Royal Reno-cation: I dream of... a new kitchen!

Just picked a winner! The lucky winner is number 25, Lara! Congrats to you!

Ahh... spring is in the air! Now that we don't have to be bundled up in ten layers of winter gear anymore, I have a lot more energy. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grass is green. Suddenly, I want to start many projects in and around my house. Like organizing. And cleaning out the closets. (You know, to make room for all my new purchases!) And thinking about revonating my kitchen!

I think it is perfect timing that a great contest - Royale Reno-cation - is going on right now, because you can win $13,000 towards a home renovation AND an $11,000 cruise on Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas!

Before we had children, my husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise, and we are dying to go back - it was heavenly! The food. The entertainment. And stopping at fabulous places like Grand Cayman Island made the trip very special.

And now? You can win. All you have to do is enter here!

If I won the Royale Reno-cation, I would totally renovate my kitchen. I have been dying to get new countertops, a new backsplash, and a new kitchen table. You see, if I had a new kitchen, I would totally become a better cook. It's true, don't shake your head at me! And if I won the cruise, I would be so excited to take our children. Cruising really is a fun way to travel.

I also having something just for you, my friends. I'm giving away a pretty awesome prize! You can win a $50 gift card to Cara Restaurants, which is accepted at Swiss Chalet, Montana's, Milestone's (my favourite!), Kelsey's and Harvey's (mmm...) as well as a $50 Home Hardware gift card - so you can tackle those do-it-yourself-I-mean-get-your-husband-to-do-them projects!

All you have to do to win? Tell me what your ultimate reno-cation is! What are you dying to renovate in your home? What is your dream vacation? Just let me know in the comments section for your chance to win! (Sorry, this contest is only open to Canadians!) Winner will be announced on April 27th.
Thanks Mom Central for this blog tour campaign!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I want my bedroom redone! Totally relaxation zone..for sure... awesome contest!

Stephanie said...

Kitchen! It's old! Dated! YUCK!

Kerry @ First Time Fancy said...

DYING to reno the kitchen - but for now am okay with my own little project I've taken on to freshen it up.

As for my dream vacation? Right now I'm dreaming of Greece... yes please! :)

vivian-blendcreations said...

The ultimate reno-cation for me would be to extensively renovate our kitchen. We've gone so far as to plan it out and it involves opening up a supporting wall, close up a doorway and get shiny new everythings! We moved into our 50+ year old house 7 months ago so there's MANY things to be done.

The ultimate vacation for me would be to go to Barcelona. The food, culture and design inspiration!

Carrie said...

I would do my main bathroom. It is on the to-do list BUT not a priority as long as the tub still works :) Since my girls aren't of an age where they NEED a whole bathroom for their own crap (yet) we're putting it off until we have the funds...$13,000 could definitely do the job :)

For my dream vacation it would involve sun, sand, and surf...children and hubby optional LOL

solemom said...

Kitchen! It's FAKE WOOD PANELING, people!!!
And while it's getting done, I want to go *anywhere* in the world where I can rent an awesome nanny for cheap, so I can sit and relax. ;)

Brittany said...

Wow great contest!
My ultimate reno-cation would be to redo my basement! It is kinda scary... almost dungeon-esk! LOL! It's one of those tasks that you look at and say to yourself "um... where do I start?"

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Mom2Michael said...

Oooh Loukia! Nice giveaway. I've entered the Royale Reno-cation contest too.

There are so many rooms in our 1954 home that need a reno, it would be hard to choose. But I think I'd have to go with the kitchen/dining room. We have WHITE ceramic tile on the kitchen floor (who came up with that brilliant plan?) and yucky green-fake-marble counter tops and cheap white cupboards (you want to come visit now, don't you? ;-) ) With a better layout, a door moved, a half wall removed, and more counterspace I just KNOW I'd be a better cook too. It's all about atmosphere.

And while it's happening? I honestly don't care specifically where we'd vacation, but somewhere with sand and margaritas and sun and no worries. Total relaxation!

Kelli said...

I want my kitchen redone. I want to take over my dining room and completely gut my kitchen and make for one great big kitchen. I want to get rid of this terrible white ceramic tile in my kitchen that shows every single piece of dirt, crumb or piece of food and create my dream kitchen!

Anonymous said...

It would have to be my kitchen! It currently has less than beauiful purple coutnertops. Yuck!

If I could go anywhere right this moment it would be Spain.

- Jodi Lariviere

Chantal said...

Where would I start! Seriously. I want to redo the whole kitchen, all the flooring in the house. We need all new windows... The list goes on from there!

Sweet Panda said...

