And the winner is...

Last week, I wrote a post about what it means to be a mother. I decided to have a little Coach giveaway, and I asked others to write posts on their blogs about what being a mother means to them.

I am overwhelmed by the amazing entries I received! They all touched my heart. They were creative. Well-written. And lovely. Never did I realize how difficult a task it would be to pick... one winner. I wish I could award you all with the prize!

I loved reading your touching posts. The common theme seemed to be: a mother is everything. Just one word - mother - means so many things to us all. I loved Rebecca's post because every word rang true to my ears, about how we are teachers and leaders, caring and loyal. It was such a beautiful post!

I really enjoyed reading this wonderful post called "This mom thing".

With Shannon's post , I was nodding in agreement the entire time about everything she wrote: "A mother is always prepared with a bag full of snacks, crayons, coloring books, small toys, tissues, wet wipes, bandages for boo-boos, and the occasional child's hat or extra pair of pants. And this long after the diaper bag days."

A slide show by Jessica had me in happy tears and wanting another baby, too!

And I was blown away by the post written by Modern Mom, because she talked about the joy a babies first smile can bring, the primal need to protect ones young, and how she had experienced the sweet agony of nursing a sick baby through the night, and feeling the fierce pride of a child's first words, first steps, first accomplishments.

I loved reading this post about how we are the mothers we are because of the mothers that raised us.

Vicky's entry from Some Kind of Wonder Mom was amazingly well-written. She said that: "... I don't think anyone could have explained to me the enigma that motherhood turned out to be. It's an inexplicable conflict between utter chaos and complete unconditional love." Her entire post was beautifully written, and so very true - if you haven't read it yet, you should!

Now... the one entry that stood out the most to me, and the one we can all totally, 100% relate to is this post, titled A Mother is... a Superhero. "... If I had to sum up in one word what being a mother is, this would be it: SUPERHERO. When I think about Superheroes, and I think about Motherhood - the same themes, traits, and attributes come to mind..." I loved this post so much - please go read it, you'll see what I mean! We are moms. And we are all superheros!

Congratulations, Kiki, you are the winner! Thank you for writing such an awesome entry!

And thank you, all of you, for participating and for writing such brilliant posts. Not only are you all great moms - but you're amazing writers, too!
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Elaine A. said...

What a great way to feature our entries in your post! Thanks for hosting this Loukia!

And congrats to Kiki!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!

A Crafty Mom said...

That's awesome!! Congrats to Kiki, I have loved reading all the beautiful entries. What a great idea!

Parent Club said...

Congratulations to Kiki!

becca said...

And thanks for hosting a fun event!

K.Thornton said...

Wow!!! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing this post, this was such a great contest idea and allowed moms to highlight the amazingness of motherhood!

Thanks to Loukia for providing the perfect forum for mom's to write about the joys of motherhood, and thanks to all of the mom's who submitting such great posts! I really enjoyed reading them all!

ModernMom said...

Oh you can tell how hard you worked on this post!
Thanks for all the linky love and big congrats to the winner:)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm so bummed that I was computerless for this. I could do a little reading and commenting on my iphone - but posting was too hard. I'll have to check your links when I need a good laugh/cry. Nothing makes me more emotional than mom stories.

CaraBee said...

There were some great posts! Thanks for putting this together!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Awesome! I loved the links you set up here and congrats to Kiki!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kiki! That was a genuinely sweet way of exploring motherhood.