Ah, summer... the beautiful, glorious days and nights of summer!

The season of soccer games and visits to the park has officially begun. Bike rides, long walks, picnics, family vacations, swimming all day, ice cream and BBQ's. No wonder the television stays turned off during the summer months. There is just way too much going on outside -who wants to be indoors, anyway?

But. Before we fully embrace summer, there is one agonizing rite of passage we all have to go through.

It's painful. It's stressful. It's annoying. It makes us feel angry and hurt. It gets our hearts racing, and makes our blood pressure reach a dangerous level. We have a hard time falling asleep afterwards, and we may or may not have a few disturbing dreams.

Usually, we survive with a drink in hand, a few air punches, and several curse words. Hair pulling is optional, too, and the 'covering your eyes with the nearest pillow' usually happens once or twice during this ordeal.

The following can often be overheard in any given suburban home right about NOW:


"What? Did that just really happen? There is no way. THERE IS NO FREAKING WAY!"

"HOLY SHIT! This is unreal. How dare they. How DARE they! This can't be..."

"Huh. I did NOT see that one coming."

"Is he dead? Is he dead? Is he dead? NO. Please, no. Please, please, no."

"I cannot BELIEVE I have to wait until September! September! to find out what will happen to her/him/them. That is NOT FAIR! I can't stand this!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Chuck! Why couldn't Jenny have just jumped off the train? Oh, no... no, no, no... that stupid little..."

"WHAT WHY WHAT WHY really? OH, my GOD! How could he! What was he THINKING?"

And, as we can all remember vividly from last year:

"WHAT THE F! George! It's GEORGE! NOOOOOOOO.... Is Izzy dead? Poor Alex! Is George dead? What just happened in that elevator? Are they BOTH dead? NO freaking way Shondra Rhimes! NO WAY I HAVE TO WAIT A FEW MONTHS!!!!! TO SEE WHO IS DEAD!"

And, watching certain shows: (*ahem Desperate Housevives ahem*)

"Huh? That was it? Really? That sucked. Oh well. At least I got to enjoy my caramel Aero McFlurry. Thanks hubby."

Yes, friends. I'm talking about the dreaded season finale. The only thing worse than a season finale you are dying to see, yet so terribly NOT wanting to see, is a series finale. And we all know that LOST is coming to an end. And even though I've never really gotten into LOST, (hello... I'm totally lost!) I feel your pain. Because I have a feeling one of two things will happen with the series finale:

1. It was all a dream.

2. You'll still be left really confused, and you'll have nowhere to turn to except your wine.

Well, I'm here to offer you all a place to come and cry, to scream, to curse. Let it all out. Your series and season finale stresses now have a place to go. Let's talk about it. What pissed you off? What show are you not looking forward to seeing the finale of?

What will happen on Glee?

Who will win Dancing With the Stars?

Bueller... Bueller?

It's okay. I'm here for you. I feel your pain. In fact, I'm already having palpitations thinking about the season finale of Grey's tomorrow night. A pregnant Meredith. A shooter on the loose in the hospital. This can't end well, folks.

I need more wine.
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LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

I think we'll have to form another group after Eclipse, as I'll have some serious withdrawal until Breaking Dawn.
I never got into Lost either, but thank goodness for the Summer shows - Mad Men, Big Brother and True Blood will keep me entertained!

Gina said...

im pretty sure you were drunk when you wrote this crazy post!

Michelle said...

LOVE it! I am LOST without LOST!

Keri said...

HOUSE and Castle last night was great. HOUSE made me a little sad because there is only one place for it to go after that. Castle made me throw Chocolate Jimmies at my tv because they were just so close. LOST has been pulling the rug from under me since day 1. I'm routing for Jack but I have the feeling that Jacob isn't all clean and shiny to begin with. Fast Forward is great I expect a cliff hanger. Almost given up on BONES. When a hot FBI agent tells you he loves you; you say YES!!! Think they are wrapping it up soon. Happy Town can go either way if it stays on. GLEE is just funny. Sad that Heroes is being canceled.

Carrie said...

Wahhhh...oh it will be a sad day more LOST :(

But at least I will be able to watch Glee live and not have my FIL tape it (stupid tv people putting it on at the same time as LOST)

A Crafty Mom said...

I only watch Lost but I am most definitely an addict. Hard core. Somehow I caught the very first episode (in "real time" back then!!) and have never ever missed a week since. It's pathetic how much I have enjoyed it - really looking forward to the finale :)

CalgaryDaddy said...

Season Finallies mean that Big Brother is near!


CaraBee said...

Lost. Love it. Going to be desolate when it ends. For real. However they end it, I'll be peeved, just because I don't want it to end. That's the only show that really has me hanging on the finale. I'm not looking forward to the summer tv wasteland, though.

Jessica said...

HAA!!! Hilarious, L. I love how your voice comes out in your writing!


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be turning to my wine for the season finale of Lost! It's gonna be gooooood!!!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Sadly, I cannot relate. We are one of the few families on the planet to not have a DVR, and my husband is a remote hog. He's currently flipping around all over the place after watching HOURS of basketball. HELP ME, I AM IN HELL.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just saw you listed on Nickolodean's Parents Pick blogs...and voted, of course. Congrats and lots of good luck. I always enjoy your blog.

Mom2Miles said...

I am so happy that Neil Patrick Harris is on Glee. Love him!

Congrats on your nomination for the Parents Picks awards! I'm still trying to figure out how to get the badge on my site.

K.Thornton said...

Great post Loukia! Season Finales, and even worse, Series Finales are SO THE MOST STRESSFUL things ever!

I'm suffering some serious anxiety over LOST ... I don't want it to end, but of course I want some sort of a return on my 6 year investment!

I foresee a lot of Whining ... and of course Wining ... over the next couple of weeks. :)

Patrice said...

Love this post!! Seriously, why do they put us through the torture of season finales!? I have been thinking all week that I just can't handle it!

Erin said...


I will be gripping my glass of wine tomorrow night for Grey's as well! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & commenting. I'm here to return the favor & am your newest follower!

Nap Warden said...

I say Owen is short time on Grey's...I think that bullet is going for him.

How much of a bummer was the Private Practice finale? So sad:(

My Bottle's Up! said...

i HATE summer television with a passion. i'm so depressed this week with everything coming to an end...

mama needs some wine.

Scary Mommy said...

I am SO with you. Finales depress the hell out of me. WAH!

Krystyn said...

I think I am going to watch Grey's through my fingers..they are mean like that!

Elaine A. said...

Geez, stop talking about wine, I can't have any right now!! ;-P

Grey's has kinda been a little TOO sensationalized for me this season. Too much drama - does that make sense?

I quit watching LOST at the beginning of this season, I was so confused.

But I do want to know who's going to win American Idol. Does that count for something? ;)

And as far as GLEE goes, I wish there were episodes EVERY DAY ALL DAY. So there's that...

Sandy (@sandyel) said...

So funny! You hit the nail right on the head with this one! :) Especially about Lost!!!