, no? I'm not always sugar and spice! I can be all sour too, sometimes.

Here are some things that are bothering me today, in no particular order:

1. The weather. We were blessed with pretty mild temperatures over the Christmas holidays - in fact, I actually said out loud yesterday: "It's such a nice day!" and if you know me at all, you'd know that I never utter those words between the months of November to April, because, well, I don't like the cold, I don't like winter, and I hate the snow. And yet, I still live in Canada. Go figure. Today, however, is minus 30 degrees celsius outside. It's so cold, I almost couldn't open my window to get into my parking lot at work. It's so cold, I had my car running for a good 30 minutes before I left the house this morning. And there was still ice on it! I know, I know, that's terrible for the environment, but this weather is terrible for humanity, period... which brings me to reason number 2 I'm pissed off today:

2. We have been sick in our house since about the beginning of November. Seriously, it has been back-to-back colds for my boys, and for myself. They had ear infections over Christmas, then they got conjectivitis, and then sore throats, and now, fresh new colds equipped with runny noses and non-stop coughing fits. It's horrible! We have gone through SO much Advil these last few months. Winter always makes us get sick more often. We really shouldn't live this far North, you know. It's just not good for our health!

3. There are longer than usual delays at airports because of a recent unsuccessful terrorist attack on a flight that took place on Christmas Day in the United States. The level of infuriation I have towards terrorists is on a whole other level, and the words I have for these 'sub-humans' are words that will not be uttered here, but let's just say... I don't consider these people human at all. In fact, I believe they were born missing a brain. Or something. There is no other explanation for this disgusting behaviour. Non-human, if you ask me. I'm not happy that innocent, sane people who like to travel have to have their lives inconvenienced because some idiots chose to do stupid things on planes. I don't like the fact that we all have to, including my children, for crying out loud, take off our shoes as we go through security in some airports. I don't like the fact that my son's favourite ball (that was filled with water and sparkles) was taken from him on our last trip to the USA, because it contained liquid. Do you know how hard it was to explain to a 4 year old why his favourite ball was taken away from him? It was nearly impossible for me to figure out what to tell him. He felt like he did something wrong. Thanks a lot, idiots, who have made travelling by air a lot more stressful for the rest of us sane people! No, I'm not happy that there are new rules with what carry-on luggage is allowed on planes. I have two small children - I NEED carry-on luggage! Don't tell me I can't bring snacks, water, crayons, books, paper, and toys for my boys on the plane! I'm glad my purse is really big, because worse case, I can stuff my children's DVD player in there, and diapers, and some snacks. At least. Otherwise, the other passengers on our plane will have to serve as my baby's entertainment! I apologize ahead of time...

4. A police officer was killed earlier today, stabbed outside one of our hospitals. Apparently he was the father of three small children. This story is tragic. There are two things I don't tolerate: anyone harming and killing children, and anyone killing people who are there to serve and protect us - police officers, fire fighters, doctors, etc. No. That is NOT acceptable, ever. And I just know with our very weak legal system, the suspect - an RCMP officer, believe it or not, who actually had previously threatened to kill an official in a church in Regina a few years ago, will probably not get the full lifetime sentence he deserves - he should be behind bars forever, period, after the heinous crime he committed. I hate how weak our legal system is, sometimes.

5. There was a huge explosion at 5 a.m. that woke me up. At first I thought my baby had fallen out of my bed, but no, he was sleeping peacefully beside me, still, as was my 4 year old. My mom, who lives 20 minutes away from me, also heard the same explosion at the same time. So did many other people I have spoken to who live even further away from me. However, no one knows what this big bang was. No one. It will forever remain a mystery, and now I have to jump to conclusions like: maybe a UFO landed in some remote forest, maybe dinosaurs are making a comeback, maybe the earth shifted, maybe we all sank a little lower into the earth. I mean, it was LOUD and it was felt ALL around town. What else could it possibly be? Do you have any theories? I'd love to hear them!

That's it... of course, there are a few more things that are annoying me today, but I promised to keep this short and um, sweet. So that's it. I promise, from now until 2010, there will be no more angry posts.

Next up I'll be blogging about how I'm going to manage to pack one suitcase for myself and my two boys on our next vacation (we leave in a few weeks! Yay!) down south. Oh yes, one suitcase, 3 people. It can be done! I think. Even if it means mommy has to bring less than 5 pairs of shoes with her!

P.S. For a nicer post, you can read this here.

A holiday update


I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I can't believe it's over already - that's a little disappointing for me because I love Christmas! Even though I'm sad it's over until next year, I have to say to it was a very beautiful Christmas. It is so much more amazing with children, you know? So many wonderful memories made... so many magical moments!

