A Healthy Lifestyle With AdvoCare

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Now that summer is unofficially over, we’re back to the usual fall routines—kids back in school, making lunches every day, and work is picking up speed. While summer is all about going with the flow and enjoying all the season has to offer, I think fall is the perfect time to get organized—not only in the home, but with life, in general. For me, this means making sure we are all back to a healthy eating routine, one that is easy to follow, to ensure we’re eating the right nutrients every day, including eating healthy, well-balanced meals, working out regularly, and taking supplements to ensure I’m getting the nutrients I need on a daily basis.
I have partnered up with AdvoCare to talk about their great products, products that are well known for those striving to live their healthiest lives, and products that are now finally available in Canada. AdvoCare is an established nutrition and wellness company that provides innovative nutritional, weight-management, and sports performance products for adults. AdvoCare products are available for purchase through distributors, (you can even become an AdvoCare Distributor yourself!).
AdvoCare relies on credible scientific knowledge and high-quality ingredients that create safe and effective products; and all are compliant with Health Canada regulations. Coupled with the company’s commitment to helping people achieve physical wellness, AdvoCare offers the total package of solutions that are complementary to helping people reach a healthier version of themselves.
AdvoCare sells five distinct product lines in the U.S., but are starting with their best sellers in Canada, including Spark®, MNS®3 and the Protein and Vitamin Shake.
There is an excellent 24-Day Jumpstart™ program, as well, which is meant to be taken over a 24-day period, alongside a balanced diet and regular physical activity. The 24-Day Jumpstart™ program is designed to fuel a fresh start and help set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. The 10-day cleanse phase helps you prepare your body for optimal nutrition, and then you complete the 14-day max phase, where you’ll start to develop a routine of fuelling your body with quality supplementation and a healthy, balanced diet.
Anything that helps me maintain a healthier lifestyle, I’m a fan of, and I look forward to incorporating these products into my healthy lifestyle routine.
To get connected with an independent AdvoCare Distributor or become one yourself, visit www.advocare.com.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received compensation to promote AdvoCare. All views and opinions are my own.

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