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So, PETA suggested that Ben and Jerry's should stop using cow's milk to make their world-famous ice cream, and instead, use breastmilk... absurd, I tell you! PETA has said some dumb things in their day, but this just might take the cake. (Remember when PETA activists were targeting schools, and handing out little cards showing that children who drink milk could get pimples, etc.?)
Anyway... clearly Ben and Jerry's is sticking to cow's! But seriously? What is PETA thinking? Brestmilk is best - for babies! I don't think too many people would go into Ben and Jerry's to have a double scoop of chocolate chip breast milk ice cream, do you?

The two second update!

I have about two minutes to update this blog, before my baby wakes up from his nap! So here's the short form of what's new with me and my life as a busy mom:

1. My 3 year old was toilet trained last week! I never thought I'd see the day. I bought a stock of nice underwear from Gymboree, and a big bristol board and stickers from Dollarama, and turned it into a game... he loved it, and has been doing pee-pee and poo-poo on the toilet ever sice! WOOHOO! Now I fear going to public dirty bathrooms with him... ewww!

2. Baby Dimitry is 8 months old and a wonderful baby with great vocal cords! He's about to crawl, he pulls himself to a standing position, he loves his big brother and he loves FOOD! He's already 20 pounds! And eating Cheerios! He smiles 24/7. And is becoming very, very demanding!

3. I am not looking forward to going back to work in two months. Sigh. Luckily my family will be the care-givers so that's a big sigh of relief for me.

4. We are about to register Christos to Montesorri, but I'm thinking giving it another year and then enrolling him there for kindergarden... it's a great school and because he's so smart, I think he'll really benefit from being there. He's at the asking 'why' phase, to everything! "Why does the water go down the toilet like that? Why is the grass green? Why why why all day long, I love it, although sometimes I don't have all the answers! Recently, he asked where energy comes from. Ummm...

5. My sister got married! It was a gorgeous day. I'm posting some pictures to make up for the lack of words in this post.

6. I have an interview tomorrow and need lots of luck!

Gina and Sean's wedding day!

My gorgeous baby!

My gorgeous 3 year old!
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