This and that. And The Bachelorette!

So, hi. We're still here. Unless Rapture happened and everyone I know and love stayed behind with me, in which case, yay, we're gonna have a great time!

Seriously, though. I wasn't scared, not at all! Not even when on the day before un-Rapture, the clouds turned dark, and the skies were stormy, and I thought, "Well, this might be it..." but then, the next day? Rapture day? The sun was shining like never before, and I got over my fear. Wait, I wasn't scared, so what am I even talking about?

Since un-Rapture, I got to enjoy a nice long weekend. We didn't get the greatest weather, but Saturday was brilliant! Hot, sunny, beautiful. Any time spent with my children is cherished, and when the sun is shining, it's an added bonus.

We opened my sister's pool, enjoyed the nice weather, went to a birthday party, played, set off some fireworks, visited our favourite museum, went out for lunch with friends, had dinner with my parents, and had a grand old time.

This is only the beginning of what's already a jam-packed summer—a summer that's going to be filled with laughter and good times, and hopefully, many more sunny days so we can swim to our heart's content!

Now that summer has arrived, it means that most of my favourite shows have come—or are coming—to an end. Unlike the last two seasons, Grey's didn't make me hysterical during the season finale. And tonight, we find out who wins Dancing With The Stars, (I LOVE Kirstie, but Chelsea is the best dancer!) and then, I'll be left with only two shows to watch!

Normally, the TV is turned off during the summer, but there are a few shows I'll be watching. Like Entourage, for the final season. (It starts July 24!)

And... God... The Bachelorette. Yes, I watched last night, and just like The Bachelor hooked me from the very first episode, I am already looking forward to next week's nonsense! (In my defense: this year marks the first time I've watched either show, and just like a train-wreck, I can't look away!)

At first I was bummed that Ashley was the chosen one, because everyone knows Michelle would have been far, FAR more entertaining. But I am getting used to Ashley's too-bubbly personality, and the fact that she says "awesome!" as much as I do in any given conversation. Also, how often do we get to see a girl who is a dentist dance solo on a stage in her introduction montage? Ashley, the dentist-dancer, who irritated us all when she was with lame Brad, is baaack! And she looks good, too.

When the 25 guys were introduced, I was kind of cringing, because a lot of them rubbed me the wrong way. Especially icky, icky Ames. Is there another word to describe this Ivy League graduate with a funny looking face? His ego is so big, it is surely compensating for something.

And Bentley, the guy who talks about how he's NOT attracted to Ashley at all? Both these guys got a rose and will be around for another episode. The thing is, Ashley is dumb. "I want to give him a fair chance..." Silly girl! She was told by an inside source that Bentley was on the show for all the wrong reasons (if you believe anyone is on for honest reasons...) and yet, she still believed his emotional "trust me" story... oh well. Good television, I guess?

There was the drunk guy who got sent home, the guy with the guitar, the guy with an awesome name (Constantine!) and the guy with the mask. Then there was West, the widow. There was the Canadian, who didn't get a rose, and Anthony the butcher, who, sadly, also got sent home. He was so ridiculous, it was pure fun watching him. The wine making dude was nice and so was J.P, the construction dude. Both guys got a rose, as well.

Who will Ashely end up with? My money is on Brad, because, just hours before The Bachelorette aired, we found out that Brad and Emily had broken up. And since the drunk guy was sent home, maybe Brad will step in and sweep Ashley off her feet again? Okay, unlikely... but still, what a fun twist that would be in an otherwise predictable show! (But please, no. I can't handle seeing that guy on TV ever, ever again!)

Did you watch?
Who did you like?
Who rubbed YOU the wrong way?
Will Ashley find her man?
Are we doomed to weeks of watching Ames and Bentley?
Isn't Ashley prettier as a brunette?

And... go!
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A Mommy in the City said...

I really wasn't a fan of any of the guys on the show last night! I cannot believe Bentley said that on the show! Proves exactly what Ashley's friend from beforehand. I hope Brad comes back to save her from all of the crazies!

Shell said...

Oh, I like the idea of your twist! Now that would be good tv!

Marinka said...

I am so hooked.

I didn't like Ashley on The Bachelor and I don't like her any better as a brunette.


She doesn't deserve a POS like Bentley.  Or, as I like to call him, Hyundai.

And she has her pick of guys fawning over her, so OF COURSE she's drawn to the one that treats her like crap.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sigh, never seen the show!

CaraBee said...

Ugh, I hate the summer TV drought. Thank goodness for shows like Entourage to keep us entertained.