I want to finish my basement so that I can become my baby's play area! I also want to add a guest room and a full bathroom in there as well!

The ultimate vacation for me would be Hawaii! I always want to go there!

Anonymous said...

My kitchen and bathroom first.
My dream vacation would be Cayman Islands.
I follow in Twitter @margaretimecs
Margaret Imecs

Gwen said...

I would use the $$ to finish our unfinished basement and my dream vacation has always been Hawaii :)

Divawrites said...

I hate my kitchen. No matter how many times I ponder how to make it better, dynamite is the only answer I come up with. It has a layout that would not allow for the installation of a dish washer, corner storage areas that you can't reach into, not enough cupboards, not enough counters and really ugly counter top...definitely kitchen.

Dream vacation? Pretty much anywhere. I don't get out much...

Jessica said...

I would absolutely love to renovate our bathroom. The tiles are old and rusty. It's a small space with bad ventilation (I'm sure you can imagine the nightmares) and it's shared by THREE people. A reno is much needed.

As for the vacation...well, I've never been anywhere outside of North America, so I would LOVE to travel overseas. South East Asia is at the top of my list.

Sandra said...

Hi! I came across your Blog a few weeks ago and I love it!

I'm with you: my dream vacation right now would be a Caribbean Cruise with my husband and two year old. We went on a cruise while I was pregnant and it was SO much fun! I kept imagining how much fun it would be to come back as a family once my son was born. Plus it might be the extra good luck I need to bring on baby number two :)

We just moved into a new house so we're pretty happy with what we've chosen; however I would love to finish our basement. I'd love a big, open space for a playroom where my energetic little guy can run around and my bigger guy could have his friends over for hockey games and poker. I'd also like a closed off crafts/project room where I could scrapbook, paint, do puzzles etc. and leave them out for long periods of time. Eventually that room would be where my son would do his homework and school projects.

Nikosmommy said...

Oooh I would love to reno our kitchen! It's about 8 years old now and looking very circa 2000ish. I'd love some granite counter tops, new sink and new appliances too.
Hubs and I have travelled quite a bit in our time, but I'd LOVE to go on a cruise(we've never been to the Caribbean or Mexico believe it or not...I know what Canadian has never been to Mexico???)

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

My Green bathroom circa 1970-awful needs to be gutted.

As for a dream vacation - I want to go to NYC and DC and Spain and Italy and Paris.

Chandra said...

Since I'm from the States and cannot enter I would just tell you my dream vacation would be going to Paris! The city of Love..with my one and only. Maybe someday!

I've been to Cayman, loved it, but we stayed for an entire week...that was about 3 days to long really. It's a rather small island...

I would renovate my bedroom if I had a chance. Since I'll never make it to Paris why not transform my bedroom into the 'bungalow of love" LOL!

CaraBee said...

We've been talking about taking a cruise. I would love to take our daughter on one. I've never been on one, but I think it would be a great time. Maybe next year. Sigh.

Cara Restaurants? Best. Name. Ever. :)

Crista said...

I would totally renovate my kitchen. New countertops, floors!!! and even cupboards. Would be great :)

Spamgirl said...


I think I'd redo my bathrooms... I hate them! The people who lived here before me did such a terrible job. I think they closed their eyes, spun around, and threw grout and tiles randomly!

As to where I'd go, my favourite place on earth is Niagara Falls. My very first "grown-up" vacation, planed by myself, was to Niagara, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Thank you!

Georgina said...

My kitchen needs a complete overhaul as it hasn't been re-done since the house was built.
My dream vacation would be to lounge all day on a Greek island and drink frappe.

Lara said...

We just got a new house so my list of things to do is very long. Master bath is VERY high on my list, as are the kitchen and other bathroom on the 2nd floor. When we do the kitchen I want to move walls to open it up, so it'll be a big job!

My dream vacation - thailand :)

FOKXXY said...

I LOVE that this is only open to CANADIANS!! We never get the good blog contests. We are excuded a lot! so YAY CANADIANS!! Bring on the canadian contests!! :)

I would renovate my kitchen but I also would love to add a new bathroom in. We only have 1 ! We could really use a second so that would probably be the first thing done!

for vacation I would go to Hawaii!


edmontonjb said...

My renocation would invludea brand new kitchen and a trip to Italy


Lori said...

I want bedroom reno with an Euro cruise with Hubbie no kiddo's!!

Lori said...

Bathroom for sure!!

Great Contest!

Belinda M said...

I would totally redo my kitchen from top to bottom.
I could use new cupboards and flooring to spruce things up and make
it look more modern. After all the hard work a trip
to disney world would be in order