One last push: please vote for me!

As you know, (oh, God, I'm sure you know...) I'm a finalist to be the new co-host of Daytime Ottawa.

In order to advance, I need online votes from people to make it to the top three!

I have been so blessed with so many awesome friends helping me out by voting and posting messages on facebook and twitter.

I only have two more days to ask my friends to vote for me. It's unlikely that my numbers will go up drastically in that short time, but still - why give up when it's been so much fun so far? It's been so incredible receiving support from the people I love in my online and real life community.

It's been even more amazing to see my true friends step up for me. What an experience it has been! Derick, you're one lucky guy - this city is buzzing from the excitement to see who will get to sit next to you every day!

Today, I even received an email from my old Communications professor from Carleton University telling me he voted for me and that he is supporting me. That, my friends, is something I'll always remember. This week has been awesome. Your support is so appreciated.

If you can spare a second, please go vote for me, Loukia Zigoumis!

Thank , my friends and dear readers. Much love to you! xoxo
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Jill said...

Congrats Loukia! Just voted!

Sarah said...

You were GREAT Loukia- no matter what happens it was such a good platform for you- you never know what will come of it!

Loukia said...

Thank you so much, you guys. xox

crazypants said...

I voted and got everyone to vote! I am so proud of you. Fingers crossed!

Bees With Honey said...

Aw, I was rooting for you Loukia! I watched your clip and thought you did well:) I see big things happening for you in the future!