The news this week

Like many of you, I start my day by drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee and reading the news, in print, and online.

Every week, a few stories fall into one of three categories for me: Ridiculous, Are You Serious, and Complete Craziness. And every week, a few people from the entertainment world say a quote or two worth repeating.

I present to you the top three stories of the week, and the quotes that had me laughing the most.

Last week, I received my J.Crew catalogue in the mail and as usual, I flipped through the pages to see which items I would add to my 'must-buy' and 'lust-after' list. I love everything about J.Crew. I also love buying my boys clothes from crewcuts; the shirts are tagless, and super soft.

Yesterday I read about the controversy over a picture of the company's creative director, Jenna, with her son. The picture shows an adorable little dude, laughing with his mom. A happy moment, captured on film. Ad or no ad, it looked real to me. Her son also happens to be wearing pink nail polish; "Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite colour is pink," Jenna said in the caption.

This little boy, who likes the colour pink, has made the news. Because he's wearing nail polish. The horror! Seriously? This is not a big deal. Every time I paint my toes, my boys ask me to paint their toes, too. I never say no. I do take off the polish before we leave the house, but if they wanted to keep it on, I'd be okay with that. When my youngest son wanted a pink plasma car, that's what he got. I wasn't going to tell him blue was better because he's a boy. In the morning, when I'm putting on my make-up, my son sits on the counter, putting on make-up too. I wash his face after, but I'm not harming him by letting him try on my lipstick.

There is no harm in a little boy wearing nail polish. Just like there is nothing wrong with my three year old playing with a doll or riding a pink plasma car. Just like there was nothing wrong with me playing Star Wars and He-Man when I was a little girl.

Let kids be kids. Let them live in their innocent world of colour and make-belief and imaginary friends. Boys can wear pink and girls can play hockey. Every child is unique. My five year old loves books and collecting coins. He'd rather be reading than playing hockey. And I'm okay with that. My boys, similar in some ways, are also very different little characters. I embrace their differences and I love seeing their personalities develop, no matter what their favourite colour is. Let's worry about bigger issues.

Are You Serious?

An air traffic controller failed to respond to two planes that were landing at Reagan National Airport in D.C. recently.

Why? Because he was asleep! I know being an air traffic controller is one the hardest jobs there is; I have a hard enough time keeping up with Tweetdeck, so I get it. It's a hard job. But. It's a serious job! It's one thing to fall asleep in your office with your hand on your mouse, it's a totally different thing to fall asleep when you're directing AIR TRAFFIC and have hundreds of lives in your hands. The air traffic controller was working his fourth consecutive overnight shift when he fell asleep. Someone needs a new job. And thanks to this new fear I have of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, I will be increasing my dose of Ativan the next time I fly.

Compete Craziness!

Garbage. We all make it. We all have it. We all think it stinks. Luckily, we live in a society where garbage trucks pick up our trash every week. For this I'm grateful, but at the same time, I pay thousands upon thousands of dollars in taxes to this lovely city of mine and therefore, I kind of think it's a given that someone will come pick up my trash. It is a service I pay for, after all. And I don't like being told I have to seperate my trash in blue, red, yellow, pink and green bins. I recycle, yes, but I also don't want to have to think about where to place every item that needs tossing. My lovely city will be reducing our garbage pick-up to every two weeks starting next year. That should make for a fun, maggot-filled, stinky summer!

Awesome quotes of the week:

My favourite news man, Anderson Cooper, had this to say about Snooki:

"I'm telling you, Snooki is one impossibly lucky, unusually spunky, freakishly tan, beer guzzling, juicehead hugging, muscle loving, Botero body, pint-sized money-making machine."

And funny Greek man, Zach Galifianakis, offered some advice about Twitter:

"Like, I would advise people that while it's okay to tweet about your paper-towel purchase, I really don't want to know about what shape your stool is in."

And look! A quote from another funny Greek, the always brilliant Tina Fey, on expecting her second baby:

"I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly, but I think it hurts a lot when they come out."

Do you love Glee and Sex and the City? Then you'll appreciate this quote from Lea Michele:

"I totally figured it out: Rachel Berry grown-up is Charlotte York from Sex and the City, if Charlotte were raised in Ohio by two gay men."

And that's your week in news! Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Michelle said...

I don't get what the big pink nail polish controversy is or why we should be worried about it. Finn fell in love with a cash register last year so we bought it and the first thing everyone says at Christmas, it's pink! The horror.

The next Christmas my cousin's little boy asked for a pink cash register too. I then reminded my cousin about the many years of playing house, Barbie, Star Wars, & He-Man we did as kids... amazingly we all turned out just fine.

You're absolutely right, let them be

Avitable said...

The J.Crew thing is ridiculous, and I've had painted toenails for a year. I'm a fucking trendsetter!

Mommy Lisa said...

Totally with you and Michelle on this one. :P Boo Hiss to the haters of pink on little boys and PLAYING.

Also, totally funny about Lea Michelle and Tina Fey. ;)

Sandy said...

I absolutely love this post! You are such a good writer with such a good sense of humor.

First of all, I agree that nail polish (or make-up, or girls clothes) on boys is no big deal. This kind of thing is simply a social construction. Someone decided that boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. There is nothing inherently feminine or masculine about either color.

I cracked up at your comment about air traffic controller and how you have enough trouble keeping up with TweetDeck. Hilarious!

jennheffer said...

Great post! I couldn't believe the controversy this caused when we have real problems in the world. Let kids be free and creative.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with you on the garbage issue. If we want to live in a nice, clean city then it's our responsibility to do our part and separating our trash is really not that much of an effort. All food scraps and organic waste is suppose to go in the green bin, and that will continue to be picked up weekly. The remaining, non-recycled garbage is what will be picked up every two weeks and if we are already separating our trash then this should not be a big amount. As a taxpayer I think it makes a lot of sense to reduce pick up to every two weeks now that we have the green bin system in order to better spend the budget.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

I can't believe some of the comments people have made about that J. Crew thing in the news, implying that toenail painting is the kind of thing that makes kids gay. First of all, that's stupid. Second of all, who cares? It's about time people get over their fear of gayness.

Love that Tina Fey quote! She kills me.

amotherworld said...

How many bins do you have? We just have blue and green - am I missing something?

The J Crew stink was utterly ridiculous!

ellen said...

The Daily Show did a hilarious segment on the nail polish "controversy" the other night. The whole argument is ridiculous, and let's hope it disappears from the limelight QUICKLY! Yet another reason to question why the media would spend so much time on a non-issue, when they're so many other important topics they COULD be covering!

ModernMom said...

Now that is my kind of news! Thanks, I will never have to pick up a paper again with perfect little updates like this!

Lady Mama said...

Oh my gawd, seriously, a boy wearing pink nail polish made the news?? Flip. Get a life people! The one about the air traffic controller is a bit unsettling! Maybe they need to introduce random sirens to make sure they're awake!

Make Mommy Chic said...

That was such a good laugh Loukia! Especially the one where Snooki was a money making machine. Great Friday post- thanks!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Loukia, holla sister. What is the big deal, I mean seriously. Our boys love their mommy and they like all the cosmetics and stuff. It's fun and innocent! Let the adorable boy share a moment with his mommy!!!!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

The JCrew thing is dumb dumb dumb. The air traffic controller thing is scary. And the garbage pick-up is kind of weird. It never occurred to me that they would ever reduce pickups to every two weeks. I wonder if that will stick.

Elaine A. said...

The nail polish thing is simply laughable and just proves that some people are will try to make news out of ANYthing. And apparently air traffic controllers need more sleep! ACK!