"Mommy, Christmas was so beautiful!" my 4 year old said to me, on the drive home from my inlaws last night, and he's so right. It really is a beautiful time.

It was fun, but boy, was it hectic!

We hosted a party for about 25 of our friends on the 23rd, and that morning, my 4 year old woke up with a very bad ear infection. Of course, we went to the doctors, and sure enough, Christos was prescribed antibiotics, just like his brother. 2 sick little boys on Christmas - not ideal, but they were still troopers. Ear infections turned into conjectivitis turned into sore throats and runny noses - yet again. It seems it's non-stop sicknesses so far this winter, which is why I hate winter so much! My boys seem to be constantly sick. However, they had a really nice evening out with my parents, and even enjoyed dinner at the National Arts Centre, at Le Cafe - I have fond memories of going there with my parents when I was younger, too.

Here are some pictures of my friends and I...

Look what I got - a new calendar for my wall at work!

The next day, Christmas Eve, was celebrated with my entire family at my parents house - it was a lovely evening with lots of great food, music, and lots of presents and craziness. Yes, I was spoiled, but not as much as my boys! In a few years, we'll start attending midnight mass again - that is one thing I miss since having children - it's just way too late to take them to church, though.

One of my favourite things to eat on Christmas Eve is my grandmother's special Greek Chicken Soup - here she is feeding my baby boy... yum!

My mom and my son getting ready to open presents...

... and Dimitry, having a little too much fun!

Christos woke up really early with his sore throat on Christmas Day (we're talking 4 a.m early, and we had just fallen asleep at 2, so yeah, zombies...) and despite everything, he was happy to discover all the goodies left him in his stocking - especially all the gems, crysals and rocks! He was also happy that Santa enjoyed his cookies and milk.

He couldn't wait for his brother to wake up to show him what Santa left. They were so happy - opening present after present - it took me two days to finally tidy up my house and put everything away! We went overboard, and next year, I'm totally toning it down. (I say this now - please remind me of this next year, as I'm likely to forget, okay?)

I received a pretty blue box from Tiffany & Co. from my boys, with this amazing necklace, symbolizing the three boys in my house who love me... awww!

Honestly, this is the necklace I desperately wanted, but never told anyone - amazing how my hubby just guessed correctly, right? I also found out that he bought me my own domain name - yes, for real! Now I'm just! Yahoo! Talk about an excellent stocking stuffer for this blogging loving mama!

We then enjoyed the rest of the day at my inlaws house, where the children had even more fun, and opened even more presents!

Also? I'm leaving on a jet plane soon - a ladies only trip - well, a trip with my grandmother, my mother, my pregnant sister, myself, and my two boys, of course! We're heading down south, where the sun will warm us all up, and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach will make me very happy indeed... I can't wait to build sand castles with my boys, and leave the winter boots behind, at least for a while! Flip flops, here I come! I need the sun and the sand, and I crave the warm weather!

Anyway, from my family to yours... I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, a lovely holiday season, and I hope your 2010 is filled with love, health, and happiness!

2009: A year in review, in pictures!

In 2009,

We turned 1 years old...

We really experienced a car wash...

We cried getting our haircut...

We were totally cool with getting our haircut...

And we ate a lot of this:

We enjoyed the beach at Atlantis in Bahamas...

And we took naps under the palm trees.

We tried to take a picture where we were all smiling at the same time...

We rode our bike around the block...

We ate Cheetos off the ground...

... and popcorn, too...

We ate Nutella from the jar...

...and enjoyed a Brownie Fudge Cheesecake a la mode from the Cheesecake Factory on my 33rd birthday!

We had fun on a few airplane rides...

...and wished my best friends lived here still...

We had a dream come true...

And we turned 4 years old.

We went to nursery school a few times, until we decided it wasn't time yet!

We enjoyed the great outdoors...

...and did some sight-seeing...

We had crepes for breakfast...

Went to the sugar bush...

Swam a lot...

And played some golf.

We learned to share...

We enjoyed lollipops with friends...

We ate a lot of cake...

And we found out my little sister is pregnant!

We finally sat still long enough to read a book.

We spent a lot of time with my amazing parents and grandparents...

We were all smiles, all the time...

And we shoveled lots of snow!

We helped paint the walls...

And we were the cutest sheep EVER in our first Christmas Celebration at school!

We had fun and hung out with good friends.

And the number one most amazing event of 2009? (Drumroll, please!) Starting kindergarten - and loving it!

We've come a long way, baby...

Hope you all had a fabulous, healthy, and happy 2009. I wish you all the very best for 2010!
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