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Whether you're new to blogging or online marketing, there is always something new to learn, and there are always ways you can improve your reach and engagement with your audience. I believe what you deliver to your readers is always important, and should always be authentic; I only write about things I'm passionate about; parenting, style, travel, and beauty—and I'm always honest with my reviews and opinions. I've been blogging since 2007 and I love that I've been able to turn my hobby into a business—one I continue to try to improve on every day. We are often inundated with information on a daily basis, across all social media platforms, so it's important to stand out, by continuing to provide timely and relevant content to your readers, and by doing something different—that's guaranteed to increase readers to your site, as long as you remain true to your own voice.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your already established audience base, using a resource like Campaign Monitor can help immensely.

Campaign Monitor is a global technology company that provides an email marketing platform that is easy to use yet extremely powerful. Campaign Monitor provides more than 250,000 customers the tools they need to make lasting impressions on their audiences through the use of email.

As a content creator, I never gave much thought to sending out email newsletters like many of my friends in the blogosphere, until I discovered this great company. Campaign Monitor takes the hard work out of planning email content for your audience, and delivers excellent results. I had the chance to try it out, and I love how straightforward and simple of a process it was to get started.

Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your blog, and your business, with help along the way, if you need it.

Here are some highlights:

1. With Campaign Monitor, you gain access to hundreds of mobile-optimized professionally designed email templates that resonate with your specific audience. The email templates look good; it's the initial look that prompts people to continue reading, as is often the case for me. Their email templates command attention—there are so many pretty designs to choose from.

2. It's simple to use. You can create gorgeous email campaigns and newsletters that will get results, by using the simple and easy-to-use drop-and-drag email builder, and you can choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates. You can make them your own for a completely branded email campaign that looks great on every device, too. All template are fully tested and mobile ready. You just have to build it once, and use it on any device.

3. By using Campaign Monitor, you can grow your email list, and reach a bigger audience. All you have to do is use signup forms to build your audience and introduce yourself and your business or blog to new customers. From your website (to your store!), Campaign Monitor's tools allow you to do it all from wherever you are, making it super convenient. You can even bring in new subscribers from your website by choosing a variety of signup forms.

4. Campaign Monitor allows you to use your existing social media engagement to build your list of email subscribers, by simply adding a button to your Facebook page or by creating an offer for email subscribers. Campaign Monitor also provides a white label service for agencies to use for their clients' social channels, allowing you to leverage your social following.

5. If you're looking for new ways to help grow your audience, Campaign Monitor partners with the world's best tools to grow your email list, like WordPress. You can add a simple, branded-subscription button on your website to easily convert your online visitors into newsletter subscribers.

6. It's affordable. Using Campaign Monitor to grow your audience base (and to keep your regular audience coming back for more!) is affordable. It's only $9/month, and this fee includes 2,500 emails across campaigns, automated emails, customer support via email, and all core marketing features (drag-and-drop email builder, professionally-designed templates to launch completely branded email campaigns, and more) as well as basic marketing automation. With this monthly cost, you will also get an overall view of your email marketing analytics with out of the box reports for key KPIs, subscriber growth, and engagement.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for my post. All views and opinions are my own.
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