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Did you watch the Grammy's last night? What did you think of the performances? Who totally rocked it for you? Were you bored to tears? Did you actually sit through the entire show, or fast-forward through it, like I did? Who do you think deserved to take home the trophy for Album of the Year?

Here's what was going through my mind last night:


Lady Gaga - she's fabulous. She can put on a show - even though she may not be the best singer live - at least she's singing, right? I think her crazy outfits are awesome. And even though she's always over-the-top, it's so... real. It's who she is. She's just... Gaga. Awesome. Her duet with Elton, though? It was just okay. Elton's duet with Eminem a few years ago was way more exciting, no?

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce... she's a superstar. I thought she looked great last night - especially her hair. I think her hair stylist should talk to Taylor. But hearing Beyonce sing You Outta Know made me want to scream. That song sucked when Alanis sang it, and hearing it sung by Beyonce still didn't make it any better!

Slash with his November Rain guitar solo? YES! That was awesome. Totally awesome.

And Pink? She's a great performer. She's totally cool. And even though she already did the whole trapeze acrobatics thing before at the VMA's - it was still fun to watch. And her body! Solid!

Black Eyed Peas also rocked the house last night. They are my favourite group because no one makes me wants to hit the gym like they do! I'm on Team Fergie, for sure.

What where they thinking?

The 3D tribute to Michael Jackson? Really hurt my eyes. I was running around my family room trying to find the 3D glasses that came with my son's Lego magazine, but no luck - I had to watch blurry television for a few agonizing minutes. Would have been better without the whole '3D effect' for viewers, I think! I did like the Canadian connection on that stage, though - from Celine Dion to Carrie Underwood, who you all know is engaged to Ottawa Senator's own Mike Fisher!

Rihanna? Really? Your hair is bad enough, but your white dress? Horrible! Why would someone choose to accentuate their hips? That is the dress I'd wear in my worst nightmare! I also think if I bumped in Rihanna into real life, she's be a real bitch, and give me the death stare with her icy cold eyes. And I hate bitchy people, so I don't think we'd ever be friends.

And Carrie Underwood - also in white - wore a dress that did nothing for her cute body. Usually she doesn't disappoint on the red carpet - but last night, her dress was far too big for her small frame. She's almost too skinny, actually. She needs to move to Ottawa, because our harsh winter will make her want to eat - a few extra pounds will help keep her warm!

Cute factor:

Cutest singer in the audience who didn't make an appearance on stage? Britney! Yes, she will be on every worst-dressed list, but her hair and make-up looked great, and she looked happy. So she gets a thumbs up from me!

Best dressed presenter? Lea Michele! I loved her dress! So pretty. But seeing her made me miss Glee. Is it April yet?

Huh? moment:

I was wondering why Olivia Newton John took to the stage in her Grease outfit with Bon Jovi, then I discovered it wasn't Olivia - just some country singer. Yeah, clearly I don't keep up with the whole country music scene. But hello? Bon Jovi performing Livin' On A Prayer? One of the best performances of the night, hands down!

Bleep, bleep, bleepity bleep bleep bleep:

Every time I see Eminem on stage, I think: this dude is talented. I love him. I do. You can't deny that he is an awesome rapper. I was just SO ANNOYED that during most of his performance, I couldn't hear him! I mean, hello? It was like, 11 p.m. - I'm going to go on a limb here and say that most children under the age of 13 were asleep. Why, then, can't performers swear on television? Aside from the fact that my television muted itself for 5 minutes straight last night, Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem were awesome.

Most in need of a flat-iron:

I get it. Taylor Swift is cute. And nice. And she put out a really popular record this year. With songs that I didn't mind listening to. And she dated Taylor Lautner, which was super-dooper cute. And we all thought they'd get married, and have cute little children called Taylor Jr.But come on! Somebody give this girl a flat-iron! I am not a fan of her curly-curls. And her dress? Bleh. She looked so... old. The colour, the cut, everything. Why couldn't she have gone with big loose curls, a la Jessica Simpson and a more simple dress? She would have rocked it last night if she did. And as for her winning Album of the Year? I wasn't surprised, but I don't think she deserved it. The Black-Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga were much more deserving! Sorry, but I Gotta Feeling was one of the best songs of the year! And Poker Face! There is no denying Taylor's popularity this year, but really? Album of the Year? Meh... not for me.

So... what did you think?
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Lizz said...

I didn't watch. Ok, that's a lie. I watched highlights on YouTube. I think Lady Gaga is a great singer and a brilliant artist.

Taylor Swift, I don't get it. Everytime I've heard her live, she's been off key. She didn't deserve to win. I thought it was funny that Twitter was all WHERE'S KANYE!?!?! Make it stop!!!

JBJ can always father a child by me. Just sayin'. Open invite.

Chantal said...

I wish I could offer an opinion on the show but the only thing I learned is that I am hopelessly out of the loop. I knew most of the artists but I had no idea who had a new album out and which song was which. As a teen I was an encyclopedia of musical knowledge. I miss those days.

Jen said...

