About Me

I started Loulou's Views in 2007 so friends and family could keep up with the day-to-day happenings of my life as a mom. I've always loved writing, and I've always shared my views on basically everything with everyone I know, so blogging was a natural fit for me. 

Loulou's Views is a lifestyle blog for those who love beauty, shopping, style, fashion, entertainment, travel, and hotel reviews. I'm a product junkie and a shopaholic, and I love reviewing products on my blog, from shoes to makeup. 

A little bit about me: I graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Communications and received my Broadcast Journalism degree from Loyalist College. I spent several years working in television and radio, completed an internship at CBS TV in Washington, D.C. and Entertainment Tonight in Hollywood, California, and have been working in the Federal Government in Communications and Social Media for over ten years. 

Want to get a better understanding of the work I do, and who I work with and represent? See here. Thanks!

If you'd like to work with me, please email me at: loukiazigoumis@gmail.com