I really enjoyed the Grammy's last night too. But I totally agree with you. Taylor is cute and all and really popular but I don't really get why. I don't think that she is all that great of a performer or singer.

I say good for her but can we move on already?

Shannon said...

That country singer is Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. Check them out, they are great!

I agree re: Taylor Swift, and she should stick to writing not singing. Sweet girl though.

That 3D thing was ridiculous! I can just see you running looking for your sons glasses! I didn't because I knew we didn't have any.

Passions and Musings said...

Taylor Swift...really I tried block out your haters who say you really can't sing...and last night's off key disaster didn't help your cause.

Please all future award shows...no more Jamie Foxx numbers...really.

Best performances of the night...Dave Matthews Band and Pink.

Lady Gaga looked freakish and I loved it...

And Beyonce's number with the futuristic military guys...yes Janet Jackson called and she wants her 'Rhythm Nation' idea back.

Suzanne said...

I watched the first 40 minutes of it (up until Pink performed). I thought Lady Gaga was incredible, as usual. And I have to disagree with you - I think she sings AMAZINGLY live. She proves that she has a great voice every time she sings live, which is more than can be said for a lot of other "singers".
I was disappointed that Taylor Swift got "Country Album of the Year". I watched her sing live on Oprah - horrible. When you hear that the likes of Johnny Cash have won for this category, you CANNOT put her in the same category, I'm sorry. Her tunes are catchy, but that's as far as it goes with her.
Beyonce = Amazing (as usual). Wow, what a voice.
And, finally, I was super disappointed that Pink did the whole circus thing again. And the song was boring.

I'm done. Sorry, it's long. Don't feel the need to publish it. Love you! xo

Sarah said...

I loved Pink- could have done without the rest (especially the 3d...come ON!).
However, I really like Carrie Underwood's dress...and I think I'm the only one. But I thought she looked beautiful!
I think that Taylor Swift is a little cutie pie- hope she hasn't peaked though...it seems tough for these young girls who experience so much fame so young and then have it taken away.

CaraBee said...

I watched it while I fiddled around on the internets. Which means that I paid half attention, at best. But the 3D thing was SUPER annoying, as was the bleeping out. Either leave it in, it WAS 11pm, or don't put performers on that can't do their show without obscenity. How hard it that?

Taylor Swift. Sigh. I don't get it. She's a good songwriter, not great, good, and a decent singer. How could she possibly be album of the year. There were so many more deserving albums. That kind of bs is why I generally don't watch the Grammys. There seems to be no logic to the awards.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Perfectly done! I agree on Taylor Swift too- embrace your age, don't try to look so old!

T Rex Mom said...

Hmm - we don't get TV so we did not watch the Grammy's - thanks for the run down - now I feel like I was there!

Pink totally rocks - ever hear her song "Stupid Girls" - I love it - what a woman - she totally pulled off that outfit (if you could call it that)!

FalkFamily said...

I didn't watch it, but I just want to chime in :) I think Black Eyed Peas should have won best album. The whole E.N.D. album rocked (and I have never been a fan really until this album!). No offense to Taylor Swift as she is a cute little thing, but *all her songs sound the same to me. I hear the first few bars and am like, "Oh, which one is this???" I'm not sure if she's talented or just came along at the right time.

And you should check out Sugarland - they are a great country band that's not *too twangy~! But I can see the Olivia Newton-John reference!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I enjoyed reading your post on the Grammy's since I missed it--fun looking at what everyone had on. I thought Brittany looked pretty, too.
I am laughing at your comment about Sugarland--the country music group!!

Elaine A. said...

Lea Michele is adorable! I just want to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me! COME ON GLEE!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch as I generally think award shows are pretty boring and last too long.

Sugarland is great. You should check them out!

I do love Taylor Swift and think she is adorable. I like her music and wish people didn't hate on her so much, but since I didn't hear her performance and really don't listen to that much music on a regular basis I can't really weigh in on whether or not she deserved the award. Either way I am still a fan!

Lady Mama said...

I always wonder, when I watch award shows, how, stars with so much money and beauty sometimes manage to get their outfit so wrong! I didn't watch it, but now I feel like I've had a sneak preview! I love Lady Gaga too.

Chelle said...

I didn't see all of the Grammy's, but I saw Taylor Swift singing...and yikes! Totally get that's she's cute, has her head on her shoulders...but I really think there are more talented singers :)

And I totally agree about the flat iron. Yikes!! She can even borrow mine, haha!


Pres. Kathy said...

I absolutely LOVE Lady Gaga. Even my husband does which I think is so funny! I too love Eminem - always have - always will! As far as outfits, I think Taylor Swift's outfit did not look right for her age. Also, I love Carrie Underwood so she can do no wrong in my eyes!

Mom2Miles said...

I totally agree about Taylor Swift's hair!! Those curls just bug me. You're the only other person I've heard admit that! And yeah, she was WAY off key.

Anonymous said...

I just haven't sat down to catch these shows in so long. Back when I lived in Houston, my girlfriends and I would always have parties for them. Now I just catch the cliff notes on E! or well, your blog.